California Ends Direct-To-Consumer Ammunition Online Sales

For the first time in California history, residents will have to go to a licensed dealer and undergo a background check when buying ammunition. According to CA Proposition 63, all ammunition purchased online or from a mail-order catalog must be shipped to a licensed vendor. As a result of this legislation that starts taking effect on January 1, 2018, Defender Outdoors will cease all ammunition direct sales to California residents effective December 17, 2017. Ammunition will need to be sent to an approved ammunition vendor. Any and all additional costs for transfer from vendor to the consumer is the responsibility of the consumer.

Proposition 63 Ammunition LawIn 2016, California lawmakers and voters took gun control to a whole new level of government oversight with the passing of numerous laws further restricting guns and ammunition. These new regulations began taking effect nearly 2 years ago, affecting 6+ million firearms owners residing in the state. Of these regulations, one specifically targets ammunition purchases.

As of January 1, 2018, anyone residing in California wanting to buy ammunition online or through a catalog will have to receive their purchase in person through a licensed dealer. This requirement will most likely have the biggest impact on rural hunters and shooters who may have limited access to brick and mortar sellers. Of further note, California will prohibit its residents from bringing ammunition into the state, bypassing taking delivery through a licensed dealer. Ironically, these new laws do not impact sharing ammunition in person with your friends and shooting partners…you just cannot sell it to them.

Proposition 63 supersedes AB 962 and applies to all ammunition sales and summarized as follows:

Effective January 1, 2018

  • Licensed sellers will conduct and process all ammunition sales
  • Unlicensed sellers will have to conduct ammunition sales through a licensed vendor much like private party firearms transactions
  • Ammunition obtained from an out-of-state seller must initially ship to a licensed ammunition vendor for delivery to the purchaser upon completion of a background check

Effective July 1, 2019

  • Sellers will not sell or transfer ammunition without conducting a background check on the buyer
  • California law requires ammunition sellers to record, maintain, and report to the DOJ records of ammo sales in a manner similar to that of a firearm purchase

Proposition 63 does allow ammunition sales at shooting ranges without the purchaser undergoing a background check and without a sale record provided the ammo remains inside the facility.

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  1. I guess this madness will never stop. Time to give Kalifornia to Mexico before this insanity infects the rest of the country more than it has already.

  2. As usual liberals show their stupidity through their actions. I pity the normal people of California. As it goes with liberal ran states, it should be bankrupt before too long.

  3. That is how you have to get ammo in Ill, exceptou don’t need a back ground check every time, you need a permit. Hasn’t done much good in Chicago! Haven’t seen a bad guy yet that obeys a law!

  4. Dear Californians: It sucks to be you but you voted for these tyrants. When they say they want to trample your Constitutional rights if only you’d put them in office do you think they’re kidding? I’d love to say you can move to one of the free states like Texas, but only if you leave your bad voting habits behind.

    • Most if not all of us law abiding gun owners did NOT vote for these tyrants. Please don’t group us in with the other 33 million bleeding heart liberals that run this state.

    • Personally…I didn’t vote for these “crap-heads”!
      I live here and I’ve got to “deal with it” I guess…But that’s alright though,
      it’ll be dealt with…accordingly.

    • Don’t include the conservative Californians with the liberal voters who continue to vote for a socialist government and anti-gun fools. There is a conservative minority that would love to move to a state like Texas. We have no liberal voting habits because everything I vote for gets voted down. Once in a while a reasonable law passed the vote of the people only to be struck down in the liberal courts.

    • Sorry – I live in a rural county and WE did not vote for any of this crap. Unfortunately, our liberal population centers will go for anything the Dummocrats tell them to vote for (had to argue with one once to convince her that she COULD vote for anyone and anything on the ballot she wanted to – that she did not have to vote a straight party ticket – what insanity). Fortunately I also belong to a training facility one state over where I can get the ammo I need without all the hassles – just can’t legally bring any back with me. Take away guns from the citizens and only the criminals will have them – wonder what Sacramento will do then?

      • Why can’t you bring them home (legally)?
        I’m ignorant on this point, is that a federal law? A state law?
        I tried to search about Prop 63 and didn’t find anything about “can’t go yourself to get some on other states”.

    • Sorry Robin but you have no idea what you’re talking about here. I live in a mountain town of 3000 , born and raised here for 43 years. Its conservative but Sac, Bay and LA decide everything in this state, absolute non-sense.

    • Don’t believe them , look what they did to Colorado while the locals believed that they wanted a new beginning. They LIE just like Hillary and her minions.
      What happened in Colorado just shows you that we can never believe the liberals or let our guard down.

    • Liberals should not be allowed to leave the Peoples Republic of Kaliforniastan. It happened when I lived in Utah and it’s happening in Texas where I live now. They flee the high taxes, bad economy and regulatory boot and bring thier liberal attitudes with them. They scream and holler for the very same policies and laws that drove them from the peoples republic to start with. It’s like a disease that can’t be cured.

    • Dude… you are speaking to gun owners on this forum. WTF? I did not vote for these A holes. I am at the mercy of the majority here. All you guys say we deserve what we get. No we don’t. I am a sportsman like you. I am an honest law abiding gun owner. I just want to shoot. Unfortunately, they call this a democracy. I need to live here now due to my job. And, its 75 degrees and sunny most of the time. SO, apparently I have to put up with this BS. We have been skirting with loopholes for years, but they are closing those loopholes. I’d rather you feel sorry for us and offer your support.


      • You don’t need to live there for your job. I lived in the Peoples Republic, saved some money and moved out of state to a very great place and got a new job. No one has you tied there.

    • The fools stay in office because of the overwhelming number of liberal voters in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. Plus the Democrats buy votes from the poor by all the free stuff they give them. Votes b y the rest of California which is generally conservative count for nothing. And when a conservative measure is passed by the electorate the California Supreme Court nullifies it as unconstitutional. Oh and on federal issues lets not forget the horrid 9th Circuit Court of Appeal. We cannot win.

    • Hey Jackass,
      I happen to live in California and I sure didn’t vote for this crap or any of the other gun restriction bills. But I’m here and fighting this crap on a daily basis, so stick your comments up your fifth point of contact if you’re not willing to help.

    • It is time for the freethinkers outside of California to boycott all businesses, amusement parks and anything else that attracts out-of-state money in an effort to help our brother and sisters change the laws by financial loss.
      I myself have boycotted California for years and my family lives there and endorse my views. They come see me in Arizona and we shoot to our hearts delight. And I agree with Robin, you’re welcome to come to Arizona just leave the California mentality behind, bring your guns and come prepared to live as a freethinker.

  5. If I lived in California, regardless of what their law says,I would drive across the state line buy a couple cases of ammunition put it in my trunk and drive back.If the citizens of Kalifornia don’t start standing up for each other and band together what’s the next thing they will do to walk over you and your rights ?

  6. First of all only the dem ball bags voted for this crap. No true gun owner would risk such a debacle. As for people like me, you should of been stocking up like I have since the loony bin voters did they’re deed. Most places will stop taking orders on December 21 at 2pm Pacific time. So If you need it get it now. Orders after the 21st might not make it on time.

  7. Take a page from Ronnie Barretts book. Tell them flat out- “I don’t care if you are a cop or a civilian. If it’s illegal for one it is therefore illegal for the other.” and deny any public office sales. Let all of them flounder.

  8. It’s going to be against the law to transport more than 50 rounds across from out of state. They expect vendors from Nevada, Arizona to obey CA laws if you are driving a CA vehicle. First time fines then after turns to a felony.

      • Every vehicle? They’ll have their people taking CA plate numbers from key places (major gun/ammo stores near the border). Is it legal for CHP to send de-facto spies in another State? Probably not. Do they care?

  9. I’m amazed the arms industry have not brought suit against California. This is like buying a car and having to have a separate license to obtain the keys to drive it. Looks like a good market/opportunity for an entrepreneur to sell ammo out of the trunk of his car after buying it in Arizona.

  10. Don’t include the conservative Californians with the liberal voters who continue to vote for a socialist government and anti-gun fools. There is a conservative minority that would love to move to a state like Texas. We have no liberal voting habits because everything I vote for gets voted down. Once in a while a reasonable law passed the vote of the people only to be struck down in the liberal courts.

  11. All California law makers have done is create a new crime maker and a way for the bad guys to create a way to make more money to support the crimes their already committing. Sounds like the law makers are lining their own pockets. Control the good people not the criminals. That way the police will be keep busy enforcing B.S. Laws so criminals can be working hard the make good peoples live a mess. Then they will be hiring more police ( that you will be paying for ) remember lining their pockets and you will be the victims. There’s no light at the end of this tunnel. Wake up!

  12. And we in Calif. support the NRA they sure want our money and we very little support from them . We have The California Gun Foundation bringing suits and examining the Bills that have been passed and those the lawmakers are shoving through. Thanks NRA

  13. What a tragedy for the law abiding citizens of CA! When the F are these narrow minded politicians going to see the reality of the 2nd amendment rights , and the benefits It brings to society as a whole! Vote these mofo’s out!

  14. It’s an unenforceable law. So Jerry Brown is going to open up every bodies mail to check it? Californians need to stop smoking weed and wake up.

  15. I suggest all California Patriots expend all their ammo at the Capital building in Sacramento, preferably at Governor Brownstain’s office windows and every other window. Fact, there aren’t enough cops to stop you or arrest you and the military is on your side. Let the second “shot heard around the world” be on the West coast this time

  16. If Defender outdoors does business in this state with law enforcement they should do the same thing that Ronnie Barrett did stop selling to all law enforcement Agency’s if it’s not good for the general public then it’s no longer good for them

  17. It would be great if the ammo manufacturers made the city, county and state government purchasers go thru the same crap as law abiding citizens do when buying their ammunition but, probably not. Better yet, Stop selling to ANY California government entity, INCLUDING police and Sheriffs departments. So glad I moved out of CA.

  18. can’t the folks sue these bastards in sacramento we in the USA have a Constitution, fight back, stop the insanity. Throw these criminals in jail and hang Governor moonbeam after conviction( I’m sure he’s broken a law punishable by death at sometime in his political career), God Bless you folks in California

  19. I can have a conversation with a liberal. I can have a conversation with a conservative. We can sit down and discuss our viewpoints as adults rationally and maturely. At the end we can agree to disagree. I cannot communicate with a leftist or a right winger. They are not open to rational discussion. California is run by leftists and they have destroyed the freedoms of the liberals and conservatives of their state.

  20. Make no mistake, liberal lawmakers in other states will be using this as a model for their misguided anti gun agenda. It’s a lot easier to make laws restricting ammunition rather than the guns themselves. How many law abiding gun owners also handload? I’m betting the percentage is relatively low. As for me, I’m lucky enough to live in a “free” state but that doesn’t keep me from hoarding ammo and components…

  21. Since California is now forcing it’s citizens to go through licensed dealers to purchase ammunition, how much longer will it be before anyone purchasing reloading supplies have to do the same?

  22. Arizona will gladly tradei our illegals for decent Cali gun owners. Then when the big one strikes (San Andreas) Everyone will be happy. God Bless Donald Trump.

  23. All manufacturers and suppliers need to stop dealing with any Kalyvornja police or government agency. Just dry up their needs until they wise up.

  24. People with 03 FFL and CA Certificate of Eligibility still can get their ammo shipped to the door, 100% legally.

    If you decide to “cease all ammunition direct sales to California residents” regardless of their C&R license, well, thank you for making our lives “better”.

    • Just ask Coloradians what Governor Chickenshit’s Recrational Weed had done for the Black Market. How the Fuck will Californians explain where the ammo went, and that they don’t have any once it’s shot up? Oh, Yah I forgot, you just show them the empty magazines! Where does CA find so many LOW IQ sons of bitches to elect to office?

  25. Godblessthesouthernstates

    Maybe the sales of ammo will sky rocket all around cali from folks driving across buying ammo.and or buddys giving friends ammo or state handloading ur own ammo.cali is a joke

  26. It is getting harder and harder to remain a legal gun owner in California. Can you imagine the traffic jams at the state borders as lawful California gun owners return home from ‘visits’ to other states and the border patrols have to strip search every vehicle.

    Of course, illegals will not be stopped but an errant box of 50 .22 cal shorts will get you prosecuted as a felony.

  27. And the NCIS check, as none of the demoturds and rinos voted for realize, will not be allowed by the FEDS because it is for FIREARMS ONLY? Don’t recall which, but one state tried already for “universal background checks” and found out the federal authorities wouldn’t allow it!!!

  28. For those who claimed to not have voted for these “tyrants” check your voter turnout statistics. You may not have voted for them but plenty of you sat at home on election day and let these people get into office. Enjoy!

  29. All of our law makers are just plain stupid, and California is the worst. Do they really think that this will impact gun violence? I live in Chicago which has the worst gun violence, and the most restrictive gun laws, which are never enforced. Just a slap on the wrist and they are back on the street if they catch them at all! It’s like the wild west here, and the criminals have no fear of the law!

  30. One will still be able to find bulk ammo for sale, so this new process is not anti 2nd, and it will benefit gun store owners, yes they can charge a fee, and who will balk at higher cost,and more gun store profits?
    I cannot blame Californians who no longer, if ever, understood what 2nd Amendment was about as the vast majority of those who put down Californians kiss GOVS ads whenever they purchase or sell firearms and then claim right to carry is a self defence need in order to get permission.
    Carefully who you mumble too about “sneaking in out of state ammo buys for that in itself is criminal and lots of law biding ex military and police will roll on your but right now.
    State is smart as they actually enlist local gun stores into not resisting the new restrictions, at most gun stores give hot air lip service towards 2nd but business is buisness.
    Future dollar signs for immediate future blinds many to totality of today’s and especially tomorrow’s consequences are.
    As to NRA, why should they waste their corporate like salary trying to Beat a deadnhorse back to life, they have more important work writing propaganda on how they will saveguns for hunters and those who are petrified of meeting booty men but pay dues.
    Those who pay dues are no different than those who vote, just keeping the charade of American freedom lies extant.
    You justify elected and BRA incompetence while it is always up to the individual or small groups, who have to fight and pay own expenses to defend against gov overreach.
    Too many b’s artist who think that OWNING a black gun is a deterrance, when most kiss the flag and it’s abusive lawmakers ass, and money in pocket can afford extra cost of ammo barely cry.

    • What will really happen under this new lunacy, is that gun owners will buy their ammo in Arizona or Nevada, or have their trusted friends do the same thing and share. When any law violates the right of the people, that law will be ignored. Nearly two-thirds of California’s Sheriffs have already gone on record as saying they will not attempt to enforce this law. For the moment, reloading components are not covered under the new laws, so many of us don’t have to worry about it.

  31. Just one more reason i will never live in that corrupt, Liberal, screw the citizen benefit the criminal state. Anyone who continues to live there needs to have their head examined.

  32. You can say that Tommy
    It is now against the law to return to California with more than 50 rounds of ammo
    I am a physician and the State Medical Board will definately take action against my medical license if I am convicted of a crime under this law
    My plan is to give up my California medical license and stop coming here to work part of the year

  33. Wonder if the ban extends to Police and other super citizens.
    As it stands now they can purchase any weapons and extended magazines at lower cost than what the common lower class and untrustworthy California citizen can.

  34. It’s the urban dwelling geographic minority that dictates what happens in the other 89% of the state… They are scared of guns, so EVERYONE must be scared of guns. They want firearms banned, so of course EVERYONE MUST give up their firearms. Because… get this… THEY’RE afraid THEY may do something totally stupid (I kid you not, they really believe they are a hair away from becoming Tim cVeigh if the government isn’t constantly watching over and regulating them)…

    We have LOST. And this disease is spreading.

  35. “Never in history has there been a black market defeated from the supply side.” – economist R.T. Naylor

    That quote represents the SOCIOLOGICAL side of the issue. You cannot change human behavior. People want it, they’re gonna get it.

    I hear the sound of a half million Dillon progressive presses whirring through the night. I smile.

    That quote from R.T. Naylor is the one to remember. Go visit your friends in Las Vegas. Or buy a reloading press. It’s not rocket science. Easy-peasy.

    Remember, this was a ballot initiative. It arrived on the ballot after dedicated autograph seekers got enough signatures. Now approved by the citizens and about to become LAW, it would take a 2/3 vote in an election to overturn this mess.
    The neighboring states will see a boom in business. California sales will suffer. Life goes on, boom boom!
    Take note that as of 2019, you’ll not only go through this red tape, your ammuntion purchases will be recorded and a record kept. MAYBE by then the powers will be will have to recognize the futility of this new law. Either way, it ain’t gonna change sh**. Just make things a bit more difficult.