NRA “Our Time is Now” Video Commentary

NRA Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre has released a new video commentary titled “Our Time is Now,”  which applauds the NRA members and gun owners who achieved a historic accomplishment in electing Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States and sending HRC on permanent political vacation.

In the video Mr. LaPierre not only congratulates members but warns them that the fight is not over yet. Leading with the statement “The truth is, the anti-gun billionaires have only one goal: the absolute eradication of the Second Amendment freedom for the average American citizen.”

What do you think of LaPierre’s “Our Time is Now” message? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Call me old fashioned but i will not be satisfied until our 2nd amendment is restored as in Constitutional carry in all 50 states. Shall not be infringed means no license, or registration required. It also means government shall not attack gun shops using banks or regulations either.

    • Thank you James for your statement and HOPEFULLY, the AMERICAN people are realizing what the political hacks are trying to get done for their own benefit. I sincerely hope that America is waking the hell up and realizing how the d.c. people are working the “system” to their benefit – power and monetarily.
      WE must remain vigilant and continue the fight for OUR FREEDOM (S) that have been fought for since the settling of AMERICA.

  2. Yea but ya left us hanging out to dry here in California where we now have all these bogus new gun laws. Including the most stupid ammo law know to America.

  3. Americans’ have spoken through their votes. I agree we need more membership in NRA; however our economy is not yet recovered and it would be a good thing if the NRA were to lower their membership dues so that a lot of the voters who chose the correct party stance and are not yet members; can do so.

  4. Our Constitutional 2nd Amendment has been under siege for a long, long time. I have worked as a Weapons Tester for Manufacturers, Govt. Agencies Etc.. This past Administration ended that for me. The Second Amendment is our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. We need to cast that in Gold and end the Politically Motivated BS. The Constitution has stood the test of time and will continue to do so as long as we don’t destroy it,,,, By Change.

  5. Time is now to equate open and concealed carry without permits throughout all states. Open carry causes concerns of gun haters, but concealed carry causes no angst except for those with criminal intent.

  6. I with Wayne!! Remember the “Contract for America”! We gave the Republicans the Presidency and both houses before, but they did nothing but line their pockets increase their perks, and did nothing they promised they were going to do. I’ve never forgiven Bush or the Republicans! I’m still leery to this day!! I hope President Elect Trump and both houses do something for us this time. If they go back on us again, all the amendments are doomed. If they can negate one, they can easily negate the rest. In the meantime, I’m going to have a wait and see attitude!!

  7. The “main stream media” is using their position to pick at the Trump transition with imaginary issues. A perfect example is NY Times criticism of PEOTUS Trump allowing his daughter to be present at a meeting with Prim Minister Abe of Japan. Yet, Hillary Clinton became qualified to be President while her husband was in office. The MSM is making non-issues into issues. I am waiting to see the reaction when ALL firearm laws are enforced; specifically possession of a firearm by a CONVICTED felon. How about using a firearm to commit a felony? (Taking these illicit users of firearms off the streets should reduce crime rates significantly.) If current laws are enforced, how will the MSM skew enforcement of firearm laws on the books?.

  8. Its critically important that the NRA have a representative meet with president-elect or President Trump to reinforce the passing of laws, regulations or Statutes by Congress protecting the second amendment. The right to carry in all fifty states, all territories and possessions with out infringement. This should apply to ammunition, which should not be unduly taxed or restricted. Further, no laws should be passed by any State or Municipality restricting semi-automatic rifles, parts and accessories. additionally, conversation should be focused on enforcing currant laws that protect citizens against unlawful possession and use of firearms

  9. How about making a law that enforces “shall not be infringed” and anyone proposing or voting for a law that does so be subject to criminal action!

  10. For California 2nd amendment supporters, the election of Trump was a bittersweet victory. While it appears the Supreme Court will have conservative judges appointed, California recently enacted draconian anti gun laws. To add insult to injury the voters passed Porp 63 , an insane attack on ammunition sales, possession of magazines holding more rounds than 10 and restrictions on loaning a firearm to a friend. Although at the Federal level we may be moving in the right direction, California is moving completely in the opposite direction. California has about 13 million residents with 9 million gun owners. If only half of the gun owners came out to vote Prop 63 would not have passed.The liberal billionaires and Hollywood elitists are working on a firearms ban that includes the states of Washington, Oregon and California with hopes to expand their ideology into Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. The anti-gunners in other states are watching to see how the process is implemented. This ideology will becoming to the state you live in soon.
    The fight is far from over. Please don’t assume Trump’s victory means you can sit back and relax. Stay vigilant and focused. Get involved and vote to defend your rights every chance you get.