Breaking Down Stereotypes: NYPD’s First Female Counter Sniper

Wait, New York and pro-gun in the same story? Most of the stories out of New York are anti-gun, but this one is a little different. In this case, New York not only went pro-gun, it went Continue reading

JM4 Tactical RELIC Holster Review

JM4_CZ75paddle_shadow_D6A7503web Continue reading

Springfield Armory® Features SAINT™ AR-15 Series at National Patrol Rifle Conference and Championship

Springfield Armory featured its SAINT lineup of AR-15s as patrol rifle considerations during the annual National Patrol Rifle Conference (NPRC), June 1-2 in Detroit, Michigan.

Each year the NPRC brings together law enforcement officers across the country for Continue reading

The ONLY Way to Stop Kids from Shooting Up Schools

Any time a child loses their life…

Especially at the hands of a murderer, it’s a horrific tragedy.

But, anyone with an Continue reading

Best CRKT Knife, the Amicus

The CRKT Amicus is the best deal in the entire CRKT lineup and probably one Continue reading

Remington’s Heavy-Duty Tack Driving Varmint Rifle

This rifle may be heavy but shoots like a house on fire—just like a thousand-dollar rifle. I have Continue reading

Fort Worth-based Defender Outdoors Drops Yeti Product Line

The Defender Outdoors family of companies, including Defender Outdoors Shooting Center, Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch, Defender Outdoors Argyle, and, has officially decided to no longer offer YETI® products. This action is in response to multiple reports by the National Rifle Association that YETI® has decided to no longer continue doing business with the organization that has been the leader in protecting our Second Amendment and civil rights for over 100 years. Actions have consequences. Continue reading

Carjacking – Fighting Back

There are many aspects of crime that we must train to fight back against, to stop, and hopefully Continue reading

NRA Backed Challenge to IL Village Gun Ban Filed

With support from the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), Guns Save Life has officially filed their lawsuit today challenging the recent attempt by Deerfield Village, IL to Continue reading

Your Biggest Home Security Weakness

Every 15 seconds, a home in the U.S. is broken into. While most intruders go through the front door, there are a significant number of burglars who break in through Continue reading