Criminals Strike Close to Home in Texas

Criminals can strike anywhere at any time. You should always be prepared and carry your gun just like Luis, one of our members from Texas. He saw a pair of criminals trying to break into his neighbor’s car, and he knew exactly what he had to do in order to stop them.

Have you caught criminals trying to break into your car or a neighbors car? Tell us your experiences in the comments!

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Good Samaritan Saves Deputy

The just-released video above is from the Florida State Attorney’s Office, supporting a judge’s ruling that a citizen who opened fire on a man attacking a Lee County deputy last year was justified in using deadly force.

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4 Comments On This Article

  1. Sorry, but Luis is an idiot. If this ‘reenactment’ is accurate, the immediate situation (the theft of the vehicle) was nipped in the bud upon the subjects ceasing their actions due to Luis making it known that they were being observed. For Luis to move forward & confront them, leaving his potential hard cover (his own vehicles, if he had bothered to utilize them as such) & then place himself (while holding a handgun) within the path of the offender’s fleeing vehicle & attempt to impede their attempt to flee & avenue of escape, did nothing but escalate the situation & was moronic on his part. Luis, by his actions alone, turned a property offense (that the offenders aborted before completing) in to a use of deadly force encounter that was completely unnecessary. Thankfully, Luis was not run over or shot by the suspects, but that was a coin toss until the suspects were clear of the area. Had Luis ended up run over or shot & lived through either, I doubt that in hindsight he would’ve thought that it was a good idea to confront them over a truck. Had he been killed, I doubt his family would’ve thought it was a good idea either. Had Luis hit either or both of the suspects with his gunfire, he could count on at least being sued civilly by the by the suspects if they lived or by their families if they were killed. That’s in addition to any potential criminal action he would be looking at (if he lived through the encounter) from the district attorney that has jurisdiction. It doesn’t really matter if you’re successful a few years down the road & your defense(s) is victorious…’re still out around $200K (or more) to a competent criminal defense or civil attorney (or both) that you’ll never recoup.
    I was a police officer for 25 years in one of the most violent cities in this country & I know of no jurisdiction that deems it legal for a citizen to defend a piece of property with deadly force while outside of one’s home or domicile. That Luis wasn’t arrested in this particular case, is most likely due to there being no injuries or death to either of the offenders & the responding officers ‘cutting him a break’. However, had Luis scored hits with any of his fired shots, he’d likely be looking at a much different outcome. A perfect example of how this can go very wrong for you if you take it upon yourself to escalate a situation is the George Zimmerman case. Did he end up ‘getting off’? Yes. But he was extremely lucky to have. All it would’ve taken for him to have been convicted of 2nd Degree Murder was a slightly different make up people within his jury. Do you really want to place your & that of your family’s future into the hands of complete strangers? Was Zimmerman’s life a nightmare for years from the moment he pulled the trigger? You’d better believe it. Would you want to go through something like that? Trust me….you wouldn’t. To those reading this, please don’t do as Luis did here (or as Zimmerman did). The world is no longer what it used to be. What Luis did was the norm several decades ago…..unfortunately, no longer. If the suspects were committing a violent criminal act upon a person, then doing as Luis did is much easier to justify. But for piece of property? You’re opening Pandora’s Box if you do as he did & no one has any idea what will come out. Luis should’ve remained in a position of cover, called 911, given the description’s of the suspects & their vehicle (tag # if he was able to get it) & direction of travel if they fled…. then waited for the police units that get paid to handle this type of situation to arrive. I loved going after suspects & caught as many as I could…..there was nothing quite like the feeling I got when I arrived & they were still on scene. Too often they were already gone…..but the criminal’s luck usually eventually runs out & if we didn’t get them that day, we’d get them another. But I was covered legally by my Department to engage these guys. Whatever stemmed from that action, whether they ended up caught, injured, dead, whatever…. was considered part of my job as long as I operated within the legal perimeters that I was given. That these suspects in the above incident likely would’ve ‘gotten away’ before the arrival of the police units should be irrelevant to you all. By calling 911 & giving as much information as you can provide, you’re doing your ‘part’. There’s no need to take it beyond that. Doing more than that is only your putting your physical safety at risk & your future in a position of potential jeopardy. A truck is easily replaced. A newly acquired arrest record, drained bank accounts, etc….or your life, are not. Don’t be Luis. Just call the cops.

  2. If Luis went out in the street and then felt threatened by the vehicle he was wrong. Nothing was stolen, he wasn’t fired upon so let them go, get a license plate number. Do you really want to die over a petty theft attempt?

  3. Bravo Luis. God bless you for being a good and brave neighbor!!!!!!!
    Wish everyone had good neighbors like you!!!!!!!!!
    If more people took action against crime like you did America would
    be better off for sure!