Patrick Kelley Tests Out the .224 Valkyrie

Patrick Kelley is definitely in the Christmas spirit. It seems his friends at Savage and Federal gave him an early Christmas present: a prototype MSR15 chambered in .224 Valkyrie and some boxes of the new ammo to shoot through it. Bearing the cold wind and snow flurries of the Pacific Northwest in December, Patrick sets up some targets down range and shows us how this new rifle and ammo combination work for long distance precision shooting.

Watch Patrick’s video here:

About the .224 Valkyrie

The .224 Valkyrie from Federal Premium Ammunition is the latest in the recent trend for high-performance ammunition. Today’s shooters aren’t impressed with the accepted ballistics for popular rifle rounds like the .308 Winchester and the .223 Remington/5.56x45mm NATO. Instead, shooters want a round that stays supersonic longer, reaches further, and punches back with less recoil. That’s why Federal developed the .224 Valkyrie, the world first supersonic 1,300 yard cartridge for the MSR-15.
224 Valkyrie Comparison with similar cartridges

Like the ever popular 6.5 Creedmoor, the .224 Valkyrie is optimized for modern ballistics and pushing the limits of precision and distance. The .224 Valkyrie’s strength lies in its higher muzzle velocity. Rocketing out of a 22″ barrel at nearly 2700 feet per second, the small 90 grain Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing bullet stays supersonic for 1,300 yards. That means your bullet won’t even begin to destabilize until after 3/4ths of a mile. The super-flat trajectory means your margin of error is substantially decreased: Federal claims up to 127 inches less drop than comparable cartridges. The high Ballistic Coefficient and slim profile also allows for dramatically reduced wind drift.

What does that mean for you? Well, fewer calculations for reaching out to 1,000 yards or beyond, that’s for sure. Also, your shots remain effective for longer, meaning you can accurately pop varmints farther than you ever have before. And compared to other long range precision loads like 6.5 Creedmoor, you’ll have half as much recoil in the MSR15 platform. Less felt recoil means you’ll experience fast follow-up shots, stay on target more, and save your shoulder over a long day of shooting.

The new .224 Valkyrie comes in for different loads: The extreme long distance accuracy of the 90 gr Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing, the prarie dog blasting 60gr Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint load, medium-game hunting loads with 90 gr Fusion MSR soft point bullets, and the range-ready 75 gr American Eagle Rifle TMJ load. [Editor’s Note: Unfortunately does not carry the .224 Valkyries loads, but hopefully that will change soon!]

Think you’ll give the .224 Valkyrie a try? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Video courtesy of Patrick Kelley. Give him a like or follow to help him keep making these videos. Rifle courtesy of Savage Arms. Ammunition courtesy of Federal Premium. Patrick shoots Savage Rifles with Burris Optics, uses MGM Targets, and is sponsored by us, Defender Outdoors. Got a question for Pat? Leave a comment on his video or on here and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can!

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  1. Already have.223 & 6.5 Grendel was going to do an upper in .22 Nosler and.50 Beowulf maybe someday or instead of/before the.22 like potatoe chips and golf clubs it’s hard to have just one. If the price to build an upper is reasonable the average Joe could pick his AR-rifle based on the application like GySgt did with sniper rifles.

  2. WILL BUY.
    WILL BUY from local shops or home based dealer that is.
    Most likely larger box stores,(Cabelas etc.) WILL have already ordered first 6 months of production,
    And that goes for ammo as well, which as black gunners history shows, WILL be scarcer than hens teeth and cost as if gold until reload gear available.