IWI Unveils New .308 Bullpup Tavor

Are you a fan of the bullpup design, but want to launch a bigger chunk of lead down range? The IWI Tavor is modern bullpup chambered in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO and has seen quite a bit of success since its USA debut in 2013. The civilian version of the main infantry rifle of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) shortens the overall length of the .223/5.56 rifle platform which makes it easier for urban engagements, but doesn’t sacrifice barrel length. Now, IWI is teasing a new version chambered in .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO.

It all started with a Facebook post:

With that, questions and rumors started pouring in. Multiple publications wrote about the rumors, and IWI couldn’t keep up with the hundreds of comments on their Facebook posts. So, the next day, they sent out more information in order to quell the rumor mill and answers some of the many questions people had regarding the new bullpup.

The new .308 Win Tavor looks like it is based on the Tavor SAR version, with some design aspects being borrowed from the X95 model. The front handguard comes from the SAR design, but the pistol grip seems more like the more-modern X95 series with finger grooves and charging handle above the grip, rather than in the handguard. The stock seems more in line with the SAR version, but also lacks the think buttpad of the 5.56 NATO versions of the rifle. Since the Tavor is subject to the 26″ minimum rifle length, this is probably a clue that the overall chassis length of the .308 version is longer, and thus doesn’t need the extra-thick buttpad to remain legal.

According to the new .308 Win/7.62 NATO Tavor will feature your choice of either 16″ barrel with a 1:12 twist or 18″ with 1:10 twist. Both barrels will be cold-hammer forged and chrome-lined for durability and feature 5/8×24 threads. The 16″ version will have an overall length of 26.25″ without the muzzle device and weigh in at 8.6 pounds. The light polymer body will come in black, FDE, and OD Green colors. The upper part of the forend will feature two MLOK rail slots at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. The lower part is SAR-style rail cover that can be removed to reveal a Picatinny accessory rail perfect for a light, laser, or vertical forward grip. The flattop design features a full-length, monolithic Picatinny rail with integral aperture rear sight and tritium front sight post. The X95-inspired “cutlass”-style grip features finger grooves can be replaced with your choice of standard of pistol grip with traditional trigger guard.

The new Tavor will have an adjustable gas regulator system that has four positions: Off, Low, Medium, and High (Max). As a change from the previous incarnations of the Tavor, this version will features a short-stroke gas system, rather than the earlier long-stroke systems. The charging system is very similar to the MP5: the charging handle is lockable in the open position and you can release the bolt from the charging handle with a quick downward slap. Additionally, if you’re not into the HK slap, you can use the centerline bolt release. The new Tavor will use LR/SR 25 magazines, so you’ll be able to use your Magpul AR-10 magazines in the Tavor.

Expanding on the earlier versions of the Tavor, this .308 version will be even more ambidextrous. The bolt is completely ambidextrous, so there’s not a “left hand” bolt version, nor will you need to worry about sending it to a gunsmith for switching the orientation of the bolt. To switch the bolt, just push the charging handle through the receiver; no need for tools or disassembly. Both the magazine and bolt releases are ambidextrous all the time, with no need for switching. The safety selector is also ambidextrous, and features a 45° rotation, rather than the full 90° of the previous versions. Finally, the ejection ports are easily configurable without tools, making it easily to switch them in the field with a slide of the case deflector.

In a departure from the previous models, this fire control group is new and not compatible with the SAR or X95 trigger systems. The new IWI Tavor in .308 Win/7.62 NATO is expected to start shipping in January of 2018. Unfortunately, IWI US has yet to release an expected price or whether there will be conversion kits for this platform (such as a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel kit).

Would you give the .308 Bullpup Tavor a go? Let us know what you think about the new rifle in the comments below.

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  1. If the price is reasonable, it’ll be added to my collection……I can see it becoming my new “go to” for hog hunting!!!

  2. Yes i would love to try out the new Tavor. 308 is one of mt favorite caliber’s . I havr the Tavor in 223/556 and love it

  3. I would spend the money on the .308 bullpup – would love to have one. But, I live in CA and Gov Jerry Brown won’t let me have one. I can only buy from an approved list – that infringes my 2nd amendment rights – why is there not a law suit against CA for infringing?

  4. Since I’m not one of your 223 like’s!!! What I do like is the 308. It’s just such a good round; especially today with all the advances in gun powder’s and bullet design’s, how can you beat the 308??? I owne two myself and one is a hunting rifle, and the other is for serious defence in the form a G3 and it loves to be slaped around and keep’s begging for more!

  5. Send out now, I’m not patient enough to wait until next January I love the initial version in 223. Have Kevin OD Green

  6. IWI has some great concepts but consistently fails to deliver what it promises in a timely manner, I love my Tavor but bought it on the basis that there would be a 300 Blackout as well as a 9mm conversion, three years later it hasn’t appeared, I’d have bought the X-95 but again a lot of unfulfilled promises from IWI. I’d love a 308 bull pup but IWI marketing hype just doesn’t match what they deliver, sorry guys stick to your intentions / promises or lose customers,
    Until they come to market with the product nothing with IWI is real!!!

  7. Hell yes I’d love one will the IDF get first grab or is it not nessasary to sign up to get on the list now?it would be worth joining the IDF to get one erly!

  8. Looks good for combat situations but since that is ancient history for me and I’m very attached to my M1-A I’ll just stock up on ammo.

  9. Looks like a great example of a weapon short enough for tactical duty but with an ability to ” reach out and touch someone “. I want one !

  10. At the 2015 SHOT SHOW I was talking to a representative of IWI and asking if they were ever considering coming out with Tevor chambered in 308. He told me they were working on it.
    I’ve been waiting for this . So excited for its arrival!

  11. I do own a bullpup in a 22LR & o love it a 308 bull pup would be awesome and as stated price would be a factor and I am also very attached to my M1-A making that available to accept the M 1 A would be BOSS