Oklahoma Man Defends Home Against Three Burglars

An Oklahoma man defended his home from three burglars who broken into the Broken Arrow, OK home after 12:30 PM on March 27th. The man, 23 year old Zach Peters, used an AR-15 to shoot the armed burglars. All three intruders were killed, and preliminary investigation shows Peters acted in self-defense under Oklahoma’s Stand Your Ground law.

The Wagoner County American Tribune reports:

Wagoner County authorities are investigating a triple homicide in an unincorporated area of Broken Arrow in Wagoner County after a home invasion on Monday, March 27. Sheriff’s office spokesman Deputy Nick Mahoney said the homeowner’s adult son shot three male intruders— wearing all black, masks and gloves—with an AR-15 during an apparent home invasion. Mahoney said two of the deceased were juveniles and one was an adult between the ages of 18 and 19.

According to Mahoney, authorities have a 21-year-old female in custody who turned herself in to the Broken Arrow Police Department, claiming “She drove the individuals to the house to burglarize it,” he said. Deputies received a call at about 12:30 p.m. of a shooting at a residence in the 9100 block of Clearview Drive, Mahoney said.

“Upon arrival to the scene, deputies discovered three individuals who were deceased,” he said. “Preliminary investigation indicates these three individuals showed up to this residence with the intent to burglarize it. These three individuals forced entry through a back sliding-glass door,” he added.

three killed in Oklahoma home invasion.

Jake Woodruff, 16, Jacob Redfern, 17, and Max Cook, 19 were found dead when deputies arrived

Mahoney said upon making entrance into the residence, the intruders encountered the homeowner’s son who opened fire with an AR-15 assault rifle [sic], killing all three suspects. Two of the victims died inside the home, while a third made it out to the driveway before collapsing, he said.

Neither the homeowner, who was also home at the time, nor his son were injured during the incident, Mahoney said. He said they both went voluntarily to the sheriff’s office to fill out a statement. Mahoney indicated that the preliminary investigation pointed to self-defense. “This may be a case of ‘stand-your-ground,’ however, it’s still too early to say for sure, and we’re still looking into all aspects of this,” he said.

Mahoney told the American-Tribune that one of the suspects was armed with brass knuckles and one was armed with a knife. “It’s still very early in the investigation, and our investigators have not completed processing the scene yet,” Mahoney said at the scene shortly following the shooting.

Michelle Rodriguez

Elizabeth Rodriguez, 21, planned the burglary and drove the getaway vehicle.

Since the initial report, more information has come to light. The culprits had originally burglarized the home earlier in the day, stealing alcohol from an detached garage apartment. The burglars then returned later in the day thinking the home was empty and would make for an easy target. What the three found was far from an a simple B&E.

The getaway driver, 21 year old Elizabeth Rodriguez, is being charged with the murders under an Oklahoma that allows the DA to pursue charges against those who plan or participate in a crime that results in death. She was romantically involved with one of the slain perpetrators, 19 year old Maxwell Cook. The two others involved in the crime were 16 year old Jake Woodriff and 17 year old Jacob Redfern. Further details have not been released.

Additionally, authorities have released the 911 call Peters made after he used his AR-15 to defend his home against intruders.

To continue listening the rest of the 6 and half minute 911 call, click here.

This story is developing and more information should be available as additional details become clear.

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  1. EXCELLENT JOB …BUT… When you call the police tell them there has been a shooting, you need medical assistance, the address AND THEN HANG UP!!!!

    Don’t say ANYTHING else. When the police get there invoke your right to remain silent and call a lawyer.

    This incident should serve as a great reminder to anyone with a gun to consider one of the various insurance plans to protect yourself in this very type of event.

    Don’t let anything you say come back to haunt you at a trial.

  2. You did what you had to. They left you no choice hopefully criminals will think twice before doing crap like that now.

  3. Charles Benincasa

    Although burglary is not a cool thing , these were still kids I don’t know if shooting to kill with a AR-15 was the appropriate thing to do. In this case on top of that she’s being charged with Murder??? The only murderer I see is the gun happy 20 something year old kid… But then again this is Oklahoma…

    • Easy. You don’t want to be dead, don’t b&e. Ar15 is not the best home defense gun, but what he had. I would use something in 45cap. More bang for the buck. Ar15 is really just a 22 with more powder. With masks on he knew what to expect, and dealt with it correctly. Here in VA we don’t even call the cops after something like that. We just load them into the boat and go for a voyage with cinder blocks.

    • Any criminal associated with the crime where death occurs can and should be charged with murder. Zach did exactly what he felt was required to protect his and his Dad’s lives. Mr. Benincasa knows not what he is talking about. Zack utilized his firearm as it was intended in a responsible manner. No doubt he practices with it extensively.

    • Did you not read the part that they wore masks? Can you really tell the age of someone by looking at his or her mask? He did what he had to do to protect himself and his father from armed robbers. In case you didn’t read that part as well, they had weapons.

    • Don’t know where you live…We ” people from Oklahoma” are just as good as any other. Now…get your head out of the mud! Ever heard of “cause and effect” in this case; the cause is three punks that just wanted to prey on the presumed wealthy. The effect; got their A$$ shot, now it’s terrible that someone had to lose their life. But it’s less likely they would have got shot if they had taken up a different profession. And…by the way seek out their parents and teach them some parenting skills. Too much “why’s” and not enough “therefores”, my brothers in blue are getting persicuted by the likes of you as well. “Not all are good” let’s stand by the good!

    • Charles, so you are saying you would just let them come in, possible kill you even if you had a gun. You my friend are an idiot. As for girl being charged with murder, she was involved in the commission f a crime where someone get killed.

  4. I believe in defending your home. Seeing three masked men. I would have done exactly the same. Doesn’t mean I don’t have a conscience. Such young people to lose their lives. This may sound judgmental, but I think it is sad that the parents didn’t do a better job of raising their children. I talk to my son all the time about being a good and righteous person. You only have one life so don’t take any stupid chances that may cause you harm or death. This is truly sad. I feel for all.

  5. Maybe more” bad boys ” will think before going for “easy money”! Get a job to support yourself, it is less painful.

  6. Sad, even tragic! Tragic in particular that these three young boneheads chose to waste their lives by being so stupid as to commit a felony crime. Include in that their equally stupid get-away driver, who is fortunate that she stayed in the car but is now appropriately facing murder charges. And finally sad that the young resident was put in a position of having to do what was necessary, defending his family and their home from ill intentioned intruders.

  7. I think Zach did what was needed as difficult as it was he stepped up to the situation and protected his father as well as him self. The difficult job well done!

    • You make a good point George. Shooting another human being isn’t an easy thing to do… even when the guy you’re facing is a dirtbag. Many of us think that it would be easy enough to face down someone like this… not so! We’ll certainly do what’s needed to stop a threat… no question about it. All I’m saying is that it’s not an easy task.

  8. All hardened criminals were once teens. This should be publicized to all teens, so there is no question the seriousness of trying to steal from others. We don’t know if you are just going to take something or rape rob and kill, so be prepared to eat it if you break into someone’s home! It is pathetic here in CA – you have to get a written confession from those breaking in before you protect yourself from those criminals.

  9. I hope Zach does not have serius ear damage. Fireing an AR-15 inside a house can put a hearting on eardrums. It’s good to know the GOOD GUY won.

  10. rudymacias67@gmail.com

    Well rick these guys never got a chance to become hardened. They were met with a .223 tenderizer. I will say this, it is sad that this country has gotten to this point. Soo sad.

    • Three guys busting the back door, wearing masks, armed with brass knuckles and a knife,
      sounds hardened to me. They weren’t there for a picnic lunch. It’s all sad and I’m sorry it ended this way but the home owner didn’t start this mess. May this be a warning to all thugs, hardened or want-a-be.

  11. It is sad really. I look at the faces of the young men killed and it is such a waste. Woke up like any other day except they decided to take what wasn’t their’s. Never realizing they were going to loose their life. Zach did what was necessary and I commend him for standing up for his rights as a homeowner and an American. I’ve never taken a life, and I don’t want too. But if it is necessary to protect my family or another, I will. I hope I have the metal to do what Zach did. God bless him.

  12. Well I willsay when you are young and stupid you might think breaking into someone’s house has no serious consequences. Unless that person is armed. And believe me, I’m not asking how old you are when your in my house with a mask on robbing me, I’m going to fire you up in a second and deal with it later, just as this person did.
    Although I feel bad that people died, I hope the public in general realizes that if you invade a house there is a potential for you to lose your life. Too bad more criminals are not in this mentality.

  13. This how it should be in every state having the right to stand your ground and protect yourself and others. it is unfortunate that these dumbass kids learned the lesson the hard way. At the time of the shooting I’m sure the burglary victims had now way of knowing the intent of the criminals that forced their way into they’re home and thank god they had the law on their side and did not have to wait to find out they were killers. In Connecticut if I did that I would have been arrested for murder and would have to prove my innocence in court while being incarcerated and my guns confiscated maybe never to be returned even if found innocent.

  14. Good job Mr.Peters.All states should have the stand your ground laws!They entered a house armed with intent to use if need be even if it was brass knuckles,etc….brass knuckles can do a lot of damage to an unarmed or disabled person.This should be a wake up call for all the young criminals friends to change their ways.And again,good job for defending yourself and your father Mr.Peters!And for those that aren’t bright enough to know(liberal,anti-gunners),an AR15 is not an assault rifle!It’s a sporting rifle.Assault rifles are full auto military equipment!

  15. rudymacias67@gmail.com

    Here, here Rowdy. My thought on these young men is this. They took their medicine, and will never do it again. They will never have a chance to snow ball into what they could have been. But always remember this, Jesus Christ would have made the difference. God and guns are what made this country GREAT! The former should always be used before the latter. As for Harry, What do you expect from a blue state.

  16. The goofy gun-grabbing liberals in other parts of the country could learn a valuable lesson from the common sense people of Oklahoma. The legal outcome for the shooter might have been different had this happened in a more anti-gun location where thugs and thieves get more respect than law abiding people who own firearms.

  17. I live in the people’s republic of Jersey where we own guns at our own peril (or so says the PRNJ Supreme Court). We average Joe’s have no right of self defense. Shooting an armed intruder will put one in a legal battle for his future, which at the very least will bankrupt most of the state’s subjects. Only those “civilians” who have money for the best legal defense and expert witnesses stand a chance. Subjects have a duty to retreat from their own homes, you see! A homeowner who shoots an intruder must convince the DA that he could not retreat and that he had warned the intruders and gave them every opportunity to leave.