Grand Power Q100 Box to Match Review!

It’s time for another famous Out of the Box and Into The Match review with Team Defender Shooter Patrick Kelley! This week, Patrick is trying out a Grand Power Q100. For those of you who haven’t watched one of these reviews before, Patrick takes a brand new gun, gives it a quick clean and oil, then heads to a Steel Challenge match to see how it performs. Afterwards, he usually does some 25 yard accuracy testing with different ammunition loads to see what kinds of grouping he can get with the new handgun. Patrick doesn’t edit out any missteps; if there’s a malfunction, you’ll see it. If the gun falls apart mid-match, you’ll see it. And if Patrick has an ‘off’ day at the match, well, you’ll see that, too. (As if that could happen.)

In this clip, Patrick is examining a Grand Power Q100. The GP Q100 is nearly identical to its hammer-fired cousin, the K100. (You can watch Patrick review the K100 here.) Chambered in 9mm, this striker-fired, steel frame gun comes to us from Slovakia via Grand Power and imported by Eagle Imports. The Q100 seems pretty accurate for a gun that you can get for around $450. But don’t take our word for it, see it in action here:

Not all guns are perfect, as well saw a stove pipe (FTE) during a stage. Patrick also says he experienced another one during his accuracy testing phase using Blazer Aluminum 9mm. But, it is hard to downplay the exceptional accuracy the Q100; sub-2″ at 25 yards without using match ammo. Load that with some match-grade 9mm ammo and you’d have a pretty solid shooter! Mr. Kelley then took it out to 50 yards and was still shooting 3″ groups with regular ammo; that’s pretty impressive for an out-of-the-box stock 9mm. He did have some struggles with the trigger, and was unable to describe the trigger. The typical Glock-like trigger “squish”, a short amount of over-travel, and a little longer reset that Patrick was used to; not unusable by any means, just took some getting practice.

All in all, the Grand Power Q100 performed well enough to lead Patrick to a win at the Limited Division and 2nd place finish in the Open Division. Even having never shot the gun before, dealing with an unusual trigger feel, and experiencing a malfunction, Mr. Kelley still showed off his shooting skills with a couple more trophies to add to the collection. If you’d like to try the Grand Power Q100 out yourself, Defender Outdoors has a few in stock from $468-488.

Think you’ll give the Grand Power Q100 a try? Have you tried any other Grand Power handguns before? Let us know in the comments!

Video courtesy of Patrick Kelley. Give him a like or follow to help him keep making these videos. Firearm courtesy of Eagle Imports. Ammunition courtesy of Federal Premium. Patrick shoots Savage Rifles with Burris Optics, uses MGM Targets, and is sponsored by us, Defender Outdoors. Got a question for Pat? Leave a comment on his video or on here and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can!

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  1. I am impressed! I don’t know the Grand Power line but am going to learn. I really like low price shooters. I guess I am an embarrassment to collectors and purists but I am too old to care about the opinions of others.

  2. Got my Q100 today. Cleaned, went shooting. Well 115 grain Blazer Brass (great ammo, clean) – 5 stove pipes in 10 shots….. Very bad… Ejection is very weak and chaotic…. Very disappointed! Then shot 147 grain – no FTEs, ejection is a bit better, but poor!

  3. I have been using the GPK100 since the days of STI GP6 Mk6. Love it. Upgraded to the Mk7 version for the backstraps. Love it. Just got the new Q100. Have not time yet on the range. However, the trigger is no where as nice as the K100. Spongy, longer reset. Too bad mags are not available at a cheaper price than $50ea. Other imports have mags almost half that cost.