Gun Concealment Storage Secrets

By Jason Hanson, former CIA Officer and New York Times bestselling author

On a quiet Monday morning around 6 a.m., three men broke into a Trotwood, Ohio, home and held a mother and her children at gunpoint while they searched for valuables. Eventually, the intruders ordered the mother to lead them to the money in the home.

She obeyed and led them to master bedroom, where a safe was located. Two of the suspects began moving the safe while the third held the mother at gunpoint. When the criminals weren’t looking, the mother reached into the nearby dresser, grabbed a hidden gun, and fired upon the intruders.

All three criminals immediately ran from the home. One collapsed in the front yard and died on the spot from a gunshot wound. The homeowner called 911 and told police dispatch, “I got my gun and I started shooting and they ran!” This brave woman saved her family by seizing the opportunity to grab her gun and engage the suspects.

Considering how this gun saved this woman and her children, let me ask you this: Do you have any guns hidden in your home? If not, here are three ways to hide weapons safely inside your home:

  1. Rapid access safe — This type of safe typically uses RFID or similar technology to open quickly when you need to access your firearm. They can be opened with biometric technology, a card, bracelet or key fob and are a great way to keep others from getting to your guns.They’re the perfect size for a nightstand or dresser. In fact, my home defense pistols (a Sig Sauer P226 and Springfield 1911) are stored in a rapid access safe on my nightstand.
  2. Hidden gun furniture — Specialty furniture made for hiding firearms has gained in popularity since you can access your guns quickly and most people would never know they were there. From wall clocks to coffee tables, you can find many different pieces of furniture that have hidden compartments for storing guns.
    Gun Globe Firearm Concealment

    Gun Globe Firearm Concealment

    Most gun storage furniture that I’ve seen also opens using an RFID signal.

  3. Air vents — Safes that resemble air vents and give you rapid access to your weapons when you need them. They blend in seamlessly since almost every room has an air vent. Most of these safes also operate using an RFID card so you can open them fast and grab whatever you need.

Obviously, the key with any gun safe is that you want to be able to keep your weapons secure and hide them from potential burglars while making them instantly accessible when you need them most.

Do your guns have a secret hiding place? Share your secrets with us in the comment section.

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