Gun Control

ATF Sued for Records Classifying AR-15 Ammunition as ‘Armor-Piercing’

Judicial Watch, the Washington, D.C.-based watchdog group, has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) seeking records of communications inside the agency when it was considering reclassifying certain types of AR-15 ammunition as armor-piercing—and effectively banning it from civilian use.

Fatal Gun Accidents Down 17%, But Cost Americans Millions

Two new studies published recently have offered a mixed-bag of news regarding firearm-related fatalities. As most gun owners know, proper storage and handling of firearms can prevent accidental deaths and injuries, though less responsible or less experienced gun owners may still lead to some unfortunate incidents. One study states Americans are spending millions of dollars […]

5 Things Gun Owners Can Expect with Trump Presidency

It happened. For the first time in eight years, gun owners can breathe easy that the President doesn’t have an anti-gun agenda. With both houses of Congress held by a firearm friendly majority and a Supreme Court nomination on the way, things are looking up for the firearm world. But what does all this mean […]

Leaked Email Hints at Hillary’s Gun Control Plans

There have been hundreds of headlines during this election, and many of them have revolved around hacked emails. In a recent WikiLeaks dump, an email exchange between Clinton campaign staff members reveals some scary insight into Hillary’s gun control plans if elected.

Congress Introduces Bill to Protect Gunsmiths

Earlier this year, a State Department issued new guidance regarding firearm manufacturing and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) that lumped common commercial and hobbyist gunsmiths in with large firearm manufacturers. The result of this new regulation would be that all gunsmiths that use specialized tools or do any fitting on a replacement part for […]