CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine – Hands On Shooting and Pictorial

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CZ first brought the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Pistol to the U.S. and it was an immediate success with the American firearm enthusiasts searching for a lightweight, reliable, and affordable semi-auto version of a submachine gun. CZ also offered a folding stock kit that included enough parts for those who wanted to create their own short barrel rifle and still be compliant with 922R. But there are many who don’t want to file the federal paperwork and pay the extra $200 for the tax stamp and registration, travel restrictions, or are unable to have SBRs in their area. For those, CZ created the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine with a 16.1 inch barrel.

Offered in two versions, one with a fake suppressor manufactured by Silencerco, and the other with a plain barrel and muzzle brake (pictured below).

Scorpion with muzzle brake

Our version is the plain barrel version, as we plan to add a suppressor mount and a can we already had on hand. The Scorpion comes in a fitted cardboard box, with room for two magazines and an instruction book.

We added a low-mounted red dot, and took it directly to the range. No cleaning, no oil, just 300 rounds of mixed 9mm ammunition and a handful of magazines.

CZ Scorpion shipping box

CZ Scorpion shipping box

Magazines are available in 10, 20, and 30 round capacity. The 10 are great for bench work getting the sights zeroed. Magazines are inexpensive compared to other 30 round sub gun magazines.  They are well made and survived dropping repeatedly on concrete floors during our testing.10 and 30 round 9mm CZ Scorpion magazines

CZ fixed sights are very good with a shielded front sight post and rear adjustable sight. The design allows a low mounted red dot to co-witness the iron sights.

As a left handed shooter, I appreciate the control on this carbine. Ambidextrous safeties and magazine release, reversible charging handle, and the bolt release is easy to manipulate with your trigger finger as a lefty or off-hand thumb for right-handed shooters.

Once sighted in on paper, the shooting started on DOSC’s indoor steel plate range. Trigger pull is around 8 pounds, but that didn’t stop us from ringing steel at a good clip. Recoil is light due to the ergonomics, bolt mass, and muzzle brake. The more we shot, the longer the line of interested staff members wanting a chance to run this carbine.

Overall, we went through 300 rounds without a failure of any kind. While we did not bench test for accuracy, informal shooting showed small groups at 50 feet off-hand.

We enlisted DOSC’s Training Director Matt Lillis help to run a few drills and get his impressions of the carbine. As a fellow lefty, we did not have to return the charging handle to the left side; though if we did, it only takes a minute and requires no tools.

After another 200 rounds, still without cleaning or oil, no failures to feed, fire, or any other malfunction occurred. Drills included double and triple taps, mag dumps, shooting with the stock folded, and shooting on the move.

He commented that it shoots well, easy to transition between targets. Good ergonomics for left- and right-handed shooters. It is controllable to shoot with the stock folded, and might make a good vehicle gun. He thought it is a good choice for home defense, especially for small shooters with the adjustable stock.

The CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine is not perfect. Matt and others found a few faults.

  • The safety selector sticks out too far and gets in the way of the trigger finger. You’ll notice in the picture that this is easily solved with careful sanding. Aftermarket companies are now offering different profiles.
  • The magazines do not drop free when the slide locks. While it does lock back after the last shot, the magazine is slightly held in place by the pressure from the bolt. It is easy to strip out by hand but does not drop free on its own.
  • Trigger pull is 8 pounds or more. Aftermarket parts are available to reduce the trigger pull weight.

Scorpion Takedown pin 1

Internally, it’s simple and robust. The take-down is very simple. First clear and check the weapon for ammunition. Lock the bolt in the rear position. Push the takedown pin (right) out from right to left. It’s a captured pin, so you cannot lose it. Pull the trigger and grip assembly down and remove. With your fingers, reach in from underneath and push the bolt back, then down to remove. That’s it!

Part of the reliability is from the large ejector and extractor. Nearly 25% of the rim is held by the extractor, and the long robust ejector insures a positive removal of all rounds.

The large bolt and recoil spring assembly is one piece. There’s a two part recoil pad on the end of the recoil assembly. The inner part is soft elastic material to absorb shock, and a harder end plate.  The bolt is about a pound of steel.

On a scale of 1-5, where 5 is excellent, the CZ Scorpion scores an easy 4.5.  It’s easy to handle and shoot by small and large framed individuals. Reliability was exceptional. The folding and adjustable stock is very good, and features a strong magnet to help keep it folded. Controls are large and can be used with gloves. Recoil is light and manageable.  Luckily, aftermarket parts are now becoming more available.

What do you think of the Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Too big for a 9 mm.
    8 lb trigger pull is a deal breaker, too. Plus the price is way too high…
    I’d buy a KelTec Sub 2000 Gen 2, but I’d skip the Scorpion.

  2. I have upgraded mine with HB Industries trigger kit, trigger, charging lever, a red dot sight, and a Cloudbreak muzzle brake. My biggest complaint is the cost of shooting. With 2 20 round and 2 30 round mags and reloading the 20″s it gets expensive. I have never had a malfunction.

  3. I bought one from Defender Outdoors bc every store in NV was sold out. Never been happier w a purchase. Only draw back is the safety and the stock. Hopefully they’ll start making upgrades for both

  4. I’d love to take it for a spin, I’ve shot just about every SMG from the Thompson through the HK MP5SD as well as MAC M-10 & M-11 .380. The UZI is a beast, the Mini however was close to perfect other than still a mite heavy.

  5. I can say after several trips to the range Scorpion has done it again. Another awesome weapon that does not let you down. This is smooth and accurate even at 100 yards with the factory steel sights the guys at the range and myself where not having any trouble hitting it. As I read all the critics knocking it for being 9mm it was a selling point for me because I was looking for a tactical rifle that can be shot repeatedly with fast recovery from recoil and this was perfect. My wife or daughter could handle this without any problem. It is fun and very affordable to take to the range. Thanks again CZ!!

  6. I just got home from taking the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 out for a shake down. All I can say is “WOW”
    I put 100 rounds through it for the first time. I did dismantle the Scorpion and clean it out and oil it just out of habit and it never misfired, jammed or any other problem. I used the factory sights and using 115 gr FMJ and was on the 50 yard range. It fired a pattern of about 5 inches and I never tried to adjust the factory setting and was very pleased and happy.
    It wasn’t the firearm I originally wanted but let me tell you a thing or two.
    It cost less than the other 9mm carbines I was looking for and it was a real treat to fire.
    Easy field strip, easy clean and easy reassembly. Like I said earlier, WOW.
    If you get a chance to fire one go ahead and give it a spin you will not be disappointed.

  7. Was there any issue shooting for the lefties? Like brass in the face, gases too much in the face? I’m a lefty and really want to get one, just nervous about the usual lefty issues with shooting a right handed gun.

  8. I have the scorpion and sub 2000. Apples and oranges. Cz way more accurate, reliable, much better build. Keltec decent truck, backpacking carbine. Killed 2 coyotes last winter with the CZ, farthest maybe 60 yds. Never had a problem with any CZ firearm I’ve owned.
    Excellent carbine, take a dremmel tool to the safety, 15 min fix.

  9. I bought the faux suppressor eco 3 and it is a tank! Solid well built gun. Yes the safety needs to be replaced and I have that and a lighter trigger spring from HD. My problem is it shoots about 4 in low at 10 yards and I have the front post bottomed out? May need to grind off a bit I guess???