Savage Arms “Stealth” 6.5 Creedmoor.

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The newly released Savage Arms BA10 “Stealth” is anything but stealthy!  This rifle shows up “in your face” ready to put bullets in little groups up close, or where the real test is … way out there!  Lets start at about “half way” to way out there.  This AICS compatible box magazine-fed turn-bolt is accurate!  While many may claim half-minute accuracy, this stick actually is that precise, and it can do it right out of the box!

BA 450 Groups 2bNow I would love to take credit for those groups, but knowing my longer range skill set was less than what I expected the rifle could shoot, I enlisted the help of my shooting buddy Bill. As an F-Class competitor, he knows his way around long range shooting. It took a few shots to get him settled in behind this rather lightweight (9.2 pounds) long range bullet placement tool, but settle in he did.  Yes, I included ALL 5 groups!  We got to take the good with the bad, but I would ask you to really look at those groups…this rifle wants to shoot 1/2 MOA or better!  Thanks Bill!

Bills set up sThis was Bill’s set up.  I wonder if Defender Outdoors has front and rear bags…I NEED SOME! [Editor’s Note: We sure do, Pat. You’ll find some great shooting rests here!]

CROWN 1sThe muzzle is threaded 5/8″ x 24tpi and finished with an 11* Target Crown and thread protector: a handy addition to accommodate a suppressor or muzzle brake.  CLOSE UP 3sWith the Savage carrying a MSRP of $1207 I thought it would be a good idea to marry this rifle up with a comparable scope. I chose one that, like the Stealth itself, has value well beyond its modest price: the Burris XTRII 5×25.  I tell people, “Don’t buy cheap scopes!” Buy good glass and then put them in the best mounts. You will break a scope someday, but a good mount will last though several scopes! The scope base is part of the Savage BA10 package and is made by the good guys at EGW, and the scope rings I supplied are 34mm units from Xtreme Hardcore Gear. On right stays tight…use a proper inch pound torque wrench!

AICS mags sThis bolt gun’s “chassis system” is made by MTD and is a solid, well made unit.  I popped the barreled action out of the stock before the first rounds went downrange and looked it over. It is very nice and beautifully machined.  I mentioned using a inch pound torque wrench for scope mounting, well it is a good practice to use one when installing the barreled action back into the chassis, I did @ 60 inch pounds. Above are the 3 magazines I tested for this article…all worked perfectly.  The tall one on the left came with the gun as is an MDT 10-rounder. The other two are 5-round mags from MagPul, and are AICS compatible.

BA 10 Groups 300I could not just watch my friend Bill shoot so after he completed his session with the Hornady factory ammunition @ 450 yards I tried my hand @ 300 yards with some Federal American Eagle 140 grain OTM (Open Top Match).  Even with me behind the incredibly nice 22 ounce Savage AccuTrigger, sub-minute of angle groups were the norm.  Norm…that is not normal! Sub-MOA groups from a factory fresh rifle without any tuning or tweaking or even barrel break-in with off the shelf factory ammo! I think I am going to like this long range game! Thanks Savage!BOLT TRIGGERsSavage has really put their AccuTrigger front and center as a high quality unit and this one did not disappoint! It broke clean and crisp at a factory-set 22 ounces! In keeping with the “practical/tactical” nature of this bolt gun you’ll find an appropriately over sized bolt handle, a comfortable Hogue pistol grip from which to trip that excellent trigger and quick access to the magazine release latch.  The excellent egos on this rifle were certainly not an accident.

COVER 3 w logo 1sSo as to not leave anything out, Savage literature states:  Factory Blue Printed Savage Action, Monolithic Aluminum Chassis Machined from Solid Billet, M-LOK forend, One-Piece EGW Scope Rail, Fab Defense GLR-SHOCK Six-Position Buttstock with Adjustable Cheek Piece, 5/8×24 Threaded Muzzle with Protector.

We covered most of this, but let me point out a nit-pick or two…you knew I would have at least one.  The EGW scope rail appears to be a “flat” rail, not a 20 or 30 MOA rail that is common in long range circles.  If you have enough elevation adjustment within your optic of choice you might be ok, but give me a 20 MOA base any day.  Then there’s the buttstock…I don’t like it.  It is ok for an AR but this one lacks two elements that I want (need): first, the cheek rest sits too far back to get a proper eye relief, and second, for use with a rear bag the bottom of the buttstock ought to be flat.  Small nits to pick, but both are easily remedied.

The BA10 Stealth has proven itself to be accurate and reliable with a trigger that has me wishing every rifle I own were so equipped! It does this “right out of the box” and it does it within the wallet of  a “working man.”  Ultimately, Savage Arms has assembled an excellent long range tool that in capable hands shouldn’t have any problem running right along side guns with price tags several times the Stealth’s street price.  Stealthy?…not a chance. This one screams “I am a winner!”

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  1. I’m not a fan of the buttstock either. Why they didn’t go with the Magpul PRS and PSG1 style grip is beyond me. When I get one of these in .308, I will be replacing them. I’m also interested in the “Factory Blueprinted action”. Is this what they do to the target actions?

    • You will have to go with a carbine length stock as a rifle length stock like the prs will be far to lone since the extension on the chassis is longer than that of other chassis. You would not be able to mount your optic far enough back to get proper eye relief with a rifle length stock. My vote for stock would be the luth AR MBA-3

    • Savage only blueprints the BA Stealth models due to the chassis that is used. The bolt face, the action face, the lugs and the barrel nut are squared to center line. The stamped steel recoil lug is not faced or flat squared and typically run out .004 to .010 and is .240 in thickness. The recoil lug should be replaced with a high quality forged SS or CM recoil lug that will be stronger, not flex and has been faced on both sides and squared.

  2. MEhhh…. its just a savage in a crappy chassis… it adds nothing new…
    the biggest innovation and selling point with the RPR is a 1 of a kind chassis that can use 3 totally different mags and it dont have the inherent “savage issues”

  3. I have a more conventional rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor- a Savage Target action- tuned& tried by Fred, at Sharpshooter Supply. It’s fitted with a Bartlein barrel, Fred’s Evolution trigger- fitted into an aluminum bedding block in a walnut Masterclass stock. LOVE it!

  4. Savage has a winner on it’s hands here but I must agree that the stock Buttstock and Grip leave me perplexed as well. The PRS is far superior. And a more vertical grip, sticking with Magpul, like the K or K2 would seem to be much better choices for this chassis rifle. Still, with all that said, I am impressed with that accuracy from a rifle right out of the box. The 22oz trigger, as a factory delivered setting is also impressive. One of these may just find itself in my collection sooner rather than later. Nice job on the review.

    • Patrick E. Kelley

      Thank you Ryan! Like many companies, they look to a price point to enter this market. I would guess the PRS would have upped the price outside of that point. And both of us know that some people would not care for the PRS either. I have since installed a Royal Arms stock.

  5. Good write-up. Stealth is an excellent production rifle!

    Added a Luth-AR MBA-1 fixed stock. Had Savage swap out for 24″ barrel. 50 rounds with David Tubb Fit to Finish. Shooting Berger 130 OTM with H4350 2.18 CBTO:
    – 40gr .544 MOA 5 shot
    – 41gr .583 MOA 5 shot
    – 41.5 .86 MOA 5 shot

    Just shy of a 1/2 MOA rifle, without full tuning of load. Really like the rifle, have a Ruger for my wife. Both nice rifles but for me, the Savage is nicer (full disclosure her RPR shot .467 5 shot group – Berger 130 OTM 41.6 gr 2.18 CBTO).

  6. Best part is that value. Found a steal on one in my area mixed with holiday prices for 865$! Taking it deer hunting this monday, then after start turning it into a civilian long range rifle. A few aftermarket upgrades and I think I’ll be quite happy with what I got for what I paid..Great review

  7. Well I just ordered one out the door price $1008.00 so I’m happy its about 3# lighter than the Ruger, I don’t care if it doesn’t shoot 3 different magazines, I went with the 308 because I have 3 of them and set up to reload 308 so no added expense there, I only shoot to around 6-800 yds anyway, The one I handled in the store was really nice I couldn’t find fault with anything on it, I have 3 other savage rifles after being a Remington snob for many years, They shoot period and Ive never had any of the internet myths happen to me or anyone Ive talked to, Its just people trying to explain why they spent 3 times what I did and excuses why they just cant shoot as well, So get over it everyone else is trying to keep up with Savage innovation and out of the box performance, And yes I think your 3-4000.00 dollar rifle is nice but I have 3-4 of them for the same price , Happy Shooting

    • Jon H,
      Well said. I read all the negativity at various locations on the web about out of the box Savage rifles. I have four Savage rifles. My “weak ” one shoots .75 MOA but in all honesty I have not done my part on working up a good load for that one. One 308 is a legit sub .5 MOA rifle every day. The Stealth is Savage number 5 for me but I have not shot it yet as I just bought it. I expect it will perform just fine and it is my first venture into the 6.5 realm. I am looking at ordering a rifle that will end up running $4200 by the end of the build but there is a very specific reason I am doing it and accuracy is not the main one. It is more a business development tool. I do top the Savages with what I consider a good match of a scope- Bushnell DMR G2 or the HDMR which does increase cost significantly. Anyway- its all in what a guy likes/wants and Savage fits the bill for many of us.

  8. I just bought mine in 6.5, Question: What muzzle break do you recommend and can I install it my self? Is it as simple as simply screwing it on?

    • I really like this one on my Steath: PRECISION ARMAMENT – AR .308 M11 MUZZLE BRAKE . But you will need the Accuwashers to time it properly..

  9. Muzzle Break – Lil Bastard is highly rated. Timing is easy just make sure you get a square fit. I turn the thread backward and it “drops” into first thread then just go easy as you screw in.

  10. Now have 6.5, 300WM & 338 Lapua – sold other bolt guns for common chassis. Have Luth MBA-1 on 6.5, use the GL-Shock from 338 on the 300WM and a MBA-3 on 338. Between the muzzle break and the GL-shok the 338 and 300 WM recoil is greatly mitigated. The MBA-3 has better adjustment, however you lose the GL-shok recoil mitigation.

    All 3 have shot <.5 moa with 300WM getting < .5 moa at 600 yds. These guns shoot. Feed on 300WM and 338 smooth as silk, better than 6.5. I am suspecting the magazines, used factory and Magpul. Will ger Accurate Mag as funds allow for the comparison – expect Accurate Mag to fix the issue.

  11. I bought the 6.5 Creedmoor yesterday. Today I went down to my range and shot Hornady Precision Hunter 143gr factory ammo. Dialed on the 3rd shot, followed by 3 5 shot groups under .5MOA at 100 yards with 15-20 mph winds. Wind was an issue, very pleased with the purchase.

  12. Seldom post on the Web but as newly Savage – infected owner I can’t help myself. I agree with all the positive comments. I own a stable full of Remington 700’s and I still love them. However, when sighting this rifle, I highly recommend 200 or 300 yards. I’ve shot 120-147gr. ELD match ammo and all work well at these distances. Lighter rounds did much better at 200 than 100 yds.

    At 565 yards, I found the 147gr. to shine! My son and I took turns shooting clay pigeons, 1 shot kill time after time. The rifle has 32 rounds through it. Can’t wait to develop handloads for this beasty.

    Here’s my configuration:
    Trigger pull 24oz.
    Vortex Viper 6.5-20×50 MOA reticle
    Vortex 20 MOA Base
    Vortex tactical high rings
    Precision Arms M11 muzzle brake
    Magpul PRS stock
    Accu-shot BT05-QK monopod
    GG&G XDS-2 Tactical bipod

    To follow up, I have a Remington 700 .300 WM for sale… going to add another Stealth in .338

    Be safe, shoot well, and have your buddy’s back.

  13. I just bought the savage 6.5 creedmore 10. Ba stealth , when i try to using for the first time the round did not leave , I try most time and the round never leave .But when active de trigger without round I understand the sound of hammer

    Somebody know where is a problem

    I coming from Quebec state in Canada

  14. Jim, it will depend on your use. An F Class bipod is useless in the field hunting, while most hunting bipods give up a lot in an F Class match. All around bipods, I would consider the Atlas.

  15. I chuckle whenever someone slams the Savage rifles. I guess they really have never shot one, as they all shoot just great, right out of the box and even better with a little TLC. But they are welcome to their opinion and can purchase other brands, if they believe they come better.

  16. Just got the BA Stealth in 6.5 Creedmore. Welcome advice/opinion pertaining to bipod, scope (thinking variable up to 24-25X at least), rings (height?), extra magazines, etc. This is my first foray into long range shooting, but have been around 600 yd. BR matches at ‘the club’ I am in. Have observed the former and current record holders at that event. Don’t want to spend that much $$$$ or time at my age.

  17. Just picked up the Stealth 6.5 yesterday. Mounted a Leupold 8.5 – 25 MK 4.
    .5 moa out of the box. Today I replaced the butt stock with a XLR and added a SEI vortex to the muzzle. Shooting 140 gr Hornady OTM it is running just about the .5. Way more comfortable to shoot using the XLR with my chubby face.
    I too have 700s , Winchesters, FN SPR and a few other Savages.
    This one so far is becoming my favorite with only 40 rnds through it. Can’t imagine what it will be like when the barrel is broken in.

    Semper Fi