Smith & Wesson Improves the M&P with the 2.0

When the S&W M&P polymer handgun hit the market in 2005, many felt it was okay—just okay. While shooters welcomed the ergonomics, not having to pull the trigger to takedown, multiple back straps, high grip and undercut trigger guard, they found that the trigger and reset disappointing. The frame did not have much texture and was slippery in cold and wet weather.

The S&W M&P (original)

The S&W M&P (original)

The poor trigger was a rally point for third party companies and a few companies flourished by designing and offering new parts that improved the trigger and reset. Visit our site and search for Apex triggers for different trigger part options. These tools made the popular M&P usable, though still not perfect.

S&W listened, and went back to work to improve the M&P and re-introduced the pistol as the 2.0. This new brand of M&P was the pistol they offered to the U.S. military for testing as part of the XM17 Modular Handgun System program. While the M&P 2.0 wasn’t selected in the end, the general public saw the dividend—a much improved pistol.

Smith and Wesson calls the M&P 2.0 “an entirely new platform”. And from our short time getting to try it out, I’d have to agree.

Improvements include:

M&P 2.0

The New and Improved S&W M&P 2.0

  • Better trigger with shorter and audible reset
  • Textured frame
  • Four back straps to fit more shooters
  • Extended stainless-steel chassis that stiffened the frame
  • Removal of the beavertail for more comfort
  • Available in three calibers — 9mm, .40S&W, .45ACP (the .45ACP version has not shipped to date) and two colors- black or Flat Dark Earth with S&W’s Armornite corrosion resistant finish.
  • On the range with the M&P 2.0 revealed a much improved handgun. Recoil was more straight back and the stiffer frame was noticeable.
  • Trigger is much better than the first version and the reset is shorter and you can feel it. Quick double taps in the “A” zone were easy. Even our local GLOCK fanboy begrudgingly approved of the pistol and will add one to his battery of arms.
  • S&W did its homework and delivered a great pistol with the M&P 2.0.

strong>You can get your hands on a new M&P 2.0 here.

Do you think Smith & Wesson did a good job upgrading the M&P? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. Nice upgrade..Just too bad for me that they came out with it soon after I put in my 45 Apex trigger kit!

    I would have waited !

  2. I’m disabled from a stroke and while I have regained about 80% use of my right hand there is still some “weakness”. My problem with the M&P is releasing the slide on lock-back. When the slide locks back on the last shot and the doing a mag’ change I had to either use the slingshot method to release the slide or reach around with my left and squeeze both slide catch’s at the same time. Either way involves the use of both hands, and to the best of my knowledge there are no extended slide release’ on the market for the M&P either.If the right hand should become injured I envisioned problems. I found my solution to the problem in switching to the CZ 75 P-01.
    Loved the ergonomics of the M&P but just couldn’t get by the slide release issue.

  3. Saw a plant tour show the other day about how the new 2.0 frames are molded, with the metal Side Rails being (bare) hand loaded into the Mold. I have years of experience molding Glass Filled Nylon for commercial (ISO 9001) and military applications, and know that the Mold (Steel) temperature must be 180`F, or slightly higher. Inserts should also be pre heated, to reduce molded in stress.

    If the way that the frames are molded is actually as it was shown, with the Mold (Steel) and Inserts not at the proper temperature, the potential for a stress failure exists. Nylon is very forgiving, but to eliminate the possible failure of a frame is as simple as running the correct processing profile. This is not rocket science.

  4. S&W made their gun better by just making it more like a Glock.
    The Glock company was the first to set the standard for polymer frame striker fire pistols and Glock is still the standard by which the clones are judged.,,,,,
    I’m not saying M&P, or XD or FN or Sig’s guns other guns aren’t good guns, they work very well….but when the 3rd Gen Glock 19 hit the market, that set the bar up for everyone else.