How a GLOCK Works

Most people who have been around firearms long enough get the basic process of how a gun works. Trigger drops the hammer (or striker), hammer hits the firing pin, firing pin hits the primer, and the cartridge goes ‘bang’. Then the recoil of this process resets the gun and puts the next round in battery. But GLOCK handguns are wonder of engineering and are pretty fascinating with their set of internal safeties. This new video from Lone Wolf Distributors shows a step-by-step animation with narration on how a Glock works.

Pretty interesting to see how something you’ve come to expect to just happen—like firing your Glock—actually happens! So, if your range buddies ever ask, now you can explain to them exactly how a Glock works!

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  1. The vid itself is great. But, next time, try someone who speaks “American”.not limey engrish. I turned diwn the sound and just watched the video.

  2. Some of the safety info applies to all semi auto striker fired pistols. Very good education for all striker fired pistol owners/operators.

  3. Americans dont want anything other than reasonable gun control we know you dont think we are capable of controling ourselfs but we can if you get the guns away from gangs

  4. It was interesting, the narrator wasn’t a problem for me. I thought the Glock platform had less moving parts, but it appears to have as many moving and spring driven parts as my single action 1911. I learned something.

  5. Very interesting enjoyed it. It gives a great understanding of the safety’s and the operation of the pistol. Thank you for making it.

  6. Excellent video, other manufactures should take note. I have been shooting and carrying Glocks daily ever since they first came on the market. Still shoot 20k to 25k rounds a year.
    Other than one broken spring every malfunction was mine.
    I teach classes almost daily and all the other high priced guns are the ones that give us headaches. The Glock’s are like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going and going.

  7. Wonderful & interesting – been looking for this info. Just keep forgetting once I get yelled at for being on CTD & begging the boss for another (toy) . Love the GLK 22 .