Ten Reasons Why Texas Should Pass Constitutional Carry

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GOA’s Director of Operations, John Velleco, traveled to Austin to speak to pro-gun activists. The event, which was sponsored by Texas G.O.L.D. (Gun Owners Lobby Day), was a huge success. John rallied gun rights activists in favor of Constitutional Carry, and then led many of them into different legislators’ offices.

Rep. Jonathan Stickland is the chief sponsor of House Bill 375, which would establish Constitutional Carry throughout the great state of Texas. John met with Stickland and addressed the gun rights activists who attended the lobby day. You can hear a little of what John had to say here.

The good news is that permitless carry is a high priority for Republicans in Austin this year. The Texas legislature is moving quickly to make Texas the 14th Constitutional Carry state — and to restore its status as one of the most pro-gun states in the country. House Bill 375 is currently pending in the House Homeland and Public Safety Committee, which is expected to take action on the bill soon. As you know, the concept of Constitutional Carry is simple: No person should be required to get the government’s permission to exercise his constitutional rights.

So, without further ado, here are GOA’s Top Ten Reasons Why Texas Should Pass Constitutional Carry:

  1. Because Americans should not need the government’s permission in order to protect ourselves, our families, our communities, our country, or our freedoms.
  2. Because criminals will be carrying concealed, the question is whether they will be the ONLY concealed carriers in the room.
  3. Because armed Texans are safe Texans.
  4. Because the states with Constitutional Carry – states like Vermont, Maine, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho – are the safest states in the country.
  5. Because, with just a few exceptions, every public mass shooting in the last 20 years has occurred somewhere where guns are banned.
  6. Because the states of Alaska and Arizona saw a 31.6% and 29.6% decline in their murder rates, respectively, in the first five years following the passage of constitutional carry.
  7. Because, according to a PoliceOne.com survey of more than 15,000 police officers, over 90% support the right of Americans to carry guns to protect themselves.
  8. Because Texas gun owners shouldn’t be registered like sex offenders, merely to exercise their constitutional rights.
  9. Because, after passage of S. 446 (the Cornyn bill), Texans will be able to carry without a permit anywhere in the country, if it adopts constitutional carry.
  10. Because it’s the Constitution, stupid!!!

Please take a few moments to send your state legislator, Rep. Bill Zedler (R), an email urging support for Constitutional Carry in Texas (HB 375).
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In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director
Gun Owners of America

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  1. Are you kidding me. so our government representatives have nothing better to do than pass laws that grant us rights we already have. How about do your job and take control
    of the courts that you have created.

  2. I am for Constitutional carry in all States. Carry on the good work. I feel strongly this is God’s will for our nation.

  3. Govt. needs to understand we as a people have a GOD given right to protect ourselves & should not need the Govt permission to do so !!!

  4. I have conceal lic. and have to buy shirts to large to conceal my gun. I can walk into Walmart open carry but I don’t . I believe in open carry. Please pass this Bill !!!
    Thank You Donald L. Darby

  5. I WANT this to happen COUNTRY wide and not just in one or two states. This needs to be for us elderly and others who want to go out and feel safe and know we are carrying our gun legally. In Maryland it is next to impossible to get a carry permit unless you are in a business that deals with large sums of cash. Will the states still have their right to not let you carry?? When I applied they asked me why I needed a carry permit and I told them I want to feel safe when going out to dinner etc. I was told that what I wanted it for was not good enough reason and if that is my reason then I should stay home!! And this was from the State Trooper I was talking to while going for my carry permit so that ended my idea of getting a carry permit.

  6. I can’t believe we are having this conversation of our rights. You don’t take the rights away from law abiding citizens ! USA is not safe anymore. Any where any time you could be a victim. We have the right to protect ourselves and family. Every state should recognize gun permits from other states. But when you have a state run by Democrats, it won’t happen. Democrats love attacking the 2nd Amendment. Why, Because that’s what they do. Why do I know…..Because I live in New York State. Enough said.

  7. Yes I believe that the whole United States of America should go Constitution Carry, why should the government tell us if we can or cannot defend our selves. Plus I would like to see all gun free zones be eliminated they are just killing fields waiting to happen.


  8. I believe in Constitutional Carry and not having Gun Free Zones. I also believe that we need to be sure that those who carry guns have a basic coarse in the laws and responsibilities that come with it (ie: the difference between murder and self-defense, what is reckless endangerment, responsible containment, things could cause a loss of ability to carry, etc..). Also we need law enforcement to let us know what the best way to determine if a person is a felon or other problem, when they are encountered. One of the motivations to be responsible is to not lose that ability to carry.
    Thank you

  9. The criminal element doesn’t go get a “permit” to carry their weapon! DUH!!!
    And if more gun owners felt comfortable about carrying theirs all the time, there might be less stolen guns from individuals because they would have the weapon with them if home was broken into while away.

  10. This is common sense legislation. We need to take all of our rights back.
    For too long the liberal left has done everything the could to” protect us” from ourselves
    All they have managed to accomplished is enabling our increased vulnerabilities and safety.

  11. I believe in Constitutional Carry,,,however, #6 in the above reasons is bogus. Just because Constitutional Carry would be legal does not necessarily mean that GFZs would be legal. We would need additional laws for that and should also be accomplished at the same time. If it’s legal for me to be there, it should also be legal to carry if that is my choice.

    • Tennessee passed a law in July of 2016 that allows the victim(s) of an injury or death to legally sue the private business that posts it is a GFZ-N o Weapons Allowed, and hold the business, the owner, and the corporate parent company liable for injuries that could have been prevented if said person could have carried their licensed conceiled weapon with them but were not allowed to. Maybe if their purse is hit hard enough, these GFZs will become extint.

    • “If it’s legal for me to be there, it should also be legal to carry if that is my choice.”

      Sounds good but I doubt any judge would allow civilians to carry in their court room. Probably for good reason, too.


    I live in a “freestate” (Windoming) and the only reason I won’t go back home to my beloved San Antone is because the gun laws in Texas SUCK!
    That’s because the cops there are scared of armed citizens and even fought against Concealed Carry! Cops here are super cool, mellow and always have time to socialize with ya. Also, they’re not afraid of law abiding citizens. “Welcome to Wyoming, consider everyone Armed”(bumper sticker). The air is clean; no smog, land is cheap and only 500,000 people in the whole state! Kinda like Texas WAS 30 years ago.

  13. I was afraid this wasn’t going to pass this session. I don’t know what the problem is with our state other than too many RINO(s) and other paranoid losers worming their way in to office. This seriously needs to change. Personally I feel that Dan Patrick and Greg Abbott both personally need to campaign for this.

  14. Can we fix Califormia with regard to concealed carry? I live in one county, my gun club is next door in another county. I can’t get a ccw here but if I moved 40 miles not a problem. “may” needs to change to “shall” issue.

  15. I’m still having mixed emotions on Constitutional Carry.
    While I like the idea in a perfect world, I do like feeling a little more secure knowing that those carrying (concealed or open) have at least received minimal training on how to do so properly. To me, that’s the purpose of licensing in Texas.

    I am a big fan of national reciprocity. Like an automobile (or marriage), if I’m licensed in Texas, why should I not be licensed in California…

  16. @Dan I am sorry to say that I do not believe Commiefornia can be fixed or saved. The extreme logic-less socialist wackos that inhibit southern Commiefornia have control over your senate and congressional seats not to mention total 100%control of your state government. My thoughts are to bid farewell and move to a freedom loving state and not look back.