U.S. Law Shield: Homeowners’ Rights and the Use of Deadly Force

Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Emily Taylor discusses the intricacies of the law of self defense in Texas when people are doing bad things at night. Does darkness expand your ability to protect yourself and your property? Is the use of deadly force justified when your vehicle is being broken into? Taylor also discusses legal loopholes between state and federal laws as well as the swearing in of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Watch now:

If you’d like to read more about the shooting in Arlington, you can read the original report on WFAA here, and a more detailed report from the Star-Telegram. Interested in joining Texas Law Shield or U.S. Law Shield? You can find out more information here: Texas Law ShieldU.S. Law Shield

What do you think about the use of deadly force during a car burglary? Tell us your thoughts below.

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  1. I think that a new car or truck cost as much as a home used to and your job is 100% dependent on you having a dependable one. Absolutely worth defending! Besides, if the law forbids you to protect yourself in a car, you will be a taget each time you get in your car.

  2. I think that you should be able to protect not only your family but also your property. Why should someone be allowed to break the law and not face the consequences? Or does the law not pertain to those who break it? Sure seems like liberals can break any law they want to to “demon-strate” anything they don’t like! Why aren’t ALL laws enforced if you don’t abide by them? If the law doesn’t apply to everyone then it does NOT apply to ANYONE!!!!

  3. One would like to shoot them but I don’t think that should be legal unless you go to stop them and they attack you with deadly force or try to attack you and you can defend yourself

    • If they were at home in bed were they should be, and no one made these persons do this crime, wonder when a person should have the right to protect what they worked very hard for.This man was on his on turf , minding his own business , yes I would do the same, if you need something, ask it might be giving to the person if need be.Stealing is a crime since the beginning of time!!!

  4. why should I have to wait to defend my property. I am tired of coddling of criminals. Don’t steal my car and you wont have to worry about getting shot.

  5. I don’t think the penalty for auto theft is death by deadly force. However if you are confronted with bodily harm or in fear of your life I would think that using deadly force to protect yourself would be justified. I have carried a weapon for 50 years and only 1 time I have ever pulled and shown it. I have 44 hours of concealed weapon classes 12 weeks of cilivan police academy classes 3 years military weapons training. Would never ever pull a weapon unless I was threaten or my family members by deadly or bodily harm and only shoot to kill.

  6. I have no problem with protecting your own property. It would sure send a message to others of like minds. It’s no difference than a horse thief,,,and that’s a bad thing in Texas.

  7. Not in Nebraska……….Deadly force can only be used to protect you or someone else from death or grave bodily injury, not to protect property. Sucks but it’s the law.

  8. Violence is not the answer but local law enforcement response time may not be fast enough for the physical damage that can be accomplished as the result of the burglary. You can try to stop the burglar yourself but in some instances it may not be just one individual trying to burglarize your property. You may wind causing more harm to yourself than is required. The situation is really dependent on how well you know your local law enforcement response time.

  9. You can’t shoot the bastard when he is running away, and claim that you fear for your life! Only when you are in a confrontation. Some think it’s immoral, somehow, to kill to protect property, but, do military members not do this, on your behalf, every single day? I know, some think being in the military is also immoral, but, when I hear this, and see this kind of attitude, I simply ask what gives them the right to say so? I see immorality running rampant throughout this great nation of ours. I worked for over 45 years to finally reach that golden, magic place where I do not need to work, any longer, and just enjoy the rewards of my prior labors. I have survived shit-hole places and ass-hole people, and, what I have, is mine. It’s mine, not yours. Don’t try to take it, even in the daylight! You might not like what happens, if you do…

  10. I know it’s usually illegal to use a weapon to defend one’s property but I think it should be legal. Some of us have to work and save a long time to get some of what we want, only to have it taken from us by some low life who is unwilling to work for what they want. Insurance seldom pays full replacement cost. First they have a deductible (usually a $1000 or more), then they apply “deprecation” to where one is lucky to get a $100 check for a $1000.00 or more item. A $1000.00 item you had spent several years either saving for or making payment’s on. I know some think a $1000.00 is not very much money, but for many more of us it is. For me a $1000.00 is nearly a months take home. But I do have a company provided vehicle I get to drive home which help’s a lot.

  11. My opinion on the matter is if there is threat to life, intent to cause harm and capability to do so, just like a policeman, light them up. I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. If someone is snooping around my vehicle outside, day or night, there is no threat or capability to cause me harm, I would not be justified to take a life and handle in a different manner.

  12. In Massad Ayoob’s beginning course about 12 years ago, I learned that it is illegal to shoot someone who is running away, even if they are carrying some of your property. Thus it would be illegal to shoot someone who was driving your car away, UNLESS you can convince a jury that the thief tried to run you down, or otherwise made a credible threat against you and/or those you have the duty to protect.
    If you were out in the wilderness and might die without your car, then shooting the car thief would probably be OK.