Defender Training Drills: 22422

Working on your shooting skills often is vital if you want to be prepared to use those skills. Practicing multiple shooting drills often can help your mind and body get used to certain motions and reactions, even when your heart is pumping and mind racing. When the adrenaline hits, you want your skills to take over and remove the threat, instead of fumbling around because you didn’t practice. Luckily, the Director of Training for the Defender Training Academy in Fort Worth, TX has another great drill for you to practice. This is the 22422 drill that can help you hone your multiple threat assessment skills and can be combined with other drills for more advanced training. Watch here:

Hey Defenders, its Matt from Defender Training Academy
Today’s drill that we’re gonna work on is the 22422 drill.
What we’re gonna do is we’ve got three threats here
we’re gonna deliver 2 rounds to our first threat, either left or right side depending on what you just prefer.
Then two rounds to the center target.
Four rounds to the third target and then we’re going to go back to the center target and deliver two more rounds.
And then finally two final rounds to that first target.

Hope you enjoy this one, we’ll see you on the range.

Ok, so now that we’ve done that drill: What we’re gonna do is kinda amp it up a little bit and work in a transition drill as well.

What do you think of the 22422 Drill? Do you plan on giving it a try? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I like it, although thinking back to my LEO training before I retired, I would suggest some movement by the shooter since the bad guys are not standing still, either forward or carefully in reverse?

  2. This drill won’t work in California. We are only permitted to have 10 round magazines and your drill requires 12 rounds. Also, won’t work with most 1911’s without reloading. How about using a .45 1911 and one round in each and then going back with another round in each? A 11211? Also, the .45 would have better stopping power than that little 9mm. What say you?

    • welcome Rick…from free America…modify the drill to meet your needs and limitations…or…who knows…a reload may be necessary in the heat of battle [of course we all know your magical .45 obliterated the entire space-time continuum…umm before assuming that ‘truth’ recommend checking the plethora of ballistics testing available…best quote paraphrased…’stopping power? the best use of my pistol is fighting to get to my rifle’]…

  3. I thought the original set up said I have time for four rounds before they reach men. I have to assume that means by the fourth shot #4 attacker has made contact if I follow this pattern. I’m giving them one apiece then picking up any still standing.

  4. ….so you are facing 3 aggressors who are going to stand still for several seconds allowing you to engage, then re engage them. Why has shooting drill turned into this. You realistically wouldn’t have a chance in most cases, maybe training should start on when to engage and not how. Maybe they should call it the 8675309 drill where you take on a platoon in your living room with a subcompact, might need that skill someday……