Smith & Wesson 929 Box to Match Review!

Patrick Kelley returns this week with another great Out of the Box and into the Match review! In this series, Patrick takes a brand new gun and shoots a Steel Challenge match. Other than a quick clean and oil, Patrick doesn’t do any modifications or use any after market upgrades, just the same gun you would get if you bought it. This week Patrick is trying out the Smith & Wesson 929 revolver.

The “Jerry Miculek” edition of the Performance Center Smith & Wesson 929 should run pretty well the first time out. This is Smith & Wesson‘s top-grade line of handguns, and carries the name of one the fastest shooter in the world. Patrick’s first review of a Perfomance Center handgun showed that maybe Quality Control wasn’t as strong as you’d think with Smith & Wesson’s Performance Center line. You can watch Patrick’s attempt to shoot the S&W 617 Performance Center here.

Chambered in 9mm, the revolver necessitates the use of full moon clips. Speed shooting the 929 in Double Action during the match might offer Pat a bit of challenge (10.5 pounds of pull weight versus the light 4 pounds of Single Action use). Wanna see how the revolver does in a match? Curious if Smith and Wesson’s Performance Center line can redeem itself? Watch here to find out:

Patrick wasn’t a fan of the black-on-black sights, as they can be hard to see without a fiber optic pipe or wider rear notch. But that wasn’t all that was the matter with the sights; the rear sights had to be heavily adjusted post-match in order to line up with the point of impact. Even with the sight adjustment, the revolver only managed to shoot 3″ groups at 25 yards. Patrick suggested that it might be due to an oversized bore that would fit a .357 bullet, but not the slightly smaller 9mm bullet. Operationally, the gun functioned flawlessly, as revolvers should. Patrick seemed to have a blast shooting it, and didn’t seem to perform too badly. But, for the price of a Performance Center handgun, you would hope that the gun would come ready to shoot accurately out of the box and without modification.

Video courtesy of Patrick Kelley. Give him a like or follow to help him keep making these videos. Firearm courtesy of Smith & Wesson. Ammunition courtesy of Federal Premium. Patrick shoots Savage Rifles with Burris Optics, uses MGM Targets, and is sponsored by us, Defender Outdoors. Got a question for Pat? Leave a comment on his video or on here and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can!

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  1. Patrick Kelley

    The “29” and “629” are still 44 Magnum’s gents…This got the 29 designation with the prefix “9” to differentiate it. Odd for sure but our 44’s are still 29’s!