Petition to Repeal the NFA

Would a gun-friendly President address the wishes of American gun owners and push to repeal the NFA (National Firearms Act)? That’s what some are asking with a recent ‘We The People’ White House petition.

The National Firearms Act was originally enacted in 1934 to combat the increase in gangland violence during the Prohibition era. The law regulated many types of firearms, such as automatic weapons, short-barreled rifles, short barreled shotguns, and destructive devices (cannons, flamethrowers, grenades, and other explosives). The NFA also regulated suppressors (often called silencers) and the vague category of “any other weapon” which includes all sorts of concealable single-shot weapons (pen guns or briefcase guns), AR-style pistols with a vertical foregrip, combination (rifle and shotgun) long guns that are less that 18″ in length, and other types of firearms.

The NFA sets the rules for selling, obtaining, and owning regulated items. All regulated items must be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). In order for a private individual to purchase an NFA item, they must complete ATF Form 4 to obtain permission to purchase and own the item. Form 4 requires a complete background check, finger printing, and current photograph of the purchaser. The Form also needs to be filed with the chief law enforcement officer as a double check. Finally, the purchaser must pay an excise tax for the item; the tax is $200 for most items except those falling under the “Any Other Weapon” category, where the tax stamp only costs $5. Once the purchaser has taken possession of the NFA item, they must be able to provide proof of registration, and must also file for written permission from the ATF to move the NFA item across state lines permanently.

Because of these many restrictions and additional cost, many gun owners would be glad to see the repeal of the NFA.

We The People was started in 2011 under the former administration as an avenue for Americans to petition the executive branch. Under the website’s rules, a petition must gather 150 signatures within its first 30 days to be searchable on the site, and if it reaches 100,000 signatures within 30 days, the White House will give an official response. Over the course of the Obama Administration, hundreds of petitions reached the threshold and received a response from the Obama Administration.

It is unclear, however, if the newly-inaugurated President Trump’s White House will actively use the website. As it was just a public relations tool for the Obama Administration, there is no law mandating that White House respond to petitions that have met the threshold since the new administration has taken office. But for now, we can all sign the petition and hope President Trump’s administration gives us a response, preferably a response with some real action!

If you’d like to sign the petition, you can do so here:

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  1. I think some items need removed from the wording. Others need to maintain a place. People are to creative in manufacturing so there will always be change. Suppressors are suppressors are suppressors. They should be allowed. Background and purchase..

  2. why close? down size limit your products, give the company to me, just don’t close down after 40 years. sit down with trump and come up with a plan

  3. I support the repeal of the National Firearms Act of 1934. I also support the marginalization of the BATF&E. I have yet to hear of ANY actions the BATF&E have taken to control Alcohol, or Tobacco, ever! All I have heard, for the past 50 or so years that I have been paying attention, is that the BATF&E does “Records Inspections” of lawful gun dealers at the most inopportune times (2 AM, for instance!). I know they arrest, charge and, in some cases, jail, dealers for minor, typographical errors, which should not even be taken before a Federal Court. They make arbitrary decisions that affect the shooting community with impunity, and seem to have lost sight of their original mission, to observe the interstate commerce of firearms. This Agency has lived far beyond it’s usefulness, and needs to be disbanded. The Law Enforcement powers of this agency can very easily be moved over to the FBI, or even local state and city law enforcement. Just my 2 cents worth…

    • eehhhh…we need to get rid of ccw’s altogether….the only permit needed is our Constitution, which already confirms our right to carry legally in ALL states…

  4. I support the NFA. I mean can you imagine a world where law abiding citizens could possess these? Better that only terrorists, drug cartels, demented criminals, and clandestine governmental agencies possess them. Ban ALL weapons so we can be safe from violence like in Mexico and Chicago where firearms are severely restricted under the law. And we all know how safe individuals are when only law enforcement people are armed and actively protecting all of us around the clock.

  5. I think repealing the NFA would be awesome and will most certainly sign the petition, yet I find it difficult to believe a repeal of the law will happen anytime soon, even with a friendly commander in chief in the White House. Why? simply, “money”. Once our government creates a revenue stream it’s practically impossible for them to give it up. I do believe the current efforts to legalize suppressors has a much better shot at success (no pun intended) I don’t however believe even a Republican controlled administration & legislature would want to forgo all those $200 tax stamps. Yet stranger things have happened (fingers crossed).

    • Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution (lack of authority of congress to make such laws) + the 2nd Amendment (prohibits congress from acting)+ the Supremacy Clause of the 14th Amendment = no Federal or State gun laws! Simple math and logic!

  6. Randal l. Satterfield

    I believe open carry by law abiding citizens is a deterrent to anarchy, as we have witnessed law enforcement officers being killed at an alarming occurrence, and such as we have been witnessing from the liberals claiming non violent demonstration which almost always recently turns violent. I also agree that suppressors are a tactical advantage to law abiding citizens protecting themselves from attackers, as we observed in the last 8 years when Caucasians were attacked and killed there weren’t even a mention from the liberal agenda news networks, what happened to all lives matter.

  7. Better get this link posted on all the firearms forums that you can. Still needs about 86,000 more signatures. Also, it would help to email family & friends and have them pass it around.

  8. Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution + the 2nd Amendment + the Supremacy Clause of the 14th Amendment = no Federal or State gun laws! Simple math and logic!

  9. It was found unconstitutional for the Boston Globe to charger a $.02 tax on it’s paper. The court ruled that you cannot tax a ‘Right'(1st Amendment free press). The NFA is a tax! It’s a tax on our right to keep arms, which is a ‘Right'(2nd Amendment)! Let’s use the same ruling that was used on the Boston Globe!