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Grand Power Q100 Out of the Box and into the Match Review

It’s time for another famous Out of the Box and Into The Match review with Team Defender Shooter Patrick Kelley! This week, Patrick is trying out a Grand Power Q100. For those of you who haven’t watched one of these reviews before, Patrick takes a brand new gun, gives it a quick clean and oil, then heads to a Steel Challenge match to see how it performs. Afterwards, he usually does some 25 yard accuracy testing with different ammunition loads to see what kinds of grouping he can get with the new handgun. Patrick doesn’t edit out any missteps; if there’s a malfunction, you’ll see it. If the gun falls apart mid-match, you’ll see it. And if Patrick has an ‘off’ day at the match, well, you’ll see that, too. (As if that could happen.)
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Trigger Time TV: The Truth about Shot Placement

Some sage shooting advice is sound in theory, but in practice it may not hold water. When it comes to shot placement, there’s a lot of advice out there, but little evidence. Do your aim for the head, or not? When shooting at center mass, is it better to aim for the heart and lungs or the pelvis? Answers to these questions are often contradictory, leaving you unsure what the truth it. That’s where John “Shrek” McPhee comes in. Continue reading

Ruger Recalls Mark IV Rimfire Handguns

Ruger just released a sweeping recall of their popular Mark IV rimfire handguns, including 22/45 models. All of the rimfire pistols manufactured before June 1st, 2017 have the possibility of being affected by this recall. The recall was made after discovering that the safety on these models, when not fully engaged, can fail and cause unintended discharges through operation. As this malfunction can lead to serious injury or even death, it is important to make sure your model is unaffected or needs to be sent in for the safety upgrade before using it again. Continue reading

NSSF Shuts Down Anti-Gunner’s Mexico Gun Myth

Larry Keane, President of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), is always hard at work tearing down anti-gun hysteria and baseless lies perpetuated by the media. A relatively recent website called The Trace consistently spouts anti-Second Amendment propaganda and uses fuzzy math and exaggerated claims to make its point. A recent piece by the Bloomberg-backed Trace blamed American firearm dealers for the cartel and gun violence in Mexico and other Central American countries. This, of course, is not the case, but the anti-gun left needs to find as many reasons as possible to pass unconstitutional gun control laws. Not one for allowing misinformation about firearms cloud the judgement of Americans, Larry Keane dissects the tired Mexico gun myth. Continue reading

St. Louis Police Unload 27 Tommy Guns

The Chicago Typewriter. The Trench Broom. The Tommy Gun. The Chopper. The M1928A1. Whatever you call the Thompson submachine gun, it has a storied past that reminds us all of the Roaring 20’s and the gangsters who used them. Auto-Ordnance and other companies make civilian reproductions these days, but if you ever wanted to get your hand on a vintage, full-auto version, now’s your chance. The St. Louis Metro Police Department has decided to sell 27 of their 29 Thompson submachine guns, along with some old Beretta 92s and patrol carbines. Continue reading

Making a Better Glock with Patrick Kelley

Patrick Kelley is back with a gun review, but this one takes a little different approach. Instead of his normal “Out of the Box and Into the Match” review, Patrick takes a couple of after-market upgrades to the Steel Challenge match to see if they improve his performance. As always, his videos are fun to watch for skilled shooting and candid style of Patrick’s reviews. In this video he spends the match testing a new Glock upgrade, and he also shows off a top-of-the-line .22 Conversion kit for the 1911.
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Campus Carry — Very Safe, Despite Worries from Anti-Gunners

My recent op-ed in The Hill newspaper points out that while professors seem to be very concerned about allowing permitted concealed handguns on college campuses, their actions don’t match their rhetoric. While a professor’s resignation at the University of Kansas gets national news attention, for example, only one out of 2,600 faculty members has left his or her post at the school. Continue reading

Defender Training Drills: Range, Rounds, Move

The Defender Training Academy in Fort Worth is one of the best places to get a wide range of firearm training that is accessible to everyone in North Texas. Whether you’re a high speed operator, veteran shooter, or a complete greenhorn who has never held a gun before, the dedicated staff of the DTA can work at your pace. With personal lessons, workshops, and group classes, there’s something for everyone. Unfortunate, for those outside of North Texas, taking a class at the Defender Training Academy can be a bit of journey. Luckily, the DTA Director of Training has a series of quick drills you can use to improve your skills at your local range or our on your own property. Ranging from basics to advanced skills, these short drills are a great way to prepare for defensive firearm use. This training drill is the Range, Rounds, Move drill, aimed at improving your athleticism and smoothing out your transitions between moving, shooting, and changing weapons. Curious? Watch here: Continue reading

LTC Allen West Talks SBRs with Defender Outdoors

Former Congressman and current NRA Board Member Col. Allen West has never been one to back down when he learns of a new way the government is failing the citizens. A couple months ago, we invited LTC West to the One Year Anniversary of the Defender Outdoors Shooting Center in Fort Worth, TX. He gave a speech on the State of the Second Amendment, and many other guests got a chance to shoot along side West and the other speakers. After sampling some of the great firearms available to rent, LTC West found an AR pistol he particularly enjoyed. After performing the NICS background check and the rest of the transfer paperwork, he asked if we could install a vertical foregrip on the pistol. There was a bit of strained silence as Defender Outdoors employees explained that they legally couldn’t do that, as it would reclassify the firearm. Under the NFA, the employees—and LTC West—would be unable to add that grip until the paperwork had been finished and the federal Tax Stamp was sent back.
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Helicopters, Hot-Air Balloons, & Hog Hunting

There’s nothing quite like Texas Hog Hunting! It’s some of the most exciting hunting you can do anywhere. If you prefer hunting from a blind or stand, you can hog hunt. Prefer baiting your quarry to show up at the feeder? Texas hog hunting is for you! Hate the idea of hunting over bait but love spot and stalk hunting? Well, Texas hog hunting is for you, too! Too hot in Texas? Not at night! So while spotlighting deer is illegal, spotlighting hogs is certainly a legal option. Continue reading