U.S. Law Shield News Update: Judge Gorsuch Nomination

U.S. Law Shield News asks the question, “Who is Judge Gorsuch?” President Trump announced his Supreme Court Justice nominee on January 31st, and few are familiar with his views and voting record. Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Michele Byington talks about the pros and cons of Judge Neal Gorsuch’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. Will he likely be a friend of the 2nd Amendment, or not? Click to watch the more-in-depth interview to find out.

As Byington recapped, Neal Gorsuch is a study of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who was a stalwart defender of Conservative causes. Though we don’t have much in the way of Second Amendment decisions or opinions coming from Gorsuch, we do have some parallels in which he shows him hoolding up what the Founders intended in the Constitution. However, as Byington goes on to explain, there is a bit of problem with a formal decision on a Fourth Amendment case. In the case, a police officer searched and seized a handgun after seeing and accidental display of a concealed firearm. The defendant of the case turned out to be a felon who was illegally in possession of the firearm, but the case was focused on whether or not an accidental display constituted probable cause for the officer to search the man. Gorsuch ruled in favor of the police officer. Though the officer was correct and lawful in seizing the handgun from a felon, Justice Scalia would probably have ruled in favor of the defendant.

The Senate still needs to hold confirmations on Judge Gorsuch, which may take some time. Senate Republicans refused to hold any confirmation hearings on former President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland, and current Senate Democrats may attempt to slow down the confirmation process out of spite. We’ll have to wait and see how Judge Gorsuch’s nomination plays out.

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  1. Gursuch is a defender of the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment. His decision on reported “viewing of a weapon” justifying a later search of a subject in a car was hardly anti second amendment. A lawful gun owner might find himself subject to search in a similar situation, but wouldn’t have any legal difficulty as a result because they could legally possess the weapon found. In this case, a witness observed this felon charging the weapon on a parking lot of a convenience store where drug sales were rampant, and then reconcealing it, before departing the lot. While Gursuch ruled those circumstances justified a search for officer safety, the only criminal charge which resulted was because the person possessing the weapon was a convicted felon. Non-felon = no charge.

  2. It appears that a display of a concealed firearm, whether intended or unintended, to a law officer or any logically thinking person (except a professionally bleeding heart liberal attorney) would be an excellent reason for stop and seize in
    order to affirm the legality of the possession of a weapon..I don’t believe the law was written or intended to protect a criminals rights but to insure the safety of honest citizens! That would lead me to believe that this candidate has a well developed brain and.actually uses it !!!

  3. Democrat’s are dead set against doing anything Trump wants passed. So 6 years ago 95 % ok this judge for a position that had no faults while a judge so they can’t go against him if so, nuclear REP will finalize it

  4. Gorsuch will make a fine SCOTUS addition. Too bad we can’t get rid of some of the other
    justices who do not even understand what the Constitution is all about…

  5. This policeman had good judgement. A person charging a weapon in a parking lot could be up to getting ready for a robbery. If he had a CCP he should be ready to present it.