ZEISS Introduces Victory Harpia Wide-Angle Super Premium Spotting Scopes

Made in Germany, Victory Harpia spotting scopes represent the latest and premier offering from ZEISS in this segment of sports optics. This family is currently comprised of two models: 85mm and 95mm versions, angled in design, consisting of the 22-65×85 and 23-70×95 configurations, that incorporate a bayonet style eyepiece. The name was inspired by the Harpy eagle—a powerful and fierce bird of prey with a wingspan of over six feet, that defies fear at any level and whose talons are longer than the claws of a Grizzly bear.

The Harpia design is revolutionary with the magnification and dual speed focus controls intelligently positioned into the objective body of the spotting scope. This is highly unique in the fact that the magnification is not controlled by the eyepiece, as is typical of spotting scopes; it is an objective focus design. Additionally, this allows the low-profile eyepiece to remain extremely compact and lightweight. The Harpia offers a true wide-angle view, yielding the largest consistent field of view in its class. It offers an impressive close focus range of 11.5 feet with the 85mm model and 14.8 feet with the 95mm model.ZEISS Victory Harpia Spotting Scope

“The Victory Harpia represents today’s most advanced and cutting-edge spotting scope design,” says Richard Moncrief, Birding and Nature Observation Segment Manager of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics SBE, LLC. “Furthermore, it represents a highly unique option in the spotting scope market, which differentiates it from any other model currently offered, and delivers a most exceptional experience in observation.”

The experiential benefit from the Harpia is realized because the design doesn’t forfeit light transmission or resolution when advancing the magnification to the highest settings. The image simply remains bright and pristine, and there is no image deterioration throughout the magnification range. Tunnel vision is virtually absent due to the ComfortVision™ Concept. The viewer is no longer limited to perfect images at low- and mid-range magnification settings. They can enjoy the ultimate viewing experience at the highest magnification range. Now the only limiting factor is the environmental conditions…not the spotting scope. The Harpia is protected by ZEISS’ Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty and Five Year No-Fault Policy. These combined virtues are what makes the Victory Harpia the revered super-premium spotting scope with retail pricing beginning at $4,099.99.

A full suite of digiscoping adapters and other accessories are planned for the 2018 product introduction.

ZEISS Victory Harpia 95 in Action

Intrigued? Watch a few of these videos that further represent the all-new ZEISS Victory Harpia spotting scopes.




Field of View



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  1. Good magnification and Zeiss quality. Yeah, it’s expensive. Whattaya’ gonna’ do with that money when you’re dead? Leave it to your kids so that they can buy one of these? Get one now, enjoy it for the rest of your life, and then leave IT to your kids!