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Shooting Video Round-Up: Prototype Rifles, John Wick, Musical Targets and More!

We’re back with another installment of our Shooting Video Round-Up. In this series we gather together some of best videos from all around the internet to entertain our gun-loving friends. We’ve got some surprising videos (like how Buzzfeed endorsed guns), some cool new product demos, and more. So, sit back, turn your speakers or headphones […]

Kriss Sphinx SDP Out of the Box and into the Match Review!

The Swiss do a lot of things right: Swiss Cheese, Swiss Chocolate, Swiss Watches, and even Swiss Banks and Multi-Tools. But they also make pretty solid firearms, too. Besides being the “SIG” of SIG Sauer, Switzerland is also home to Astra Arms, RUAG, KRISS Arms and their subsidiary, Sphinx Systems. Sphinx’s main defensive handgun is […]

44 AMP 1

Shooting the Notch

Over the course of my shooting career I have amassed experience, and some notable success, in many different shooting sports. From IHMSA (international metallic handgun silhouette) competitions where absolute perfection is demanded in both sight alignment and trigger control, to Practical Shooting events within USPSA / IDPA (United State Practical Shooting Association / International Defensive […]