Defender Training Drills: Range, Rounds, Move

The Defender Training Academy in Fort Worth is one of the best places to get a wide range of firearm training that is accessible to everyone in North Texas. Whether you’re a high speed operator, veteran shooter, or a complete greenhorn who has never held a gun before, the dedicated staff of the DTA can work at your pace. With personal lessons, workshops, and group classes, there’s something for everyone. Unfortunate, for those outside of North Texas, taking a class at the Defender Training Academy can be a bit of journey. Luckily, the DTA Director of Training has a series of quick drills you can use to improve your skills at your local range or our on your own property. Ranging from basics to advanced skills, these short drills are a great way to prepare for defensive firearm use. This training drill is the Range, Rounds, Move drill, aimed at improving your athleticism and smoothing out your transitions between moving, shooting, and changing weapons. Curious? Watch here:

Hey Defenders,
It’s Matt with the Defender Outdoors Shooting Center and Defender Training Academy.
Today’s drill is Range, Rounds, Move. We’re going to start at our target our controller’s gonna call out a distance, a number of rounds, and then a distance again.
So, with that first distance, that’s how far out away from the target we move. We do a 180, engage the target with number of rounds that he calls out with the second number. then the third number is moving back towards the target how far we move back towards the target. And we reengage again with that second number. If at anytime during this drill you hit bolt lock or run out of ammunition on your AR, transition to your pistol, reengage and finish out the drill with some pistol rounds.
Hope you enjoy this one, we’ll see you out on the range.
Alright guys so this was Range, Rounds, Move. Good drill to work that heart rate, work those memorization skills, moving, shooting, transitioning between the two different weapon systems.
And guys, I hope you enjoy this one, its a lot of fun to do. See you out on the range soon

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