Trigger Time TV: Shooting Drills to Protect Others with Tatiana Whitlock

When we go to the range, we probably have our set routine of drills. Tactical reloads, malfunction cleaning, multiple targets. Sometimes, in a more advanced lesson or some place with more movement, you might drills like fighting to cover, drawing from holster, or creating distance from the target. But, have you tried any drills that prepare you for when you’re not alone? What if you were with your unarmed family, how would your stance and draw be affected? What if the person you were with was hysterical, would you be able to control them long enough to safely address the threat? Tatiana Whitlock from Trigger Time TV takes us through a few shooting drills to protect others:

So, next time you’re shooting with you battle buddy, coworkers, or spouse, give these drills a try. You never know who you’ll be with or how they will act when a threat presents itself. It is best to train and be prepared for all manner of situations so you’ll never be caught off guard and not knowing how to respond. If you’d like to learn more about firearm training, check out the Defender Training Academy.

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Do you think you’ll give these drills a try? Would you like to learn more shooting drills to protect others? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I’m teaching my 19 yr old granddaughter – who’s majoring in criminology – how to handle (and conceal) a gun. We also discuss the laws in TX of the defense of self and others. She’s particularly interested in articles and practical training from a women’s perspective. This video is right on the money! Keep ’em coming!

  2. Great drills, instructor made it easy to see how to keep all safe in a difficult situation. Will definitely practice these drills, would love to see more. Thanks Tatiana.

  3. I have some disagreements, I commend the idea of getting in front of your companion to protect them, but don’t draw the bad guys fire in their direction. If possible move away from your companion while taking out the bad guy. Also, don’t be in a hurry to reholster, the varmint may have more fight in him or has friends. Keep him covered while awaiting LEO. But yes, do have a plan.