Precision Machined, Performance Tuned – UTG Accu-Sync Scope Rings

Leapers UTG recently announced the debut of its ACCU-SYNC™ series of MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny scope rings. Constructed of 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum are uniformly finished in a non-reflective anodized matte black. This series of scope rings are sure to become a new favorite amongst UTG fans. The ACCU-SYNC scope rings are available in 1-inch, 30mm, and 34mm scope tube compatibilities. Each features different optimized offset distances suited towards many of the different modern sporting rifles available. Twelve different models round out the series, sharing the same key features that set the ACCU-SYNC scope rings above and beyond the rest. When choosing these scope rings for your modern sporting rifle, you will enjoy distinctive lightening cuts made throughout its base. You may be surprised when first picking up the ACCU-SYNC scope rings at how lightweight they are. Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, the lightening cuts were deliberately designed, engineered, and executed to dramatically reduce overall weight without compromising structural integrity or performance.

UTG ACCU-SYNC 1-inch Medium Profile 34mm Offset Picatinny Scope Rings

UTG ACCU-SYNC 1-inch Medium Profile 34mm Offset Picatinny Rings

To ensure a continuously reliable and repeatable zero hold, the upper and lower ring portions and the inner diameter they share, adhere to strict tolerance control measures and manufacturing procedures during every step of the progressive CNC machining process of each individual ACCU-SYNC scope ring. A full-length locking plate, secured by quality Torx screws and a bottom base equipped with integral square-shaped recoil stops, securely clenches onto MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rails eliminating the majority of any forward and rearward movement that occurs during recoil. Along with functional lightening cuts, all edges and corners have been chamfered to prevent snagging, scratching, and or tearing of other gear and provide effortless access to the scope windage and elevation turrets when making critical adjustments. Make your next fine-tuned choice for top-level performance with ACCU-SYNC scope rings. Accuracy synchronized.


  • Precision CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and finished in a matte black anodized
  • Significant lightening cuts to massively reduce weight without compromising durability
  • Radiused edges and corners to prevent snagging, scratching, or tearing of other gear and for effortless access to scope windage and elevation turrets
  • Single mount utilizes locking Torx screws and square-shaped integral recoil stops for a secure zero hold
  • Includes a t20 Torx wrench for simple and user-friendly installation

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  1. 3 questions:
    1. what is the tolorence you talk about IE. front to back, innner dia. less than .005, .003, .001 or .0005 ???
    2. since you didn’t say they were hard anodized (typ III) I assume they are typ II anodized which in far inferior.
    3. what kind of price are we looking at?