SHOT Show 2017: More New Products!

Over the five or so days of SHOT you seen tends of thousands of people, thousands of products, and hundreds of different manufacturers. It’s definitely a lot to take in, but we try to find time to snap a few pictures, ask a few questions, and try to get the information passed a long to our readers back home. We’ve talked about new rifles, handguns, shotguns, ammo, optics, gear, and other miscellaneous products so far; so if you haven’t checked those out, you should go back and read them. Here are some other new things we found that you might like.

Remington RP and new R51

Remington’s new handgun is a polymer-framed, striker-fired carry gun that boasts an impressive capacity of 18+1 in 9mm and 15+1 in .45 ACP. The RP’s polymer frame features an optimized grip angle and undercut trigger guard that allows your hand a higher grip, reducing felt recoil and muzzle flip. The single-action trigger is similar to a Glock trigger, but is still smooth with an tensile reset. The pistol features ambidextrous controls with a reversible mag release and ambi slide lock. The’re a short accessory rail perfect for mounting a light or laser. The slide features a loaded chamber indicator and drift-adjustable three dot sights. The rear sight has a flat front that assists in one-handed operation, so you can hook the rear of the slide on a pocket or belt in order to rack it. Overall, it kinda looks and feels like an M&P.
Remington has also re-re-released the R51. The R51 (itself a modern version of the 1920’s Remington Model 51) was the belle of the ball a few years ago at SHOT, but was plagued with constant delays and production-model failures. Owners of the R51 widely reported malfunctions, bad machining, and multiple injuries during operation. Because of these bad reviews and injuries, Remington made a sweeping recall in 2014. Then, after 2 and half years of delays, Remington has finally re-released the new R51, and so far, it seems they have fixed the issues. The R51 we saw looked good, inspired by the pocket .380’s of old with smooth lines and intuitive pointing. The R51 is chambered in 9mm and has a 7+1 capacity.

Bushmaster BA50…Because .50 Cals are always cool

The Bushmaster BA50 is by no means a new gun. Bushmaster’s 50 caliber bolt rifle has been around since 2012 or so, but the cool factor hasn’t diminished at all. The BA50 features a free-floated 30″ barrel with a 1:15 twist, Magpul PRS buttstock, Limbsaver recoil pad, and steel bipod. The barrel terminates with a sizable AAC Cyclops muzzle brake that also serves as a suppressor mount for AAC’s Cyclops .50 Cal Silencer. The rifle ships with a Pelican Storm deployment hard case, two 10-round magazines, and ear and eye protection.

Marlin’s New Lever Guns Are Gorgeous

Marlin Rifles released a few new lever action rifles that are pure works of art. Unfortunately we couldn’t do them justice with the weird lighting of the exhibition hall, but these new 1886 lever guns are something to behold. Check them out:

The CZ P-10 C

We briefly mentioned the new CZ P-10 C in our New Handguns master-post, but we had a chance to handle it during the exhibition. CZ’s new striker-fired pistol is about the size of a Glock 19, but feels better in the hand than the Glock and has a much better trigger out of the box. CZ has perfected the handgun grip angle, and the pistol just feels right when you grip it in a firing stance. Chambered in the ubiquitous 9mm, the CZ P-10 C carries 15+1 or 17+1 rounds depending the magazine size. Designed to minimize creep and stacking, the P-10’s trigger breaks at a clean 4-4.5 lbs and rebounds with a short, positive reset. The grip angle, bore axis, and clean trigger make for managed recoil and quick follow up shots. This one is sure to be popular with competition shooter and conceal weapon carriers. MSRP is set at an unbelievable $499.

CZ P-10 C

CZ P-10 C

Nordic Component’s 9mm AR Carbine

Pistol caliber carbines have been growing in popularity the past couple years. With 3-Gun starting the Pistol Caliber Carbine division last year, interest has swelled for rifles that take the same ammo as your sidearm. The Nordic Components Pistol Caliber Carbine (NCPCC, for short) is positioned to meet the needs of the modern shooters. Designed with a modular lower receiver, you can switch out the magwell to change from a 9mm Glock mag to an M&P magazine. Nordic plans on releasing more calibers and magazine styles in the future. The NCPCC is machined out of 7075 Billet aluminum with a black finish, stainless steel bolt, and Mission First Tactical BMS stock. The barrel features a 1:10 twist and is 1/2-28 threaded at the muzzle. Nordic Components currently has three options: a 16″ carbine, an 8.5″ pistol with a KAK pistol brace, or an 8.5″ SBR (all NFA rules apply.) You can choose whether you want the rifle to come with the Glock or the M&P style magwell, and additional magwells are $149. MSRP for the NCPCCC is $1,599 for each of the three models.

Barrett Doesn’t Just Do Long Range…They Do Shotguns, Too

During Range Day, we were slightly confused while waiting to shoot suppressed .50 cals at the Barrett booth. There was a second table with the name “Barrett Sovereign” and had a collection of gorgeous shotguns. On the level of some of the finer Italian shotguns on the market, these Barrett Sovereign shotguns are something to behold. Barrett Sovereign currently offers four models: The over/under Albany starting at $5,700, the side-by-side Beltrami starting at $6,150, the over/under B-XPro starting at $3,075, and the over/under Rutherford starting at $2,200.

That’s it for now! What gun can you not wait to get your hands on? What do you want to learn more about? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Sorry Guys, but the R51 is a P.O.S. period! Liked the new .380 they came out with but refuse to carry anything less than a 9 MM. The overall size is OK but the trigger stinks as well as the action. Should have known better than to buy anything George Soros has his hand in. Sold it immediately…….

  2. I am considering purchasing a Bersa Thunder 9mm sub-compact two tone pistol. it has the features I like on a semi-auto pistol. at the present time I carry a SCCY p-x1. I really like cp-x1 and the 9mm features and light weight even fully loaded. I’m 81 years old and cannot recall hearing good things about BERSA FIREARMS. any info you could give me about your thoughts about BERSA would be appricated.. thank you.,R.W.

    • Love my Bersa Thunder
      380. I want to look at the Bersa Thunder Pro XT or is it XP competition shooting guns supposed to be excellent. like to see if it could be used for concealed carry