This Texas-Based Gun Range is Spinning 2nd Amendment Debates on Their Axis

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a phenomenon happening in this country; the rise of Guntry Club. These large firearms social houses are sprouting up all over the gun friendly states in the U.S. and beyond, creating community and offering different ways for businesses to entertain clients and customers. I mean, guns are the new golf, you know. But what else makes them different than your traditional gun range? They’re clean, typically in good areas of town and have a family-friendly focus. On top of that, they are employing some of the best firearms trainers in the world.

Training at Defender Outdoors

Students and Instructor move in front of the shooting stalls to practice non-firing techniques like grip, stance, and draw.

. In addition, most indoor ranges don’t allow situation-based training such as Draw From Holster classes or Personal Protection in the Home due to reasons such as liability and lack of room to move and shoot. Because of this, most gun owners simply passed on proper gun training.

When I had the opportunity to help build the Defender Outdoors Shooting Center in Fort Worth, Texas, I wanted it to be a robust concept, complete with event rooms for birthdays and baby showers (what better way to get guys to attend?) and separated bays for across the firing line training involving obstacles and active scenarios. We also built one of the only indoor SIM houses in the state of Texas to provide even MORE realistic training by being able to do force on force. This simulation shows you how easy it is for an assailant to get a shot off on you and also shows you where you hit on a moving target using SIM Marking Rounds. Law Enforcement trains in a very similar way using SIM rounds and a side effect of this instruction is an understanding of what our police officers encounter and why they may react a certain way.

women's only license to carry

Jerah instructing a trainee at the Women’s Only License To Carry class.

As a female instructor, this was a huge chance for me to bring amazing training right into the back yards of Fort Worth residents; especially women, where my passion lies. I understand the importance of being able to take my students through actual situations they could find themselves in, busting myths or preconceived notions and transferring vital knowledge that could save their lives. This kind of training has been sorely needed in a world where most civilian gun owners only go to the range to put holes in paper. This doesn’t help create the muscle memory that our Draw From Holster classes and Every Day Carry Drills classes instill. We also offer education that trains the brain in our Judgmental Training class, where we show you when you could be a better witness vs. when you should actually pull the trigger. Gun owners also need to know their civil, criminal and financial responsibilities under the law when it comes to the execution of self defense with a firearm and we offer Deadly Force Workshops specifically for that purpose. We also teach our students that the gun may not always be the best option, therefore we offer non-lethal weapons training so people can understand all self-defense tools they have at their disposal, how to use them and in which situations they can be most helpful.

Knowing from start (Intro to Handgun) to finish (Deadly Force Workshop – What Happens After The Bang) how responsible gun ownership works from different aspects was my goal in helping create this training program, and the beauty of this is that we can offer two, three & four hour classes just minutes from where Fort Worth residents live. This is so much more convenient than the days of old when you traveled long distances for days at a time. We often host out-of-town or out-of-state groups that can knock out multiple training classes in a single weekend for an affordable price point. We see people taking time out of their month to train regularly due to this convenience and the byproduct is a safer, more educated community of gun owners. We also pride ourselves in being able to hire former military and law enforcement and being advocates for our 2nd Amendment rights.

Training is a must if you are going to be a gun owner and we offer it in a wide array of options, dates and times. The better and more often we train allows us to silence the anti-gun voices that would vote to severely dilute or extinguish our right to self-defense. For more information, guidance on your path to training, or for group rates please contact Jerah Hutchins ( or Matt Lillis (

Defender Outdoors Shooting Center
2900 Shotts St.
Fort Worth, TX 76107

jerah_headshotJerah Hutchins has worked as the Membership, Events & Training Director of the Defender Outdoors Shooting Center in Fort Worth, TX for two and a half years. She is a Second Amendment thought leader on LinkedIn and has 6 years of experience training firearms. Her passion lies with the new shooter and empowering women to take control of their own safety. She is a board member of EmPOWERed, a campus carry movement that teaches collegiate students firearms and non-lethal weapons and also Veteran Forces, a veteran organization dedicated to hosting our wounded warriors and battling PTSD.

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  1. This photo of a firing line promotes unsafe conditions with two shooters behind two shooters. Straighten that line up!

  2. What? No hearing protection or safety glasses in the main picture. Being ‘well trained’ means protecting your hearing and eyesight, I thought. Careless. Training is good. Correct training even better…and all of us need a little more correct training…no matter how good we think we are.

    • When the home invader attacks, not many of us are going to be looking for ear protection. You also need to be familiar with the full sound so you don’t react to the full sound. I agree, protection will be beneficial for extended practice sessions.

    • Dave, try zooming in on the lead picture and you will see they are both wearing eye protection and I assume Jarah is wear in-the-ear protection.

    • It looks like the instructor has custom molded ear protection and both have on glasses. My range offers me the option to put on additional Eye protection but I choose not to due to the irritation to my ears. It sucks wearing glasses but I rubbed a contact out with shooting glasses and then couldn’t see squat.

      The details your looking for in safety first is spot on.

      • Statement below main picture:

        “Students and Instructor move in front of the shooting stalls to practice non-firing techniques like grip, stance, and draw”
        Maroons! Reading comprehension required.

      • Thank you, Jerry, Chris & Ben. I am wearing both eye and ear protection. I am also standing slightly behind the student.

    • All of the RDO’s and Instructors always have the proper saftey equipment. Also, gonna be a cheerleader her for a second, they conduct themselves with profressionalism and courtesy.

    • The lack of hearing and eye protection, along with the fact that the instructor seems unconcerned that her shooters are staggered rather than being in a row on the firing line (which is what I first noticed; good catch on the protective gear!), would suggest that this is a drill with unloaded firearms (in this case, possibly proper sight alignment/sight picture). Every firearms course I have attended has had periods of instruction with cleared firearms, during which the shooters at least remove their hearing protection so the instructor doesn’t have to shout, followed by the live-fire portion where the they require us to have “eyes and ears” on prior to the range going hot. All of this is conjecture, of course, but it seems more likely than a range allowing their instructors to utilize bad practices, especially in front of a camera!

    • I don’t believe this article was about eye and ear protection training. If you read it, it’s about proper weapons training. They could have been doing a number of drills where eyes and ears aren’t required nor needed. Next time focuse on all the good things they’re doing rather that what you think they should be doing in a photo. Good read and good work DOSC!

    • These people are (I hope) not on the firing line. Note the staggered line and that the woman to the far left is looking extreme right. I think the red shirt man in the trainer and I hope this is a stance drill with no ammo in the room.

      • I’m looking extreme right to keep track of the student and make sure they are drawing correctly. I was an RSO in this class and this was a dry drill. Hopefully you read the article and got something good out of the education that we are trying to promote.

    • Obviously a pose, or some dry fire training in progress; although, the eye and ear protection should be part of such training no matter nothing live will occur.

    • Probably ,picture is from EDC class or drawing from concealed carry drills !
      Range safty is Very important …but NO ONE walks around town with ear protection every day ,although they can get safty rated eyeglasses for EDC !

    • The image above is from a draw from holster exercise. In the exercise, all students and instructors drop mags and clear. The group moves in front of the shooting stalls, so there is no hindrance to movement. Since this portion of the range has “gone dead” (no live firing at this time), we can move in front of stalls and remove eyes and ears. This allows our instructors to give direction and advice without shouting.

      The students above are working on multiple drills: drawing from holster, getting into stance, working on grip, creating distance from the threat, visualization, and reholstering. Because these drills involve so much movement, we require cleared firearms to prevent discharges and unsafe handling.

  3. Safety glasses are definitely missing , but the hearing protection could have been inserts in the ear you cannot see in the picture. I am a firm believe in over the ear earmuffs, but some people use the ear plugs.

  4. You can see the trainer in the far left of the pic… may they were just going over proper positioning and not actually firing? I’ve never been to a range, indoor or out, where ppe was not mandatory.

  5. I would guess just by looking at the picture that they are receiving instruction on firing stance and hand hold techniques and the handguns are unloaded. Eye and hearing protection not required.

  6. The picture very likely is not a “live fire” exercise, based on the position of the people, with the middle pair being very close together and one slightly in front of the other. What I get from the picture is unloaded guns, learning the proper grip and stance with an instructor’s verbal commands – which would be difficult with hearing protection in.

  7. The article header link to this article in the email is misleading. This article in fact does prove anti-gunner’s arguments. None of this training is required. Only the most ethical and motivated shooter will seek the training needed to be competent with a firearm. What this range is doing is fantastic, and it is too bad training like this is not universally available. But if similar training is not required of conceal/open carriers, even I, as a permit holder, do have serious concerns about the safety of the general public around some of the idiots out there.

    • Obviously a pose, or some dry fire training in progress; although, the eye and ear protection should be part of such training no matter nothing live will occur.

      The very reason elimination of the Universal Military Training Act is having such a significant effect on the number of citizens with fire arms training. When every able male was required to at least complete basic military training there was a much larger gun wise footprint across the nation.

  8. william h turner

    You cannot tell from this picture. One has muffs the instructor does not. At this stage maybe she is going through a dry firing exercise. When they are ready for live firing she would wear her muffs.

  9. The individuals in the 1st pic are most likely going thru a quick draw exercise. Guns would not be loaded in this dry fire situation,

  10. william h turner

    Handgun defense begins with situation awareness. Being taught how to observe the area that you are in and spot the problem before you have to use your weapon. Just because you spot a problem does not mean you have to engage. Is there a way you can leave the danger zone without exposing yourself to the danger? You may not need all of the fancy gun classes on draw and shoot on the move etc. but it sure helps if you are in that kind of a situation.

  11. And the there is the hopefully never occasion when you have to actually present and use your EDC firearm. Oh wait, I left my eyes and ears in my range bag. Really?
    I would say it is obvious from the picture and the lack of safety protection that the firearms are NOT loaded.

  12. Lady in the carry class should have her trigger finger on the side of the slide, NOT IN THE TRIGGER GUARD !!!!!! until she has proper two handed grip and ready to fire.

    Let’s get this right people.

  13. The instructor is wearing full eye protection – zoom in and you’ll see it more clearly – and is most probably wearing buds the same as I do. The student is possible wearing hi-impact Rx glasses, which are allowed on most ranges out here in the West, although it would still be best to use shooting eye-protection that fits over glasses.

  14. These pictures could be a dry fire exercise. I agree that eye protection is needed just in case someones weapon is not totally empty. Not really necessary for hearing. They should all be on the same line though to be safe. And bladed stances are better than a square weaver stance for self protection. Any training is better than none at all. However bad training can be hard to correct if its in grained. I just hope that classes for concealment permits get much better training than what I am witnessing here.

  15. Mark Ethridge Woodward

    Another couple of generations of Millennial “snowflakes” and the only people with any training whatsoever will have spent some time in the Green Weenie…

  16. Great article and content and a good read. Way to go gals. I don’t know why I started to read the comments (face plant to pal) (and I can’t believe I’m typing this) but isn’t it possible they were posing for the photo and all safety requirements were adhered to? If you were not there you don’t have context. Stop majoring in the minors and at least give her some credit.