Shooting Video Round-Up: Prototype Rifles, John Wick, Musical Targets and More!

We’re back with another installment of our Shooting Video Round-Up. In this series we gather together some of best videos from all around the internet to entertain our gun-loving friends. We’ve got some surprising videos (like how Buzzfeed endorsed guns), some cool new product demos, and more. So, sit back, turn your speakers or headphones on, and enjoy the shows!

Pat Kelley Shows of a Prototype Savage .308 Winchester 3-Gun Rifle

Our friend Patrick Kelley has been helping Savage Arms develop a new Savage MSR in .308 that is optimized for 3-Gun. Patrick sent us this video where he tries out his new Heavy Division competition rifle. Though the rifle is still in the prototype phase, once Patrick and Savage have perfected the rifle and optimized it for 3-Gun competitions, it’ll be on the market. Take a gander:

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BuzzFeed Trains to Be John Wick, Shows How Cool Guns Are

Nope, you read that right. BuzzFeed, the liberal listicle spam generator, made 3-Gun Shooting and Taran Tactical Innovations look as cool as they are. Even better, they did it on purpose! Check out this video where two BuzzFeed writers train with Taran Butler to run the 3-Gun course Keanu Reeves trained on in preparation for John Wick 2.

String Quartet and Unique Percussion Musician Play Radetzky March

Who said classical music is for stuffy shirts and quiet opera goers? The Noir String Quartet joined with Russian Federation of Practical Shooting president Vitaly Kryuchin for a very unique rendition of Johannes Strauss’ Radetzky March. The video shows Kryuchin’s amazing skills on the GLOCK-enspiel. (See what I did there?) Tune in for this fun and rousing performance:

Hope for California Shooters Comes by Way of Stripper

Clips, that is. Stripper Clips are usually used to quickly load magazines and keep loose ammunition together. Though you don’t see them as often anymore, usually with military surplus rounds, you can still pick up stripper clips from some sources. One enterprising company has found a way to use stripper clip technology to get passed one of California’s most irksome gun laws. California law prevents AR-style rifles from having a detachable magazine. This law led to the rise of “Bullet Button” rifles, but recent changes have made “bullet buttons” illegal, too. Enter Mean Arms and their new MA Loader:

Firearm Shooting Instructor Has Negligent Discharge

Sometimes it can be really tough to find quality firearm training from certified instructors. And sometimes, you get boneheads like the one below who forget the basic rules of gun safety and have an accidental—read, “negligent”—discharge. He tries to play it off cool, but his lack of care when handling a loaded .44 Magnum revolver shows that he’s the one who needs to go back through training. Watch now:

Fun stuff, right? I hope you enjoyed this video round-up. What video did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Firearm Shooting Instructor Has Negligent Discharge

    Why is the world was this idiot demonstrating gun handling technique with a loaded gun that he then cocked. This guy needs to have his instructor certifications revoked (assuming he has any), and the range needs to forbid him to enter their building at all.

    • As an instructor and range officer I agree wholeheartedly. this guy is a hazard to him self and others. Then after the negligent discharge rather than man up about it and use it as a lesson point he blows it off trying to look like Joe Cool.

  2. String Quartet and Unique Percussion Musician Play Radetzky March

    Okay, THAT made me grin like a fool. That was just pure fun!

  3. I wonder what kind of ammo that guy was shooting in the music video? One handed shooting, even weak handed, from the hip, and almost zero perceptible recoil.