Keeping Schools Gun Free?

There are many in the education industrial complex outraged when anyone suggests teachers, other school employees, and carry permit holders have the option to legally carry a defensive firearm on school property. Their theory is, if there are no guns at school there will be no school shootings. Quite honestly, that is correct; except, of course, criminals do not follow the law.

Definition of a criminal – one who breaks the law (and gets caught).

Keeping schools “gun free” ensures a prime location for criminals bent toward nihilistic infamy. In most cases, a school shooter will have no armed resistance and can remain actively slaughtering until they run out of ammunition, rage, or patience. Even having a School Resource Officer (SRO) provides no true insurance. In one recent school shooting, an SRO very actively did his job, ending the shooting quickly and taking a non-life-threatening bullet wound for his trouble. However, in Parkland the officer was a coward and sheltered in place until well after the shooter left of his own accord. In other cases, the shooter has neutralized the SRO as their first action. High death counts are the primary goal of these vainglorious monsters. Ripe concentrations of the helpless will continue to be their fertile ground.Gun Free School Zone

A recent court ruling in Pennsylvania seems to imply, current PA law allows those who are legally armed in the rest of the state to be armed on school campuses. The gist of the ruling is that, “those with a lawful purpose may be in possession.” Until now, that meant on-duty police officers.

The new ruling comes as a result of a man who was arrested with a knife on campus. The court found that as a carpenter, that was a tool of his trade, thus he had a lawful purpose to be in possession. This leads many legal scholars to infer a carry permit creates a lawful purpose for the carry of any weapon that is legally able to be carried elsewhere. This would include most knives and handguns according to PA law. This is especially important after the Parkland shooting as PA Governor (Democrat Tom Wolf) has vowed to veto any new law allowing the arming of teachers or access for anyone else with a carry permit on school campuses.

School employees and parents are directly motivated to defend students in ways an SRO just isn’t. Principals, teachers, janitors, and administrative staff are all just as likely to be shot as the students. This places them in a position of self-defense on top of that most who choose school related professions to see themselves as shepherds. Parents are even more motivated than the school employees. Their child is potentially in the crosshairs. There are many examples of unarmed people attacking the shooter. Unfortunately, being unarmed usually leads to the death of the interfering hero. These same people are much more likely to quickly end the shooting AND LIVE if they are armed. Under current law, gun-free zones are chosen because the monster with a gun, KNOWS they will be able to rack up mass carnage with little to no effective resistance.

Allowing the option of carrying, takes away the certainty of success and thereby reduces the likelihood of such attacks. It also provides an instant increase in security and survivability for all involved, EXCEPT the shooter.

The idea of returning liberty to the people creates no new taxes and no new governmental agencies. It provides access for people who have already been demonstrated to be among the most law-abiding citizens in our country. It isn’t like there aren’t existing examples to look at. States like Oklahoma have not had a school shooting since they passed pro-school carry legislation.

It’s almost like people ignore reality they don’t like; at the cost of students lives.

What do you think? Should schools require those with carry permits to carry in the classroom? What other ways do you think would keep kids safe while learning? Share your ideas with us in the comment section.

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John BibbyJohn Bibby is a lifelong gun enthusiast who has always pushed the envelope to see what he could do. He started shooting at age 5 and by age 9 shot his first Uber Thumper, a 375 H&H. His current shooting interests bounce between 3-gun matches and informal long-distance shooting with friends.

In the intervening years, the accuracy bug has bitten hard. This has led to an ever-increasing digging into the depths of precision reloading. John shoots a 24-inch barrel AR for practice with reading wind and a 30-inch barrel F-class 6.5×284, too infrequently.

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  1. Indeed, statistics show that just the knowledge that SOMEBODY on campus is armed keeps a mass shooter away. I advocated to the local school board that they pass a well advertised policy of allowing volunteer employees to carry, whether any does or not. Also make it well known that training. practice, and currency requirements must be met, and that they carry concealed. Just the uncertainty of whether someone is armed, who it is, and where they are located is a very powerful deterrent. Deterrence is the best possible strategy. (My proposal didn’t fly.)

  2. It is sad (in the first place) that we have to fear being shot in our schools and churches. But the fact is that cowards run to these places because they know it is a FREE KILLING ZONE. I say again since we have taken Christ our of these places, the animals are allowed to reign.