Review: The CRKT Amicus Folding Outdoor Knife

I will start off by saying that the CRKT Amicus is the best deal in the entire CRKT lineup and probably one of the best heavy-duty folding knives under $60 anywhere. This is a brute of a knife. And it is comfortable, and the blade exceptionally well designed.

About CRKT

Rod Bremer in Oregon founded CRKT – Columbia River Knife and Tool – in 1994. By working in unison with the top knife designers around the world, CRKT delivers a broad line of innovative custom knife designs with affordable production knives and tools. The result is that the hottest custom designs are available to the consumer for daily use at affordable prices.

Fit, Finish, Feel, Features, & Functions

Jesper Voxnaes from Loegstrup, Denmark, designed the Amicus to excel in the outdoors and then beat on the design in the toughest conditions he could find. The Amicus is not light, in fact, it’s pretty darn heavy at 6.7oz, but that substantial heft is backed up with a lot of stainless steel making the knife strong.

You will appreciate the heft when you are using the integrated pummel to hammer the battery terminal back on your truck, crush a few walnuts you found walking in the park, or tapping out a pin on your AR-15. From my perspective, the Amicus is a work knife, so who cares if it is twice as heavy as any of your other knives.

CRKT Amicus Folding Knife - Backstrap

Strength is not an issue with stainless steel handles and integral liner lock.

The one-handed thumb hole is large enough to use with gloves, is completely ambidextrous, and the knife can support tip-up or tip-down carry. A miss for lefties is it only features right-handed pocket clip mounting. The CRKT Amicus is available in either plain or partially serrated edge options. Based on the edge holding ability of the rather incredible 8Cr18Mov steel blade, I do not see any real need for a combo edge on this very aggressive cutting steel.

The big fat flat ground blade delivers enough size to assure you can spread your peanut butter for lunch easily and still affords a crazy sharp edge. I really liked this steel and the edge geometry. Honestly, I have not seen a better cutting knife under $100. Maybe CRKT should use this steel on many more knives. Defensively, one of the things I really like is that this is a 3.4-inch blade which is just under the majority of most city and state concealed carry blade sizes. No sense carrying a 2-inch blade when you can carry 3.4-inches.

CRKT Amicus Folding Knife - Open

The flat ground edge is incredibly sharp and delivers a long-lasting edge.

The super-sized handle easily accommodates use with thinner work gloves and in any position. A few minor complaints are that the knife is handle-heavy balanced which is not my preference, but it all still works and delivers an extremely rugged knife. The other nitpick is that the edge grind was well defined and ground, but not quite up to the usual symmetry I have seen on other CRKT knives. For a $40 street priced knife, the CRKT Amicus is an awesome knife that can handle any field, survival, work on-site, or just household chores.

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