SilencerCo’s Maxim 9 In Stores Soon

Get your Form 4’s filled out and your checks to the ATF ready, SilencerCo’s long-awaited Maxim 9 is expected to hit the shelves in April of this year! The unique integrally-suppressed 9mm handgun was announced back in 2015. SilencerCo showed the new production models off at this year’s SHOT Show and have stated the much-anticipated pistols are expected to be in stores by April.

The firearms community has been holding its collective breath for the release of the Maxim 9. The Maxim borrows its name from the first inventor of the firearm suppressor, Hiram Maxim. Though it isn’t the first integrally-suppressed firearm, the Maxim 9 is disruptive and exciting for plenty of reasons. The Maxim 9 is semi-automatic and loads reliably, even with subsonic ammunition. Here’s SilencerCo’s original release trailer, in the guise of those classic 80’s action movies.

The suppressed barrel on the Maxim 9 is modular like SilencerCo’s shotgun suppressor, the Salvo 12. This leads to the Maxim 9 having two suppressed settings. In the shorter suppressed mode, it clocks in a 9.5″ in length, 2.31 pounds in weight, and will take subsonic ammunition down to hearing safe (an average of 139.9 dB for a 147gr subsonic load.) When you add the modular suppressor extension onto the Maxim, your total length comes to 10.75″, 2.44 pounds in weight, and is hearing safe for all 9mm ammunition. A 115 grain load with be about 137 dB, a 124 grain load comes out to just over 138 dB, and shooting full velocity 147 grain loads will be a hush 136.3 dB.

The Maxim 9 has minimal snag points and is holsterable. Currently, there aren’t many holsters made exclusively for the Maxim 9’s unique shape, but we will be seeing multiple holster models coming out in the next few months. Though the Maxim 9 is probably a bit too big for comfortable IWB concealed carry, a shoulder harness or belt holster might make a perfect option. As the longer version ensures that all loads are hearing safe, this pistol can be used defensively in a moment’s notice without damaging your hearing.

SilencerCo produced this short documentary on the development of the Maxim 9. If you’re interested in the new integrally suppressed pistol, the video is worth your time.

SilencerCo’s Maxim 9 will retail for $1,499, and should be available for purchase in April of 2017. As this is an NFA item, you will need to fill out a Form 4 and pay for the $200 tax stamp in order to own this unique firearm. If you live in the North Texas area, Defender Outdoors Shooting Center can help you with your paperwork and setting up a trust for purchasing NFA items. You can also contact your local gun store, gun range, or U.S. Law Shield attorneys for more assistance.

What do you think of the Maxim 9? Are you thinking about getting one for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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    • You have to go to your local FFL Dealer and ask. Some dealers don’t mess around with NFA items, so you’ll need to find one that does and see if you can put in an order with them. SilencerCo’s MSRP is $1499, so you can expect it to be right around there, usually a little under. (Of course you’ll still have to pay the extra $200 to the ATF for your tax stamp.)

  1. I think it’s the greatest gun development in years.Now if you can get President Trump to make suppressors legal to people with concealed weapon license that have already been back ground checked So we don’t have to pay that Federal tax which is illegal in the first place because it’s an infringement on our right to own and carry a firearm.I live in Delhi Township in Michigan and for years we had a Sheriff who would not sign off so no one could get a suppressor.he has retired now but his son has the job now.I haven’t checked with him to see if he does.

  2. I like the concept. The pistol is larger than I would like, but maybe that is unavoidable. The video is spot on when it says this product needs to be 100% reliable upon release to the public. Nobody wants to see another Remington 9mm fiasco. I wish the company well with this project. If the gun is accurate, relaible, and ergonomically friendly, I may buy one.

  3. I think it might be illegal in my state (Rhode Island). I would buy one in a “New York Minute” if it wasn’t. Bang! Bang! to Pht! Pht! would make the shooting experience much more pleasant.

  4. Though some nuckleheads will be camping out of their local gun shop so they can say they were the first kid on the block to get one, I think I’ll wait until the hysteria is over and the price reflects reality.

  5. Pricey. Although I’ve got a lot of range time with muffs I haven’t shot any “bad guys” in the last forty years. My hearing’s gone to hell however–I blame my ex-wife’s voice!

  6. They are right, probably going to be the wave of the future, that is if that waskly rabbit (ATF) doesn’t hammer down. Also I like to wait for 2nd or 3rd gen usually to work the kinks out or better improvement.

  7. Already have one on order with my dealer. $1440 OTD. dB values are not the greatest compared to a typical can, but the integration factor and size is what sold me for HD use.

  8. At 1500 bucks retail, don’t forget tax, plus all the paperwork, hassle and extended wait time to take possession all to pay an additional 200 dollars for a tax stamp, I just don’t see it. It seems more a novelty item to me for the person that has 2000 grand to blow on a toy, not an item for the everyday person looking for a protection firearm. The market seems to be geared towards and driven by moderately to lower priced pistols that are fairly easy to carry concealed. Just my thought.

  9. Spend 25.00 for earmuffs for the range and put the rest into ammo. IF you have to discharge your weapon in self defense do you really care what kind of noise there is?

  10. I just received my first silencer, an Omega 9K, from SilencerCo. It took 10 MONTHS to get my stamp. I like the Maxim design but life is just too short to wait on NFA items. The only thing worse than shelling out $600 for a can and having to wait almost a year would be spending $1.6K and having to do it all over again.