Defender After Dark: Lantac Raven Review

Will James, President of Defender Outdoors, sat down with Brett from Lantac USA to learn about the Lantac LAR-15 Raven carbine. This fantastic new rifle has gotten many of us at the Defender Outdoors Shooting Center excited, as anyone who follows us on Facebook or Instagram has probably seen. The Lantac Raven has many of the top-of-the-line features you’d expect from Lantac USA. But they’ve also added some new features that improve performance and user experience. Wanna learn more? Watch the video below.

And there you have it. If this has got you curious about the Lantac LAR-15 Reven, the best thing to do would try one out for yourself at the Defender Outdoors Shooting Center in Fort Worth, TX. The full-auto version we’ve got for rental is pretty darn fun. If you like it enough, you can take your own (semi-auto) version home with you. If Fort Worth is too far away, feel free to check out selection of Lantac USA products for sale online at

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  1. I’ve used Keymod and M-Lok and frankly having to take 10-15 minutes to attach a rail accessory turns me off to M-Lok. Too many variables with different companies utilizing the design. If the accessories had a standard they all adhered to it would be great, but like I said, I’ve had issues of the nuts spinning and then you have to stick a screwdriver to hold them until they were locked in enough…I mean seriously? I’ll take Keymod any day over M-Lock

  2. I just purchased a brand new one today for a song…(well not really.. but waaay less than MSRP) I’ll maybe check back in a month or so after I’ve had a chance to put some range time on it..