A 12 Gauge with AR Parts

A semi-auto 12 gauge with AR parts compatibility. I like the thought of that. Like a lot of shooters, I have a closet chock-full of spare AR buttstocks, triggers, sights, and grips. After building an embarrassingly large number of ARs in various calibers, having the freedom to use those leftover goodies to piece together something […]

Save Money by Reloading Shotgun Shells

Reloading for shotguns is the easiest way to get started in reloading compared to rifle or pistol reloading. It’s faster because there are a few steps that you don’t have to do for shot shells. If you get hooked on any of the clay target games, chances are the cost of ammunition can limit the […]

Uzkon Announces UNG-12 Semi-Auto Bullpup Shotgun

There seem to be a lot of new bullpup shotguns hitting the market in recent years like the Kel-Tec KSG, Standard Manufacturing DP-12, SRM 1200 models, and the UTAS UTS-15 hit, to name a few. Turkish manufacturer Uzkon, which produces several other style shotguns is trying to break into the compact tactical market with their new UNG-12. […]