Celebrate Independence Day with Gun Videos!

Tuesday is July 4th. A day when Patriots across the nation celebrate the United States of America declaring independence from Great Britain. We all celebrate in different ways, watching the local parade, grilling some tasty food with friends and family, and usually watching the second-best use of gunpowder explode in colorful starbursts in the sky. Well, to get ready for Independence Day, we’ve collected a four cool gun videos to watch and celebrate the Second Amendment! We hope you enjoy these clips and have a safe and fun Fourth of July!

A Full Minute of Full Auto Freedom: 700 Round Belt Fed Burst

No need to say much on this video, it speaks for itself. Experience the best America has to offer with 700 rounds of 5.56 NATO fired full auto from an AR. Don’t try it at home unless you’re ready to buy a new barrel!

Blasting Potato Masher Grenades with Trench Shotgun

You’ve probably heard gun guys talk about it, maybe even saw it depicted in a movie: World War I soldiers blasting an airborne German grenade with a Winchester M97. Of course, you think, I can hit a clay moving away from me in Skeet or Trap, why wouldn’t a trained soldier be able to knock an incoming potato masher out of the sky? Well, #7.5 or #8 birdshot patterns quite differently from military issue 00 buck, especially coming from a turn-of-the-century trench shotgun. YouTube shooter Taofldermaus takes a look at this myth:

Lantac Raven Full Auto with Defender Outdoors Shooting Center’s Jerah

Our good friends from Lantac USA dropped by the Defender Outdoors Shooting Center last week to show off the new Lantac Raven. We were pretty excited to get to try the new rifle out…especially with the happy switch. Our own Jerah Hutchins showed us how to work it like a boss:

You’re Never Too Young to Back the Blue

Though not necessarily a gun video, we couldn’t help but share this local story. This adorable video involves a 4 year old Texas boy who loves the police. His parents, who have been going through a rough time, asked the local police to maybe drive by and turn the siren on for the boy’s birthday. What they got, though, made young Mason’s day! You can read the full story here.

KLTV.com – Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville |ETX News

We hope you enjoyed these patriotic gun videos. Remember to have a safe and gun Independence Day. Celebrate the freedoms that our forefathers fought to give us, and remember to be courteous with your fireworks around the veterans who fought so we could keep those freedoms. From all of us at Defender Outdoors and Defender Supply, have a happy Fourth of July!