SIG Sauer

Sig 9mm MPX Pistol PDW

The Sig MPX is an innovative configurable personal defense weapon (PDW) platform available in a variety of forms including pistol, pistol plus Sig Brace, rifle, and NFA-regulated SBR format. My choice is the Sig Sauer MPX pistol with folding Sig Brace adapter that you can easily purchase just like any handgun on the market and… […]

Dallas Police Department Suspends Use of Sig P320 [Updated]

This story has been updated as up 8/6/2017 with a statement from Sig Sauer. Is the Sig Sauer P320 safe for use? Maybe not, according to some rumors. The internet was abuzz with whispers and hearsay all week long. Like gators in the city sewers and mole people under your house, the internet is often […]

Media Myths About the Recent Orlando Terrorist Attack

On June 12, 2016, a terrorist attacked an Orlando nightclub killing 50 people, and injuring another 53 more. While it is a tragedy that so many innocent people lost their lives, gun control groups and the media have taken this as an opportunity to continue their crusade against AR-15s, “military style assault weapons,” and other […]