Washington Post Falls for ISIS Propaganda on Guns

The liberal media steps in it again! The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) just pointed out that the Washington Post, a consistently left-leaning newspaper, repeated claims made by ISIS propaganda. The propaganda focused on the ease of procuring firearms in the United States and gets many things wrong, but WaPo didn’t seem to check their facts. Read what NSSF president Larry Keane has to say:

Washington Post Seems to Believe ISIS Propaganda on Buying Guns in U.S.

Not surprisingly, ISIS is wrong about another aspect of how things work in the United States.

According to the Washington Post, terrorist propaganda materials argue it is easy to obtain a firearm in the U.S. with no ID and no background check. While the materials make it clear that one cannot walk into a federally licensed firearm retailer (FFL) and expect to walk out with a firearm without undergoing a background check, there are, not surprisingly, plenty of other facts that ISIS gets wrong.

Unfortunately, the Washington Post does not seek to set the record straight about the facts. To assist on that front, below we will debunk the assertions published by the terrorist group and reprinted by the Washington Post.

The materials suggest that gun shows are an “easier means of arming oneself for an attack.” However, every time a firearm is purchased from an FFL, a background check is required by federal law. Most of the vendors selling firearms at gun shows, about 75 percent, are FFLs, who are required to run background checks at gun shows just as if the transaction were taking place in their store. In practice, federal law is just the floor of restrictions on gun shows. Many gun show promoters require that all vendors leasing space at a show, including private parties, must agree to run background checks, regardless of whether they hold federal licenses or not. The vast majority of guns sold at gun shows go through federal background checks.

This is why so few criminals obtain firearms at gun shows. According to the Justice Department, less than one percent (0.7) of state and federal prison inmates that possessed a firearm during their current offense acquired their guns from gun shows. By contrast, nearly 40 percent reported acquiring their guns illegally, such as by theft.

Interstate gun sales could allow guns to be purchased out of state at large gun shows, opening up the firearms market.

Contrary to popular belief outside the gun community, the majority of vendors at Gun Shows are federally licensed firearm dealers.

ISIS goes so far as to suggest ambushing and robbing an FFL if it’s not possible to obtain a firearm legally. If it were as easy to get a firearm illegally as the article suggests, why would they need to steal guns?

The Washington Post proceeds to note that gun control groups call for banning people on the terrorist watch list from purchasing firearms. We’ve tackled this issue before on this blog. Suffice it to say, the list is huge, secret and deeply flawed, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

What we do know is that when an individual attempts to purchase a firearm, his or her name is bounced against the watch list and if there is a match, the FBI NICS notifies federal law enforcement and the transaction automatically goes into a delayed status for three business days (meaning the gun is not transferred during a gun show) while federal law enforcement is given an opportunity to determine if there is a lawful basis to deny someone and if not, to take appropriate law enforcement actions they deem appropriate.

And as far as the suggestion that “you can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle, without a background check…” the terrorists are wrong again. Even in a private party transaction, it is illegal to purchase an automatic firearm without a special ATF license and plenty of red tape.

One would think that the Washington Post would be more concerned about the sources it uses for its reporting. We wonder if ISIS has written about how to fool the mainstream media.

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  1. This is typical behavior for the left wing lunatics. Word in the inner circles has it that thousands of loyal American Patriots are going to start pushing back with the letter of law at hand. They are now going to begin pressing charges of Treason and or Sedition against those individuals and groups that continue to attack the Constitution of the United States and the 2nd Amendment. A proverbial Sh*t storm is headed their way. A rude awakening for the gun grabbers.

  2. The way I used to tell the Post from the Times was “P as in Post, and P as in ‘Progressive’,” alias “Liberal,” also known as Snowflakes. “We don’t need no stinkin’ facts.”
    Now we can wait and see if Shannon Watts or any other gun-grabbing geniuses start running their mouths about the ISIS propaganda.

    • You mean the squeaky-clean stay-at-home mom, Shannon Marmion Watts, who also went by aliases Shannon Renee Troughton, Shannon Renee Weaver and Shannon Renee Marmion, the one who worked for Monsanto, that Shannon Watts? The one bought and paid for by Nanny Bloomberg? Just askin’ to be sure…

  3. ” According to the Justice Department, less than one percent (0.7) of state and federal prison inmates that possessed a firearm during their current offense acquired their guns from gun shows.”
    And this doesn’t account for how many were actually legally purchased before the purchaser committed any crime.

  4. Anyone who writes against the 2nd amendment is anti constitutional. We should never accept anyone who promotes anti free speech in the first amendment and the same goes for the 2nd amendment. Only criminals in government would fear an armed public.

  5. Gee, you mean the liberal WAPO would actually lie to me? I wish I’d known. I could have just sailed in to a ‘gun show’ and purchased a few full auto 50 cals to keep the squirrels out of the trees. So much easier than going thru the instant check at my local FFL.

  6. I can only speak for the state of Texas where I live, but I would say about 25% of the rented tables are private citizens who are buying/selling/trading their firearms. The gun shows I attend and setup a table at do not require a private citizen to run a background check for a purchase. I do agree that gun shows are still safe and not a concern, but your statement about gun shows requiring private citizens to run a background check are not correct in Texas, for the most part.

    • Stan – the gun shows I go to are characterized by ‘Membership IDs’ and anyone not having one of those goes through a regular FFL check/delay if they are allowed to purchase, just like your normal gun shop or sporting goods store.

    • Don’t be a useful stooge, Stan. You are guessing about the percentage of rental tables being non FFL. Did you audit the entire show? Even a representative sample? Then you talk about “…Texas, for the most part.” Seriously? You know about most of Texas? Are you a stooge for the gun control lobby that just tosses out numbers, made up off the top of their heads and walk away from supporting anything you/they say without having proof?

      • Lobo, Don’t call people names for telling the truth because you do not like what they say. In Florida where I live you can private sell to anyone at the show and only are required to identify that person as a Florida resident. I have witnessed plea of sale at private sale tables with no back ground checks.

  7. My buddy sells guns at gun shows and a convicted felon tried to make a purchase. The cops came and locked him up. When he went to court the judge sentenced him to time served, 5 days. Did some research and found out the judge was a Democrat.

  8. Also, private party sales are performed by the sort of patriots that don’t have a problem declining to sell to those chanting Allah Akbar.

  9. Where I live in the great state of Shitcago (murder capital of the USA) if you go to a “gun show” and purchase a firearm, you must fill out the paper work and then after you have it sent to the FFL shop of your choice you will wait three days to pick up the firearm if it is a long gun, seven days for a handgun which will cost you another $50.00 on top of what you already paid including the price of the firearm and the State sales tax on the purchase price.

    • The law in Illinois: 24 hour wait for a long gun, 72 hours for a handgun. Hotheads & depressives are given time to cool off or take their meds.

    • In Florida long guns at show or FFL dealer is no wait. Hand guns is 72 hours I think, maybe 5 days. I don’t know because I just show my Concealed Carry Permit and take purchase.

    • Why is the liberal left and democrats not screaming about this being an attack on the poor and minorities? They make an issue out of America wanting to have “voter ID”, yet at the same time, not a word about this attack on the constitution…, wonder why???

  10. Interesting that the left fights so hard to prevent the Presidents travel restrictions from predominantly Muslim countries, yet want to ban anyone on a “terror watchlist” from buying a firearm?! If this isn’t in complete conflict with common sense, what is?

  11. I have firearms. What I cannot understand is WHY some people have a need to own multiple firearms. It’s ridiculous. There are too many little boys who never grew up. They are still believing those westerns we all watched as little kids.

    • Bull shit! I have spent a life time, from childhood, an entire career, and in retirement, owning and shooting guns and I still own several. They are not only for protecting my life as well as my way of life, they are for the sheer enjoyment of target shooting, competition, and hunting and self defense and defense of country. Anyone so simple minded they can’t comprehend others owning as many guns as they damned well please has got to be a progressive; you know, those people who consider themselves open minded and tolerant but who can’t get their head around what that means. Or what the Constitution means. Aka Hypocrites. When your neighborhood is under siege by a bunch of the jihadist refugees you are so eager to welcome and you can’t help or protect yourself or your family, defend your wife or daughter against rape, it might suddenly occur to you one reason why we have multiple guns. I doubt it. But don’t come begging is for help.

  12. RIDGERUNNER22—You have firearms (more than one)? Why do YOU “have a need to own multiple firearms?” Do you play golf with one club? Garden with one hoe? Work on your car with one wrench?

  13. ANOTHER reason the Washington Post is called FAKE NEWS. When you write and publish articles that are wholly inaccurate, and neglect to correct them only because you want to push an agenda, I cannot think of a more accurate title than FAKE NEWS. This should be their brand until they can earn respect again.

  14. By far, the easiest way to get a gun, either a handgun or long gun- or BOTH, was through the Obama Administration. All you needed to do was to let Eric Holder or Hussein Obama know you were a gang member and/or part of a drug cartel and not only did you receive the guns of your choice, but also untraceable!!

  15. SOOOOO! Which single book should I own, since having more than one of something is immature and childish. So car ,stamp,polllictical campaign buttons and sign collections are just a way reliving childhood dreams. Hmmm? Considering Americans are the richest citizens in the world, and most of us help in some way, when the rest of the world needs help ( and I am NOT talking about the GOVERNMENT of this nation). I think it is not only my Second Amendment right, but also my First Amendment right to express my individuality, by collecting historical items as well as mechanical works of arts. Sorry you are offended by some people’s taste, but feel free to move to another country in which the government and its inhabitants agree with your taste.