Trigger Time TV: Reducing Recoil with Your Grip

Have you ever found that recoil slows down your follow-up shots? What about emptying your mag but your slide not locking back? Your handgun grip can cause all sorts of issues from affecting accuracy to slowing the operation of your handgun. Even if you’re a seasoned shooter, you make small adjustments to your shooting grip to improve your personal performance. Frank Proctor of the Way of the Gun gives us a few pointers on how to position the hands in a “parallel grip” to mitigate recoil, improve performance, and sharpen accuracy.

About Frank Proctor

Frank Proctor is the founder of Way of the Gun, a performance firearm training facility in Talladega, Alabama. Proctor spent over 18 years in the military; 11 of which were spent in the Special Forces. After years of military training, Proctor got interested in competitive shooting, where he reached Grand Master in Limited division and Master ranking in IDPA Stock Service Pistol. Now Frank spends his time teaching shooters the proper application of speed and accuracy by focusing on Fundamentals and Principles of Performance Marksmanship, efficient techniques to manipulate firearms, and how to see and move fast. For more information, check out his website, Way of the Gun.

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4 Comments On This Article

  1. Excellent, brief and to the point. I read it at an opportune time as I am orienting my 2 adult daughters into handgun shooting and I might not have given the “grip” enough training time–I will now. I had not thought of coupling the hand griping for accuracy with recoil control before so I will for my training.

  2. william h turner

    You are correct in everything you showed in the clip. One thing I do not hear from handgun instructors is not only the proper grip but also a slight push with the firing hand and a slight pull action with the support hand. This will help reduce the recoil allowing you to pick up your sights quicker and allowing for a quicker second shot.

  3. Some very good advice here. Now, if the producers of Trigger Time TV would get some training on how to make a show that was professional and interesting to watch, I might start watching it again.