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22 Beauty

Savage Beauty—Much more than Skin Deep!

I have been at this “competition shooting thing” a long time. Heck, I have been competing in one shooting sport or another since 1987! So for the most part my gun “collection” revolves around competition-oriented ballistic tools and equipment.  Other than my beloved M1A’s wood stocks, and some neat grip panels on a 1911 or three, my battery of guns isn’t what an average guy would call pretty (do average guys use the word “pretty?” And what is an “average” guy anyway?). So it really was a treat to find myself at the range with a gun that is both pretty and precise! Continue reading

Campus Carry Part II Kicks Off at Texas Community and Junior Colleges

The application of the state’s Campus Carry Law at community and junior colleges across Texas kicked off with a whimper—not a bang—on Tuesday (Aug. 1), to no surprise of TSRA Legislative Director Alice Tripp. Continue reading

Limited Resources: Deliberate Practice on Low Round Counts

Training and skills maintenance is a subject that we shortchange ourselves on when it comes to where our time, our effort, and our resources are spent. It’s understandable in many respects since basic skills maintenance isn’t anything new. It’s not a new rifle in the case or safe. It isn’t a new sidearm riding in a holster. It’s not a new optic with legendary level glass clarity or electronics efficiency. It isn’t even a new skills development course from a professional source. Continue reading

SIG Sauer Hypes New MCX Virtus Rifle with Video Series

Sig Sauer is excited about its new rifle offering, the MCX Virtus carbine. This rifle can be configured in over 500 different ways, making it a very versatile weapon system. To show off the capabilities of their new firearm, Sig Sauer has made a series of short videos that follow some Operators deploying the Virtus. Watch the first installment entitled, “Overwatch”. Continue reading

Dallas Police Department Suspends Use of Sig P320 [Updated]

This story has been updated as up 8/6/2017 with a statement from Sig Sauer.
Is the Sig Sauer P320 safe for use? Maybe not, according to some rumors. The internet was abuzz with whispers and hearsay all week long. Like gators in the city sewers and mole people under your house, the internet is often rife with “fake news”, hoaxes, and major exaggerations. So, we wanted to keep mum on the issue until we heard for sure. Late Wednesday afternoon, the Dallas PD finally responded to my question and gave us definite answer. Continue reading

The Thermonuclear Pocket Pistol: The MAC-11 .380 ACP

The Military Armament Corporation MAC-11 .380 ACP Submachinegun

Gordon Ingram served in the Infantry in World War II. The M6 submachinegun he subsequently designed never made much of a splash, though it was a remarkably prescient design. Bearing an esoteric similarity to the Thompson, the M6 incorporated such novel stuff as a two-stage trigger/fire selector. This mechanism allowed the shooter to select modes of fire based upon how firmly the trigger was pressed. His subsequent boxy sheet steel MAC-10 subgun ultimately became a movie star. Continue reading

Defender Outdoors Partners with NSSF for First-Ever National Shooting Sports Month

[FORT WORTH, TX] — Defender Outddors announced today its involvement in the National Shooting Sports Month, partnering with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Created to encourage participation in our many shooting sports genres and emphasize firearms safety, this nationwide celebration will take place throughout the month of August. Continue reading

NSSF Declares August National Shooting Sports Month

NEWTOWN, Conn. — There are countless celebration days and months in America, and now the shooting sports have one of their own. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has declared August to be National Shooting Sports Month, a time to celebrate one of America’s great pastimes — target shooting — and to encourage newcomers and experienced shooters to #LETSGOSHOOTING. Continue reading

Hi-Point Introduces Hunter Series of Pistol Caliber Carbines

Hi-Point Firearms, makers of a the much-ridiculed budget handguns as well as the surprisingly popular and fun to shoot pistol caliber carbines, announced a series of new carbines. Dubbed the “Hunter Series”, these new pistol caliber carbines are chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP, feature a 1-5x scope, and come in two camouflage patterns. Continue reading

Defender After Dark: Lantac Raven Review

Will James, President of Defender Outdoors, sat down with Brett from Lantac USA to learn about the Lantac LAR-15 Raven carbine. This fantastic new rifle has gotten many of us at the Defender Outdoors Shooting Center excited, as anyone who follows us on Facebook or Instagram has probably seen. The Lantac Raven has many of the top-of-the-line features you’d expect from Lantac USA. But they’ve also added some new features that improve performance and user experience. Wanna learn more? Watch the video below. Continue reading