CZ Enters the Striker-Fired Pistol Market with P10c

For much of the handguns’s modern history, the action involved a hammer that is cocked and released on the pull of the trigger. A few attempts were made to make a striker-fired handgun, but few panned out until the much heralded Glock 17. Since then, many other gun manufacturers have followed suit with their own versions of the striker-fired handgun. CZ has also thrown their hat into the proverbial ring with the new CZ P10c.

CZ has a had some great handguns in the past with the venerable CZ 75, the Scorpion, and their newer polymer frame pistols the P-07 and P-09. Following in the vain of these polymer framed carry pistols, the P10c takes it one step further with a new striker-fired action. With more and more people opting to protect themselves with a concealed handgun, CZ is finally making a firearm fit for the modern shooter. The lightweight and compact polymer frame and lack of snagging hammer make this new handgun perfect for concealed carry. The guys over at the Military Arms Channel got a sneak peek at the new P10c, have a look:

So what do you think of the new CZ P10c? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I have always liked the quality of a CZ but have never cared for hammer fired pistols. All of my dozen or so pistols are all striker fired, so I will be the first in line for this new addition to their line of fine pistols.

  2. No such thing as a Glock Killer, please stop using that rediculous analogy. Glocks have been in their present form for 40 years, and 70 percent of Police and Military use them, do you really think they are going to switch guns when they just adopted Glocks for Seals and Spec Ops? I won’t even read something that starts out that stupid.

    • burns, you really need to get your facts straight before spouting off. Most police only use the glock because it is sold to them financially cheaper than other pistols, not because it is superior. It is cheaper to replace parts, which all glocks need before use. Seals and spec ops do not only use glocks, they also have a variety of firepower to use. Again, the glock is offered cheaper. I have owned and sold 8 different glocks in my lifetime. As much as I have tried to love them, it is just not there. There are many superior pistols to the glock out there and I have a number of them. Block has had its share of recalls and problems. It is far from “perfection”. I can not wait to add another quality CZ to my collection.

  3. Just another Glock copy. I have been carrying a 19 both on and off duty for the last 20 or so years about 20k rounds a year and never a problem except one broken trigger reset spring. Even then I could just push the trigger forward and keep the gun running.
    Why do we need all of the Glock copies?