In Texas: What to Do Next If You Display Your Firearm

If you have to display your firearm toward a threat, what should you do immediately afterward? U.S. Law Shield Member Ambassador Sherry Hale talks to Emily Taylor, an Independent Program Attorney for Texas Law Shield, to find out.

You can contact the Texas and U.S. Law Shield for more information on the services they can provide.

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  1. All well and good to call 911….but if you hand up on that call taker and don’t give any further information than was suggested in this video, the dispatch operator is going to advise the officer responding that you hung up. That officer now becomes hyper vigilant and starts to wonder if he/she is walking into an ambush. When that officer arrives on scene, don’t be surprised at the greeting that you get. Right or wrong, the greeting you get will most likely not be pleasant.

  2. The information isn’t helpful because you’ve basically said nothing in your ad. If you want to sell meat at least throw a bone. Ask the question with a short response, don’t leave your readers hanging with just a follow up phone number.

  3. I live in So. CA. and have held a CCW for going on 25 years now. Never in that time have I ever had to draw my gun. Once I had my hand on it but the problem deescalated and I did not draw. The Sheriff that issues our CCW states if anyone even sees our gun to call his office immediately or the other person may call the cops first and say someone threatened them with a gun. Then when the cavalry shows up guess who they will be looking for.

    • Kurt, you live in a state that is controlled by idiots. When I lived in SoCal and responded to an alarm at the business that I ran in the middle of the night, I always had my 1911 in my hand and the police did not say squat about it.

    • Kurt. I am 37 and live in nor cal. I’ve been in several situations having to fend off gang members with a pipe bender narrowly escaping both times. Now being an independent commercial electrical contractor I want to apply for a ccw from my sheriff. Any tips as I’m terrified of being denied? I know I have cause, I work in some of the worst areas imaginable, but don’t believe they’d ever issue me one being a huge liberal stronghold. Thanks