TBRC Micro-Comp

Compensators on handguns are quickly rising in popularity. Concepts like the Roland Special gained traction in 2016 and shooters are clamoring to mod their GLOCKs for faster, more accurate follow up shots. TBRCi, located in Shiner, TX (yes, there’s more in Shiner than that fantastic brewery), developed the innovative Micro-Comp V3 that fits on your threaded GLOCK barrel. Shooting flatter and faster is a snap and the comps we tested performed outstandingly well.

Like what you see? Defender Outdoors has partnered with TBRCi to offer these Micro Comps at highly reduced price. Get one now, try it out, and tell your friends.

TBRCi Micro Comp for the Glock 43

TBRCi Micro Comp for the Glock 43

TBRCi Micro Comp for the S&W M&P 9mm

TBRCi Micro Comp for the S&W M&P 9mm

TBRCi Micro Comp for the Glock 19

TBRCi Micro Comp for the Full Size 9mm Glock

Have you given a Micro-Comp a try? Tell us you experience below!

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  1. Michael Schauger

    just my .02, but ii would think it would be better with the majority of vents on the sides. Being on the top will cause a flash that will temporarily blind you from seeing the front site.

  2. Another way to make your Glock better is to sell it and get something less expensive and not so overrated…an M&P is just as dependable , shoots just as well , weighs less , is lot better looking and a lot cheaper in price…Glock has not updated their guns for 20 years…the one I had was junk…

  3. I’ve been shooting pistols, now, for more than 1/2 a century. Nothing in my experience indicates that a typical pistol shooter is going to, in any way, benefit or improve his shooting by hanging a comp on the end of his semi-auto.

    Want proof? Watch the fellow who demonstrates this new comp in the above video. If you know what to look for in the same way that this Senior Pistol Instructor does, then, it becomes apparent the shooter would have shot his pistol in exactly the same way either with, or without that comp on the gun!

    One other thing: Most of what I watched was some really slow pistol shooting; and at only 7 1/2 yards, at most, too! For someone who knows what he’s doing with a pistol that comp might be an advantage; however, for the large majority of ‘weekend pistol shooters’ that comp makes about as much sense as an unsupported gunman hanging a tac light on his pistol’s dust cover and, then, performing a lone operator building search! (NOT schmart!)

  4. I converted my G21sf to 460 Roland. Without a recoil compensator the violent recoil causes the slide to drag just enough to prevent it from picking up the next shell. With a Lone wolf comp it works fine. If you really want to improve double taps a Silencerco comp drops recoil and noise.