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Army Receives First Shipment of Sig P320 Handguns

We’ve covered the United States Army’s adoption of a new handgun, as it is the first time since 1985 that the Army has selected a new sidearm for the enlisted troops. Think about that for a second: The M9 (the military-grade Beretta 92) replaced the M1911 in 1985, and the M1911 held that spot since […]

Tips for Wearing a Shoulder Rig

So, maybe you wear a sport coat everyday, or you just wrapped up a Miami Vice marathon and found yourself wanting to try out a shoulder holster. Shoulder rigs are quite convenient for certain types of carry. By moving the the gun up to the side of the body it can be more easily accessible […]

Springfield Unveils New RO Elite 1911

Springfield Armory has just announced the addition of four new 1911 models chambered in 9mm and .45 ACP. The 1911 RO Elite is Springfield’s latest addition to their growing line of handguns, including the recently released XD-E. The Geneseo, IL-based firearm manufacturer is also offering a limited-time offer that all new RO Elite 1911’s ship […]

Woman Shoots Boyfriend for YouTube Stunt

The adage “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” seems terribly appropriate for this story. According to several news sources a Minnesota woman shot her boyfriend while filming a new video for a YouTube video. The young couple were allegedly in love with one another and the shooting was not a result of an argument. Rather, […]