NRA: Trigger Control

NRA Family printed an amazing new article by firearms trainer Larry Quandahl regarding trigger control. The article goes into detail on proper hand and finger placement, dry firing drills, and ways you can improve your own aim. The short read is definitely worth your time if you want to improve your handgun skills. !

NRA “Our Time is Now” Video Commentary

NRA Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre has released a new video commentary titled “Our Time is Now,”  which applauds the NRA members and gun owners who achieved a historic accomplishment in electing Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States and sending HRC on permanent political vacation.

National Hunting and Fishing Day – September 24th

National Hunting and Fishing Day, celebrated every year on the fourth Saturday in September, is this Saturday. National Hunting and Fishing Day (NHFD) is devoted to not just celebrating and thanking sportsmen for their contributions to conservation, but also introducing people to popular outdoor pastimes.

New Pew Poll: 44% of Households Own Firearms

A recent national poll by Pew Research has found that 44% of households have at least one firearm in the home. This is a 29% increase from a similar study done by Pew in 2014 (up from 33% of American households). But, these numbers may be a bit deceptive, the NRA explains.

Gun Purchases Continue to Set Records

Americans are continuing to acquire guns at an unprecedented level. In early June, the FBI reported that in June 2016, firearm-related background checks set a new record for any month of June, up 39% from the number of checks conducted in June 2015.

Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror and Crime

NRA News contributor Dom Raso, a former Navy SEAL and founder of Dynamis Alliance, reminds us that the AR-15 is the best defense against terror and crime in this informative video. Along with reminding us that banning AR-15s wouldn’t have prevented most of the recent terror attacks, Mr. Raso offers his common sense solution to […]

‘Women Had the Right To Carry Long Before We Won the Right to Vote’

Cosmo magazine kicks off a new, sexist “gunsplainer” campaign with the article “Why You Should Never Date a Gunsplainer” and an accompanying video. In the 150-second video below, Dana Loesch points out that the campaign defines gun owners as white, male and unattractive, while ignoring women’s rights, intelligence, and proficiency with guns when, often, they […]