Springfield Armory’s New AR-15, the SAINT Revealed


Springfield Armory has officially entered the affordable AR-15 game. With an MSRP of $899, Springfield now competes with Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Bushmaster and Colt for that sweet spot where value meets demand. Springfield shared their spec sheet today which covers the details of their new rifle.

The SAINT weighs 6 pounds, 11 ounces and is 35.5″ long with a fully extended adjustable buttstock.

The barrel measures in at 16″ and is made of Chrome Moly Vanadium with a 5.56 NATO chamber and a 1:8 RH twist.

The gas system is your standard mid-length with a “H” standard buffer to reduce wear on the weapon. The upper and lower receivers are Type III hard anodized 7075 T6 aluminum. Springfield also included the “Accu-Tite Tension System” which uses a nylon tipped tension screw between the upper and lower receivers to eliminate movement and play.

Decked out in decent looking Bravo Company furniture, the keymod PKMR handguard is exclusive to the SAINT until at least the end of the year.

Springfield provided their own low profile, flip-up, dual aperture rear sight with 1/2 MOA windage adjustment for those who don’t care about mounting optics right away.

Springfield fitted the SAINT with an M16 BCG, which they shot peened and magnetic particle inspected to meet mil-spec durability requirements.

The trigger is a Springfield Armory proprietary enhanced nickel boron coated GI single stage, with a reportedly easy 7 pound pull.

SAINT Spec Sheet

For over two centuries, those who have stepped up to protect and defend have carried Springfield Armory® rifles.


Our Membership and Events Director Jerah took the SAINT out for spin, check out her thoughts in this Instagram video.

Want to get your hands on a Springfield Armory SAINT? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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    • 1:9 would be optimal. Gives you solid stabilization on a 55gr bullet, and also stabilizes most of the heavier bullets. 1:8 works for 55gr, but would be better served for the heavier grain weights.

  1. all they do is buy the cheapest parts they can find and put them together. with other makers furniture for marketing, you can build your own and build a better AR than this.
    I bet most of this gun isnt made by springfield and most likely made in croatia like their other guns. all the hype was just smoke and mirrors. I would buy any other brand, just because of the customer service. nothing special here folks…. move along to a better AR maker and build your own of this quality for $500. the cheapest palmetto state AR would be 10 times better than this and almost half the price.

  2. If this is half the weapon that their XDS pistols are, and as well built, I would love to have one. Will definitely check in to this AR.

  3. Any weapon with Springfields name on it is quality. Would love to add this to my small collection, but I have medical bills dealing with Sarcoma cancer. After I beat cancer, I will buy a Saint.

  4. Don’t get all the hate… it has some “enhanced features” over some other base model ARs on the market. Lower Receiver Tension Screw, NiB Trigger Group, nice Bravo furniture… Y’all just chill.

  5. say what you will; I fired this rifle Saturday morning. for lack of any better explanation—-this ar is SMOOTH.!. the action, the working of the action, the recoil, trigger pull, etc etc. the butt stock is great—No movement at all &comfortable.

  6. Why did they wait for them to be on the chopping block to put one on the market ? Seems as if trying to drum up business in an already crazy market. BE unique !
    I love my XDm… just not sure ??

  7. No armory close to me to offer the preview. And I’ve been looking for one and have wondered about building my own. But if you want to give one away then I wouldn’t say no. Very interested to see the difference between this one and the department issued 1970’s era M1 I carry for work.

  8. I have owned a Spring field armory 1911A1 and a M1A1 for over 20 years and have never had the first problem with either. But you jumped on the AR bandwagon 20 years too late to make any impact on the market, it’s a good looking rifle but it was over hyped and over priced by at least $200.00 and the AR market would be better served with a good solid AR with a 1 in 9 twist model.

  9. Nice article. This is general statement about all of the elitist AR aficionados out there on this and other blogs that have nothing good to say about SA’s endeavor into this space. How about you just shut the hell up if you don’t like it? Not everyone that is interested in this is the elite purist (see snob) that some of you are. I have been out of the game for 25 years and this weapon is probably what gets me back in. Now sit down and shut up. D-bags….

  10. As an XD 45 owner I have to give props to Springfield Company. I took my conceal carry test with that pistol and won best shot of the 16 in the class. The pistol is spot on , and is my favorite weapon to carry. The New AR is already above spec for many other markedly popular brands . The “sport” lines offered by the “other” guys are not worth the less cheaper prices .
    Unless you want to drop a lot more cash to drive the Big Name AR’s…..look closer at the “Saint”! You won’t be disappointed

  11. The most accurate firearm I’ve ever owned was a Springfield full-frame 1911 – a real tack-driver. I bought my son an XD45 when he was looking into a career in firearms and needed a superior back-up gun. So I’m sold on Springfield, and don’t understand all the haters and their comments. Frankly, I don’t see the market demand for another AR 15, but this looks like a good one if that’s your interest (I’m fine with my Mini-14 shooting the same round).

  12. I have a Sprinfield 1911 and was sold the moment I fired it. So yeah, there is another AR on the market and Spingfield has brought it. I am eager to check it out. With the reputation and history that Springfield has proven, I am willing to bet it will be a worthy addition to the field.

  13. As a fellow firearms owner I would like to say, please stop arguing with other firearms owners. If you like the Springfield weapons and this AR, buy one, they seem to make good firearms. If you don’t like it then don’t buy one. Yes, it seems a bit overpriced for an AR, but it does look a little different than most entry level AR platforms. We need to stick together as firearms owners in these insane liberal times. But by all means do buy an AR. VOTE AGAINST SHILLARY AND THE LIBERAL INSANITY.

  14. Just another over priced rifle. They would sell more if they dropped their price a couple hundred dollars. No manufacturer seems to care about those of us who would like to have one, but don’t have a pocket full of money.

  15. I’m a proud owner of 7 Springfields. I carry a XDS 45 for every day. I’m sure the Saint will be a fine weapon. I’d like to see one, the distributors are sitting on them until after the election I guess.