Trigger Time TV: Fighting From Your Vehicle

Defender Outdoors has partnered with Trigger Time TV to bring our readers some great shooting tips, drills, and strategic advice. Trigger Time TV is a television show that brings together firearms professionals from across the United States to provide the highest level of firearms training and information to firearms enthusiasts across the country. Trigger Time TV has been on for 11 seasons and shows on the Pursuit Channel and Carbon TV in the US, and Wild TV in Canada.

In this clip, John “Shrek” McPhee explains the best practices when fighting from your vehicle. McPhee, also known as “The Sheriff of Baghdad”, served a in the U.S. Army Special Operations for over 20 years until his retirement from the service in 2011. He has since started his own company, SOB Tactical, focused on training civilians, law enforcement, and military operators. Over the course of his long career, he’s come into multiple scenarios where he needed to fight from his vehicle. With protests, car jackings, and so many other possible scenarios around today, his advice is priceless:

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  1. Good, usable advice about the subject! I’ve never considered fighting from inside the car, but, that’s something that can literally pop up, anytime you are driving. Liked the video.

  2. Nice. Can tell you one thing , in a perfect world one the side windows is open to lessen the noise from the pistol . Had to engage multiple threats while driving at night and the noise and muzzle flash put us right into a wall. Seat belts saved us some injury but the small space combined with closed windows sucked , ringing didn’t stop for awhile. Couldn’t here the responses to our radio calls ……. good times. Lol

  3. I never thought about shooting THROUGH the windshield… I bet the bad guy would never dream I would do that…

    Good information…

  4. What about ear protection? Both guns going off in a confined space would really kill your hearing for a while.

    While I know when things pop off without warning, you do what you can do, I’ve often wondered, should you keep something like foam ear plugs handy to pop in (if time permits)?

  5. This makes the internet wanna be fighters and fake know it all fighters to rethink what they preach with no experience at all. A good gun fight is one you are not involved in PERIOD. Watch and learn Like I always say :). Thank you and what a simple but great video. Definitely a life saver.

  6. Good information to have. In this day and age you never know when you have to use this type of defense. Hopefully never, but who knows.

  7. Show how a right handed person would retrieve and shoot his sidearm. And shooting inside a vehicle is extremely loud. You didn’t even flinch. What’s wrong with that picture. I was told to stick the firearm out the window if possible. No mention of that. ???

  8. Left hand handgun holsters can get caught up in the seat belt if you just release it so watch that and use his technique to clear the holster and seat belt as you exit.

    • Since he his left handed he has got used to pulling the seat belt like he showed, the belt being triggered in a wreck it is sound advice but is for sure needed if your wrong handed. I’ve worked from a car under “stress” it is extremely violent and fast even more so than standard CQB. His take on it is very sound, I would suggest adding that once the vehicle is disabled or boxed to exit as soon as it is stopped. I’m sure he would agree it is a bullet magnet and you have zero cover inside a non-armored transport so exiting it to get the needed room to move and cover is critical once your unable to rapid out under power.

  9. Any reason to carry pistol cocked, ready to shoot with just a trigger pull, while rifle uncocked? Will holster be as much protection against accidental shooting as having pistol not cocked? I really would not want to shoot anything (including myself!) by accident.