Trigger Time TV: Family Defense Drill

Most people train for concealed carry and home defense by shooting targets, learning to safely and quickly clear rooms, and trying to put themselves into the mindset needed to effective defend themselves. However, there aren’t many drills that focus on defending yourself and your family. What if you were out with your children, grocery shopping or seeing a movie, when someone approached you with malicious intent? Have you trained for that scenario enough to keep your loved ones safe? In this clip from Trigger Time TV, Tatiana Whitlock runs through a drill that simulates having a child on your hip, and how to effectively handle the threat. Take a look:

Nobody wants to think of of scenarios like this, however, these moments do happen. When you’re with your children, your attention is focused on them and your situational awareness may not be as sharp when you’re looking out for your kiddos. This can be especially dangerous as criminals may see this as a perfect opportunity to get the jump on you, knowing you’ll do anything to protect your children. Practicing drills like this can help you be more effective in these situations and ensure that your family gets home safe.

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  1. That’s a really good technique! I have taught women how to handle handguns for over 30 years. This is probably the BEST technique I’ve ever seen, for that particular scenario.

  2. how about a scenario with a little tike being carried and 2 more children in tow with each child 3 years senior to the carried child. Do we train the little ones to get behind mom/dad in any particular order OR train them to get the heck running??