Patrick Kelley Comes Out of Retirement for Savage

For those that follow the shooting sports, you’re probably pretty familiar with the “King of Heavy Metal” Patrick Kelley. Or, if you follow Defender Outdoors, you probably know Patrick from his Out of the Box and into the Match Review series and in-depth gear reviews and shooting tips that he does for us. But, Patrick has been mostly retired from the Multi Gun shooting sports. He may compete in some local Steel Challenge matches, but between his day job (remember, shooting is just his hobby!) and his mentoring of any and every new shooter, Patrick hasn’t been competing in the major divisions.

That’s all changed. As we’ve announced before, Patrick has joined with Savage as a brand ambassador. But that’s not all he’s been up to. Patrick also put his adept machining and gunsmithing skills to work to tweak and optimize the Savage MSR 10 for competition perfection. And what better way to test out how well the new MSR 10 performs than to test it at a match? In fact, Patrick and Savage went out to the 2017 Multi Gun Nationals to put their gun to the test.

How did it go? Watch and find out:

Join us in congratulating Mr. Kelley is his fantastic performance and 3rd Place finish in the Multi-Gun Nationals. We hope to see so many more great things coming from Pat’s partnership with Savage!

Patrick E. Kelley is sponsored by Savage Arms, Burris Optics, Federal Premium Ammunition, MGM Targets and of course, Defender Outdoors!

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  1. Congratulations Sir !!
    I’ve always enjoyed your “Out of the Box and to the Match” Videos !!
    I’ve also Enjoyed your Attitude when shooting, not afraid to hoop and holler !

  2. Love your attitude and the results speak for themselves. Thanks for all you keep contributing to our sport of multi-gun competition.