Winchester Introduces Two New Defense Shotguns

Winchester Repeating Arms has been a standard name in firearms since the close of the Civil War, and the famous Winchester Model 12 was the gold standard of American shotguns for decades. Now, Winchester has released two new pump-action models that are designed for defense use. These new Super-X Pump (SXP) Shotguns come in both 12 and 20 gauge.

Cha-Chunk: The Sound of Solid Defense from New Winchester Super X Pump Shotguns

Winchester Repeating Arms has a long history of producing defensive shotguns all the way back to the First World War. In close situations, nothing beats a reliable pump action shotgun for defense. Besides that, the “cha-chunk” sound of a live round being loaded in to the chamber of a pump-action shotgun is a sound no criminal wants to hear.

The new SXP Shadow Defender (black matte finish) and SXP Shadow Marine Defender (matte hard chrome plating) pump shotguns from Winchester Repeating Arms feature synthetic pistol grip stocks with textured gripping surfaces. Each is supplied with two length of pull spacers to adjust the shotgun to fit the owner perfectly, and two interchangeable comb pieces that enable them to dial in eye to optic alignment. A ribbed tactical forearm gives a firm grip for optimum control.

Both Super X Pump models are offered in 12 gauge and 20 gauge with 3″ chamber. Alloy receivers are drilled and tapped for bases and rings. The SXP Shadow Marine Defender model features matte hard chrome plating on the barrel, magazine tube and slide arms for added resistance to wear and the elements. The SXP Shadow Defender 12 gauge has a suggested retail price of $449.99 and the 20 gauge version for $469.99. The SXP Shadow Marine Defender 12 gauge has a suggested retail price of $499.99 and the 20 gauge version has a suggested retail price of $519.99. Barrel length for all models is 18″. A cylinder choke tube is supplied.


  • Synthetic pistol grip Stock with textured gripping surfaces
  • Two interchangeable comb pieces
  • Two interchangeable length of pull spacers
  • Ribbed tactical forearm
  • Hard chrome-plated chamber and bore
  • Invector-Plus cylinder choke tube
  • 3″ chamber
  • Black chrome protection on bolt and other components
  • Removable TRUGLO fiber-optic front sight plus brass front bead
  • Alloy receiver
  • Rotary bolt
  • Crossbolt safety
  • Inflex Technology Recoil Pad

SXP Shadow Defender

The new Shadow Defender takes the Defender name into a new era of performance. The special stock design offers superb control. The interchangeable comb pieces let you get a perfect fit for the type of sighting system you choose. The forward Picatinny accessory rail is ideal for mounting a flashlight. The Shadow Defender was originally a SHOT Show special, but popular demand moved it to an in-line status. The features set makes this an efficient system for home protection or when in dangerous game country.

SXP Shadow Marine Defender

The Shadow Marine Defender is the most advanced version of the popular Marine Defender line. Originally conceived for protection for coast bear hunters and seafaring boaters, Everything is designed to protect against the elements while protecting you. The hard chromed plating on major exterior surface and the hard chrome-plated bore make it able to stand up to wet conditions and offer extra protection in salty environments. Versatile under real use in the field. Yes, this SXP has a specific design purpose, but it also is ready to provide meals around camp with the use of its Invector-Plus interchangeable choke system.

Do you like the look of these new defense shotguns from Winchester? Think you’ll give one a try? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I have never understood the pistol grip concept on a shotgun. Maybe I need some training in order to appreciate it.

    • In my experience it is easier to control the weapon with the recoil of heavier loads using a pistol grip. I shoot a thumb hole stocked Remington 870 SPST for turkey hunting. I bloodied my nose once with my thumb shooting 3.5 inch turkey loads. That can’t happen with this shotgun. Just my opinion.

    • “The SXP Shadow Defender 12 gauge has a suggested retail price of $449.99 and the 20 gauge version for $469.99. The SXP Shadow Marine Defender 12 gauge has a suggested retail price of $499.99 and the 20 gauge version has a suggested retail price of $519.99. “

    • Semi-auto is great for controlled environments, but for a true back country shotgun, that might get dropped in the mud or beach sand, I prefer the pump over the semi auto. A pump can be cleared manually, on the spot, but the semi once jammed from debris, must be disassembled and cleaned to become functional again. Not a good place to be with a big brownie sauntering down the beach looking for your freshly killed black tail.

  2. No! I do not think I would try one of these shotguns. I prefer a semi-auto shotgun with a thumb activated safety and an adjustable length stock. I used to like my Winchester 1300 with its 8 shot capacity.

  3. i like the shadow defender more then the marine….the fact that (from what i read ) you can change the choke is great, i put in an Improved cylinder choke in my last shotgun and found the buckshot worked great.. having a shot gun with a fixed choke makes no sense to me….but that’s just me…

  4. Are they any more capable as a home or tactical shotgun than many another brands purposefull that cost hundred(s) less?
    Lots of semi needed bling, without any more end effect( some competitors have multi brl with longer one having screw in chokes for more versatilit), ,
    IMNSHO, Winchester is no more than a has been when it comes to quality to price ratio, It is the Reputation and recognition of days gone by that carries them in todays markets.

  5. MATT:

    U HIT on a great TIP for ALL SHOTGUNERS! Just recently, talked to BOTH REMINGTON and WINCHESTER re: 00BUCK & SLUGS. THEY SAID (and I quote):


    One added: THEIR SLUGS -WITH FLITE CONTROL- COULD ACHIEVE 2” GROUPS @ 75yds EASILY! …with IC choke alone – NO rifling!

    ADDITIONALLY: SHOTGUN AMMO’s have been designed for a WHILE now, to NOT do considerable damage to barrels if accidentally used with even more constricted chokes. And while they do *NOT* recommend u try, they report that a few rounds on ‘modified’ or better should not damage choke r barrel considerably… would give u NO gains in performance otherwise, tho. Just wouldnt do extensive DAMAGE like it used to!

    (Apparently, they HAD to design for this factor because dumb-a$$’s would damage their barrels, hurt themselves(?)… blame the Maunfacturer’s! Thats what one told me candidly, anyway. uh-boy).

    HV FUN!

  6. I’d bet it’s based off the 1300 defender they discontinued years ago. If so I’d take one of those over a shity Remington or mossberg any day

    • Noticed you stated, “shitty” Remington. Today, yes. But I have an “old” Wingmaster 870.
      Wouldn’t trade for any of the new stuff out there today. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the 1300 either, most excellent, also.

  7. Typical Winchester pump shotguns have alloy receivers that are very slick and work fine for a while….but when worn (quickly) out are trash. An 870 or M12 lives on forever. I like the butstock along with a pistol grip though.

  8. I have a Winchster model 1200 i got in 1974 and added a chote stock with pistol grip ,18in. deer barrel and added a tube extender for extra shells in 12 ga. I have gotten many deer with that gun and not one DNR officer ask about it.Guess i was ahead of the times. Nice for in home security now.

    • “The SXP Shadow Defender 12 gauge has a suggested retail price of $449.99 and the 20 gauge version for $469.99. The SXP Shadow Marine Defender 12 gauge has a suggested retail price of $499.99 and the 20 gauge version has a suggested retail price of $519.99. “