Defender Training Drills – Balance of Speed and Precision Drill

The Defender Training Academy has been teaching multiple classes from handgun safety to advanced combat carbine courses since its opening in September. The DTA Director of Training, Matt Lillis, also started a new video series of Defender Drills for those outside of North Texas. The second segment focuses on working on your balance of speed and precision. Watch below:

“Hey Defenders. It’s Matt with Defender Outdoors Shooting Center and Defender Training Academy. Today we’re going to work on a drill called Balance of Speed and Precision. With this drill we have two scenarios that we’re going to kinda play out here. The first scenario is going to be an individual who is coming right at you to do harm to you. You’re going to deliver three to five rounds to that high center chest area. The second scenario we have is if a threat is doing harm to a third individual. That’s represented by the different number cards.

“Ok, so what we’re gonna use to tell us which targets to shoot are going to be a deck of cards. This you can use on any range you like as well. If we get a number card, we’re going to deliver one round to that card, simulating that one perfect shot we gotta deliver in order to neutralize the threat. If we get the face card, then what we’re going to do is we’re going to deliver three to five rounds to that high center chest area in order to eliminate the threat that’s coming right at us. You guys ready? Let’s go hot.

“Ok Defenders, that was our drill, Balance of Speed and Precision. And what we did here is we had two different scenarios: an individual coming right at us wanting to do us harm to which we delivered three to five rounds to the high center chest area; the second scenario was an individual doing harm to a third person in which we had to deliver that one perfect shot. Hope you find this drill useful for your use on the range, we’ll see you soon.”

Will you try Matt’s Balance of Speed and Precision drill at home or the next time you’re at the range? Let us how it goes in the comment section below.

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