SilencerCo’s Maxim 9 In Stores Soon

Get your Form 4’s filled out and your checks to the ATF ready, SilencerCo’s long-awaited Maxim 9 is expected to hit the shelves in April of this year! The unique integrally-suppressed 9mm handgun was announced back in 2015. SilencerCo showed the new production models off at this year’s SHOT Show and have stated the much-anticipated […]

Defender Training Drills – Triple Threat Drill

The Defender Training Academy focuses on training all gun owners from first timers to veteran shooters. The DTA Director of Training, Matt Lillis, also started a new video series of Defender Drills for those outside of North Texas. In this installment of Defender Training Drills, Mr. Lillis shows us his Triple Threat Drill that takes […]

Colt Announces the New Delta Elite Rail Gun

WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (January 4, 2017) – Often considered the manufacturer that saved the 10mm round from obscurity in the 1980’s, Colt readies yet another offering in that powerful chambering with the new Delta Elite Rail Gun. Aimed toward the outdoorsman who requires a sidearm stout enough for midsized game who prefers the proven 1911 […]

Kriss Sphinx SDP Out of the Box and into the Match Review!

The Swiss do a lot of things right: Swiss Cheese, Swiss Chocolate, Swiss Watches, and even Swiss Banks and Multi-Tools. But they also make pretty solid firearms, too. Besides being the “SIG” of SIG Sauer, Switzerland is also home to Astra Arms, RUAG, KRISS Arms and their subsidiary, Sphinx Systems. Sphinx’s main defensive handgun is […]