Free Magazines!

…if you live in Vermont. With the recent turn of events and passing of new gun-restricting legislation Continue reading

Federal Judge Approves $75M Bailout for Remington Arms Co.

In the business of making firearms for over 200 years, legendary Remington Arms Company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week. However, Continue reading

HK P30 LEM Box to Match Review

Not too long ago Patrick Kelley released an Out of the Box and Into the Match review of the HK P30 L V3 in 9mm. In this video, Patrick puts its Law Enforcement Modification (LEM) model Continue reading

Chin Weld Essentials

Many years ago, when I fired my first shots from a .22 caliber rifle my grandfather taught me the proper cheek weld. Later, a number of young Vietnam veterans returning from the war Continue reading

Review: The CRKT Amicus Folding Outdoor Knife

I will start off by saying that the CRKT Amicus is the best deal in the entire CRKT lineup and probably one of the best heavy-duty folding knives under Continue reading

Everyone Needs a Mossberg Shotgun

The world of shotguns changed when the BATFE confirmed the 590 Shockwave does not fall under NFA restrictions and requires no tax stamp. The Shockwave Continue reading

Bersa BP9CC Box to Match Review

WOW! Patrick E. Kelley has been busy this week, releasing another Out of the Box and Into the Match review video. In this video, Patrick gives Continue reading

Light Loads for Defense Use

Handguns are the weapon of opportunity. Not as powerful as a long gun, they are portable and may be carried with us always. The handgun demands plenty of practice to master. The rub is that Continue reading

Will Raising the Age Requirement for Rifles Protect Our Kids?

The tragedy of Parkland, Florida, has everyone searching for answers. Rightfully so.

Some proposals have merit and are worth considering. Others are non-starters, beginning with any proposal that would arbitrarily strip law-abiding young American adults from Continue reading

Savage Arms: What’s Old is New Again

Since its introduction in 1958, the Savage Model 110 has served hunters and shooters well as an economical, hard-hitting, accurate rifle. Now it’s even better with the Continue reading